I am not an OTP shipper but this is cute


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fifi_love #2
I started knowing bts since boy in luv, when I helped a friend bought their album, so I started listening to their songs, and I was amazed. They reminded me so much of the time when I was obsessed with b.a.p (though not anymore). I am not very used to stan rookies and especially idols who are very young. But then their comeback totally blew me away, and I couldn't hold it anymore. So i am a fan now.
iloveyohio #3
Chapter 77: Is, is it just me who sees my name at the end of this chapter? It says I love you iloveyohio iloveyohio, maybe that's a glitch?
cunderly #4
Chapter 92: Hi!! may i know does any of the BTS members have instagram? and i meant by their offical instagram accounts. i've been trying to search their official instagram but don't know which one is theirs so yeah....... ^_^ XD
Kiyowo-kiyowo #5
Chapter 375: after reading their letter ohmygat i was tearing up
Kiyowo-kiyowo #6
Chapter 420: kyaaa i watched digimon adventure and the girl who leapt through time
Kiyowo-kiyowo #7
Chapter 519: awhhh the feels xD
Kiyowo-kiyowo #8
Chapter 665: I saw this same article about jungkook and sewon but i chose to ignore because i knew it was going to have a mental breakdown. So today, i came across it today and i seriously had a mental breakdown.... people say that if he is dating you should be happy for him but if you liked them for so long ..you will never realize that when he is with a girl it hurts alot.. anyone agree with me?
nihil_ #9
Chapter 694: tbh i like his song when he did a lot of styles and stuff. was that "i am"?
KwonMaster #10
Chapter 72: Love Rap Mon!
Christina99 #11
New level up questions