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I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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kpop-loverxxo #1
How do you know what shows their on? I'm always so late like idk when or where they'll be .... if that makes sense like where do they post thier pictures ? anyways I'm kinda new to this so could you help me?
Maya123Jimin #2
Chapter 507: OMG you are so great...tnx btw if you can find their phone numbers i will be like omggg....<3 <3
Ignifusion #3
Chapter 92: Thank you so much for this, but I can't find the kakaotal id D:
IAmDeC3pti0n #4
Chapter 8: when I succeed in Bangtan, I will be a Jin that mothers like watching on TV xD
IAmDeC3pti0n #5
Chapter 6: I love kookie*^* lol I looked at the ideal type section n it was like damn it xD
IAmDeC3pti0n #6
Chapter 5: V.. UR SO CUTE*^*
IAmDeC3pti0n #7
Chapter 4: Awww xD in 10 years time j-hope: in the army??T-T awwwww
JoleneEXO #8
Chapter 700: hi can u update a chapter abt the fancafe updates? the one where jimin and taehyung shared a room and tae posted of jimin sleeping?
Ignifusion #9
Chapter 5: Hi, I am a new reader of your fascinating story, I cann't believe you've done so many chapters. It's really amazing, I like a lot, thank you for writing it.<3
babykyun #10
Chapter 700: do you know when I NEED YOU promotions are going to end?
Will their music bank goodbye stage be 6/5? or is it already ended at 5/29?