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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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nightStar #1
Chapter 700: Congratssssssss!!
If you're not busy, can you please clarify how long Bangtan have known each other and how long they've been trainees? Thanks
ameliainthefairytale #3
Chapter 95: Okay, just been looking through the "chapters" tonight and @ chapter 95 I found "What about you ameliainthefairytale".
That was just so weird, OMG X°D
Okay, bye LOL
gurissi #4
Chapter 117: I just found this. I just recently became more interested in bts. So nice of you to do this for us international fans. gumawoyo. :-)
miss_evans #5
Chapter 699: Which show is this?
allenlee #6
Chapter 700: i was hoping to watch V back as an adorkable alien....but he looked so broken...i dont get it why knetz have to treat him that way...he had already apologised....stop hurting him....TT_____TT...
haera88 #7
Chapter 700: Im upset and mad with those netizens. Why they do it to taehyung. Even VIP not take it seriously and find that taehyung cute when doing it. Eerrgg... im V stan and almost V stan (well all army too) get gloomy till now.
JongByung #8
Chapter 700: seriously, im so happy for their success but v not supposed to sad when he won. it was really not him. why are they totured bts? we just wanna celebrate the winning together in peace since they work sooo hard and they worth it
Butterfly147 #9
Chapter 700: Omg V my baby but I doubt he was being serious or anything. Hope he doesn't get any hate by VIP cuz of this. And OMG really 3rd win I'm soooo touched and moved I even posting today hoping for them to get a 3rd win and u can't believe it came true.