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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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laibakay #2
Chapter 692: Views count on Loen's channel too. It was in the comments.
us3rname #3
Aigo-is-Deby #4
Hey, will you update soon with how to make the boys have their first win? Please, this will help those fans who don't know, what to do. We are now ranking #94 on Melon and we need to go higher if we want it to happen. Please, come back? The boys deserve to win.
Haikalilham #5
Chapter 5: Watch "방탄소년단 'Danger' MV" on YouTube - 방탄소년단 'Danger' MV: http://youtu.be/43r6lXilbcQ
Luhan_Yeoja #6
Chapter 3: WOW MY RAPPY <3
fireflower #7
kinda given for all of us fans, but BANGTAN IS BACK!!!!!!
-escaping #8
Chapter 692: Noted! Thanks~
nightStar #9
Chapter 692: ohhh okay..
kpopcrown #10
Chapter 692: I'll keep that in mind!! <3
xxhannaxx #11
Chapter 692: Ok I already knew that