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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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bearhugg_ #1
Chapter 154: Suga's legs are so damn fineeee, hmmmm. HAHAHA xD
I'm gonna have to go through all your chapters now, FIGHTING! xD
EllaVKJM #2
Chapter 5: Wow I'm Not Expected That My (Kim Taehyung) Wants To Have A Normal Life . If Maybe Sometimes He Funny :) But Don't worry . I'm Here . I'm Just Kidding But Is One Of My DreamTo Be A Wife Of My Kim TaeHyung <3 IloveYou Chimchim <3 Haha :D ツ ◕‿◕
Before I'm Not interest To All K-POP Group But Now ! Oh My V :) I'mFandom Of BTS But Not A Ordinary FAN GIRL . I'M A AWESOME FAN GIRL OF BTS And I'm So Addicted And By The Way My Bias All Member Of BTS Group But Totally I LOve Kim Tae Hyung And Jung Kook . I First See Two Of Them . I Fallin <3 <3 Forever BTS <3 #VKookMinMonSuHopeJin <3
Chanti12 #3
Chapter 114: Aaaaghh... why must I live in the Netherlands? I only get to see BTS through videos and SNS T.T There are almost no European tours in K-POP.. And if they come, it's usually Germany, UK, France, Eastern Europe T.T The only artists who gave concert here are Jay Park and LedApple (I went to both)

You're one lucky girl :)

*hoping for BTS and other artists to come to the Netherlands*
rainbowthings #4
Chapter 7: Funny thing is that V wants to have a normal life after 10 yrs. Haha.
xjunejulyx #5
QueenM #6
Chapter 7: Someone who likes Hip Hop? Someone who likes music? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
QueenM #7
Chapter 4: Well, totally surpassed J-Hope's ideal type. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhA
QueenM #8
Chapter 6: Ehrmmm... I'be surpassed nice legs and 168 cm but, the part in good wife, good at cooking andinner nice is... a failure. LOL
QueenM #9
Chapter 5: Ooooh a girl who gets more charming by the day? Hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe MU HAHAHAHAHAHA HA
GMlourdes #10
Chapter 7: ow really? he likes A girl who likes music, someone who likes hip-hop.
i think im her ideal girl!! JOKE :)