by LoVeFoReVer77
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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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bigbadjester () says about chapter 99:
You're really damn lucky girl. I hope to just meet them from far. It would be the best. But oh my.. you're lucky. Oh Jiminnie.. ♡

bigbadjester () says about chapter 2:
Now i cant stop thinking about this cutie pie! You,'re killing me Jiminnie!!!

taylabunny () says about chapter 5:
Never mind that last question~

taylabunny () says about chapter 5:
You? Are you being serious or kinding!

KaioticEli () says about chapter 99:
Omo you're so lucky....so close enough to see them touch them...wow i'm really jealous

KaioticEli () says about chapter 5:
V wants to be like his dad who gets scolded by his wife often...thats cute :D
I love him...like seriously....he is soooooo cute like i can eat him up but obviously i wont :D Awwww Taetae I love you.........Saranghae <3 <3 <3 <3

purplebear18 () says about chapter 133:
I really hope you would post up more facts about jinnie oppa! But anyways, thank you for doing this!

huehuehue () says:
congraaaaaaaaaaaats! ^-^

exoxo4 () says:
congratsss :D

mrsSKJoon () says:
congrats :D

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