The Kid Loves You (& so do I)


Kim Jongin has been married for three years, but they have been the most miserable three years of his life. With a wife that barely talks to him and a loving daughter that he would gladly jump in front of a train, he assumes that everything is going down to the worst, but not until they hire a certain doe-eyed nanny. 

Pairing: Jongin x Kyungsoo 

Genre: romance, fluff, parent!au

Rating: nc-17

Length: multi-chaptered



*A/N: Influence of this story: Pretty Wicked Moms. (idk if you know this show, but it's like a really low-budget reality shows of white moms who can't even take care of their kids but can still live the rich life and go clubbing /cries/ my sister watches it on tv, so i sometimes pay attention to it). 

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Spanish: hunhalover


Arabic: xiMay_


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Pumpyumpy #1
Chapter 10: tbh im kinda disappointed with how jongin handle the situation. nonetheless, im happy with the ending! great story, great writings! and for the records, im not even hating anyone!
Chapter 15: "Ho ho holy " totally not gonna start using that on christmas and every other day cause I'm a dysfunctional holiday .
Chapter 14: She's the dream child I'll always want.... a boy version is fine too~~
Chapter 11: ;] Huhuhuhuhuhuuuu
Chapter 10: *cries* reading this makes me think I won't be able to handle a kid if they're just gonna leAVE ME FOR C O L L E G E EWWWW.
Lol jongin gettin old people hair.
Ashio27 #6
Chapter 17: I mean... there's writen this is kaisoo FF, I came her for kaisoo, why are you even asking which couple we prefer?
ans0nk #7
Chapter 16: aigoo luhaaeeenn
ans0nk #8
Chapter 15: big present for jongin xD
thanks lu kkk
ans0nk #9
Chapter 14: big family so cute and lovely :')
ans0nk #10
Chapter 13: kyaaaaa
lets marry him ヽ(^。^)ノ