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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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c44ttb00 #1
Chapter 92: Do you know if any of BTS has got an instagram account? I was watching [BANGTAN BOMB] UP DOWN UP UP DOWN (by EXID) and I noticed Jungkook had the app, so I'm curious if you have any info about that. pls update~~
apsato_park #2
Chapter 2: i fainted when i see jimin's pictures
PolaroidsofKpop #3
Chapter 658: I can't see the questions on mine TT^TT
JongByung #4
is it true taehyung dating his fan?
btw, i miss to see your update again T.T
__hentaequeen__ #5
Chapter 92: they have instagram ; A ; but i dunno what their names in insta are. Do you guys have any idea? ; n ;/
yimien #6
Chapter 13: wow, i just started reading from chapter 1. Am at chapter 13 now :) Was Jungkook shorter than Jimin when they just debut? he has grown so much! And i think he is one of the strongest member when i saw the picture of him carrying Jhope during his bday
BlankSunset #7
Chapter 91: Kyaaa! Cutie Jimin~ \(*^*)/
vmilktae #8
Chapter 25: Wow your posts are gold! Thanksss for these. By the way why was it only jk who was sent to LA?
Infinitewillsaveme #9
Chapter 427: Hunchul is IIron, featured in Jonghyun's solo, Crazy Guilty Pleasure and was the finalist who lost to Bobby on SMTM3 fiy.
randy019 #10
Chapter 5: nice picture....