I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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rinaNaza #1
Chapter 697: really????? it will be the best stage ever.. eventhough it just red carpet stage.. i've always dreamt about rapmon and zico will be in one team.. i can't wait..
#plus.. it's on my birthday.. hehee.. XD
starlight11 #2
This chapter is not about bts n it's misleading the readers.
BTS will be coming to myanmar in January 3rd! Yay! U should write about it.
nananin #3
Chapter 5: Seriously. Was V an ulzzang??? xD
LeocelynGalope #4
Oh ? Id IT really True BTS have a Concert here in the Phillipines. :D ? I reaaly want to meet them.. BTS ur are all so awesome.. !!
puing12 #5
Chapter 697: Isn't it normal for rappers to use "bad" words? I like the song and don't mind if he says those things. Sorry I know for korean ppl it's a big thing but here in germany we curse 24/7 xD
AquaBlue44 #6
Chapter 697: Pfft. Don't tell me bangtan's innocent. I mean, they used bad words too! This is just so unfair.
YeonHyoYoo #8
Chapter 697: I liked his new song. I don't really get what the issue is. How come all of American rappers can say whatever they want(all kinds of nasty bad words) and many people like it, in fact love it ( i don't like it) yet zico( a Korean rapper) says a few things, gets hated on like crazy. He is Korean and probably doesn't even know what f*@#! even means. in fact his company said that they had no idea it meant something bad. they probably just heard the word in some English hip songs and thought it sounded cool.
regigi #9
Chapter 697: I didn't like tough cookie at all. He wore a confederate flag and said the F word which I extremely hate. The video seem like he was trying to hard to be "hood" or "hiphop like" the only part I liked was the bath tub of cookies
kyonhae912 #10