I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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AquaBlue44 #2
now obviously, big hit's groups such as bangtan and glam have damn good choreographies and i wouldn't be too shocked if any one of them wins for the best dance performance, but maybe because glam is lacking a bit of popularity, they couldn't make it to the list :( and also the fact that big hit doesn't really focus much on glam, that adds to the reason why they lack popularity ... but anyhow, lets wish bangtan a huge success this year :) BTS and ARMYs FIGHTING!
ShiningIcecreamNinja #3
Chapter 8: Can you please suggest good variety or reality shows of Bangtan? I've seen their Weekly Idol and Beatle's Code. I need more BTS. thank you. BTS Hwaiting!!
ShiningIcecreamNinja #4
Chapter 8: I'm new to BTS like 5 days ago and I love Jin so much. Well, V caught me at first and then J-Hope, but Jin made me stay. I love BTS. Always bring good music and dance moves. BTS Fighting! Saranghae~~!
snowlover1999 #5
Chapter 5: Hello I heard of bangtan and I watch one of there dance videos and they are amazing they didn't miss a step they all where together. And I hope that there dreams come true they are really talented. And they are really sweet lol and funny. Wish you good luck bangtan and I've gotten 20 people to vote for you on mama awards hope u win.
khawlamoonlight #6
Oh sorry my bad never mind I saw it :P anyway keep voting we are not even close exo is taking the lead in every thing :( keep voting ARMYs lats win this army fighting :)
khawlamoonlight #7
They are nominated only for best dance performance ?!??? You said two category's what happened to the second category ??!
KanisagaNaoki12 #8
Chapter 696: Kyahh! I've voted for them! I really hope they win~
RavenUchiha #9
Chapter 589: I would've loved to read the captions for this episode, but that is so funny, because the day that the pictures of Baekhyun and Daehyun came out with V's picture right next to them and everyone saying that he would be their child, I was so surprised at the similarities between all 3 singers. I think it's funny that V thinks of himself as their child. LOL!
kpopcrown #10
Chapter 696: I can't make a password. Although it is a 8-12 characters with symbols and all these. It's telling me to it's not working.. Can you make me a password please?? :) I want to cheer for them and vote them. :)
khawlamoonlight #11
Chapter 696: Can we vote with our Facebook acount ???