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Joong Ki POV about his effort and feeling for Ji Hyo before finally they could be a couple. Joongki had to endure the jealousy since Jihyo had someone else that time.


I don't know why, but I love you so much

I will never have enough reason to hate you 

and I hate you because of it

since this JEALOUSY is killing me

how much longer I should wait for you?

maybe I would never give up and tired for waiting you, but the longer you're apart from me faster for me dying of this jealousy






another cast






Author notes:

I know... my forewords are bad. so... just wait for the first chapter


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tryola #1
Chapter 2: i really love songsong couple~~ please update soon <3
sasasami #2
Chapter 2: update soon..so interesting..
hakimah23 #3
Chapter 2: update soon..:)
htethnin #4
Chapter 2: update soon pls... :D
woosoogyu #5
Chapter 2: Hi there! I'm in the midst of digging songsong couple & spartace stories when I found this.. It's great! It came as a shock to me that Joo Ji Hoon is Jihyo's boyfriend in this story (facepalm) as I forget to check out the tag >__<
Anyway, it's cutie to see how Joongki burning with jealousy... I'm looking forward to their interaction in RM and I've subscribed, hoping that you will update whenever you can.. Shall wait patiently then.. ^_~
khunafan #6
Chapter 2: update pls?
suzukayamato26 #7
Chapter 2: new reader here! Please update soon!! fighting!
Love Ji Hyo eonni!!!
whitecool #8
Chapter 2: new reader ! =D please update soon ^^ i want SongSong couple to be together !
aibhara #9
Chapter 2: i like this fanfic, Please update soon although i was too late to read your fanfic..
Infinite_ELF #10
I love songsong couple~ !!!