The Kid Loves You (& so do I)


Kim Jongin has been married for three years, but they have been the most miserable three years of his life. With a wife that barely talks to him and a loving daughter that he would gladly jump in front of a train, he assumes that everything is going down to the worst, but not until they hire a certain doe-eyed nanny. 

Pairing: Jongin x Kyungsoo 

Genre: romance, fluff, parent!au

Rating: nc-17

Length: multi-chaptered



*A/N: Influence of this story: Pretty Wicked Moms. (idk if you know this show, but it's like a really low-budget reality shows of white moms who can't even take care of their kids but can still live the rich life and go clubbing /cries/ my sister watches it on tv, so i sometimes pay attention to it). 

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Arabic: xiMay_


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Congratulations dear for the feature :D
puckbunny 0 points #2
Chapter 17: Congrats on your feature, i remember reading this when i was just finishing up high school like maybe a few months after i graduated (: thanks so much for the memories.
i wish i could go to KCONLA but i already went to KCONNY so have fun and stay hydrated
FLORALDAES 0 points #3
Chapter 17: CONGRATS ON THE FEATURE !! this was so cute i loved it thank you for writing it <3
Nicole121314 #4
Chapter 17: Congrats for beung featured... this is a great story and i love it so much
XiaoShixun #5
Chapter 16: hahahaha hyper luhan
jocelinvania #6
Chapter 17: congrats on being featured!! im happy for you too!! ^^
justanotherhuman #7
Congrats on the feature! Omg gotta love kaisoo!
Chapter 17: Congrats on getting featured! You really deserved it. It was such a great fic. I love everyone on there and my two otp couples on here!!
KimHyunaTaeyeon #9
Chapter 1: I actually feel sorry for her tbh.
That her child doesn't want her as well, won't motivate her to do her best.
But then again, idk
Chapter 10: So Soojung continued her career life. Good for her.