My Pregnant Chae

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Lee Chaerin and Sandara Park




So another story from me. This story will gonna be... fluffy, I don't wanna make a sad story.keke.. Hope you all will gonna like this one.






"My Dearest Chaerin,  I promise with all my heart to love you when times are good and bad. I promise that I will sit down, shut up and watch an episode of Glee  with you without saying any complain even do I want to watch The Walking Dead. I promise to always come home early from work and not hang out with my friends in the bar. I promise that you are the best gift I've ever received in my whole life and I will take care of you until eternity. I love you so much and will always do."


"My Dearest Dara, I promise to always take care of you. To wake up early in the morning to prepare your breakfast and your clothes to wear on work. I promise that I won't be a bitchy wife and I'm not gonna be a jealous one. I promise to always be with you through sad and happy times. I promise that I will always love you and be with you until eternity. I love you."


Dara and Chaerin said their vows and puts the wedding ring to each other's ring finger.


"I now pronounce you a married couple, you may now kiss each other" the judge said and Dara leans forward and kiss Chaerin's lips.




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blacknwhite1234 () says about chapter 12:
Update please....

lllccc () says:
I read this story 10 times more >.<

lllccc () says:
Update please :,)
I love your this

queenofGZB () says about chapter 12:
Urmm...hopefully..Chaerin will..okay..:(..
Please update soon..

KatelynT () says:
Um.. is this still continuing? I need to know what will happen next TT Chaerin and her baby TT^TT

ChaerinzyMinchae () says about chapter 12:
아니야!! 왜! Stupid Tiffany!!

clismybias () says about chapter 12:
i think im going to go die now bye~

cdbmblackjack () says about chapter 12:
can i slash tiffany's head (tho i love her) off her neck and throws it in pacific ocean? i swear i am cursing the entire chapter, oh no not the entire but half-way of the chapter. urgh!!!

Taeyangwaifu () says about chapter 12:
I want to rip tiffany's head such a piece of and a ....... Please please chae and baby boy be strong :)...... I love their cheesy moments hihi authornim update more chapters puhleaseeee if you're not busy okey yeko :)

luciuscaius () says about chapter 12:
i wanna kill that ing itchy tiffany beyatch!!!!die!!!!!!....i am so in pissed...oh my gosh dont let anything bad to happen to Chaerin... *trying to calm my heart*

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