I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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gene_chel #1
Chapter 2: whats the height of jimin?
beragon1821 #2
Chapter 658: Hellow. Regarding the form. I dont know what is actually happening but you said i will see 2 drop down when i click the button with the pencil sign but i only see 1. And everytime i click it no 등업 신청 can be found on the drop down. What do you think is the problem here? I really want to level up to avail 2nd global army recruitment. I hope you can help me with my problem.
Sorabyun #3
Chapter 6: Kookkie I'm ur ideal type marry me >> Liar<<
futagoza25 #4
Chapter 271: "V once had a cat"
what happened to his cat now?
futagoza25 #5
Chapter 188: V is definitely a capricorn, they're very selective... OTL (no offense to other capricorns though...)
Is it true that BTS will come to Philippines and will have a concert? And visit an afternoon TV show which is named "Showtime"?
+ There concert will be on Dec. 7 , 2014 | 7 PM | at Mall of Asia Arena???!!! + There flight will be at NAIA Terminal 1 | 12/1 AM???!!!
rinaNaza #7
Chapter 697: really????? it will be the best stage ever.. eventhough it just red carpet stage.. i've always dreamt about rapmon and zico will be in one team.. i can't wait..
#plus.. it's on my birthday.. hehee.. XD
starlight11 #8
This chapter is not about bts n it's misleading the readers.
BTS will be coming to myanmar in January 3rd! Yay! U should write about it.
nananin #9
Chapter 5: Seriously. Was V an ulzzang??? xD
LeocelynGalope #10
Oh ? Id IT really True BTS have a Concert here in the Phillipines. :D ? I reaaly want to meet them.. BTS ur are all so awesome.. !!