The Kid Loves You (& so do I)

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Kim Jongin has been married for three years, but they have been the most miserable three years of his life. With a wife that barely talks to him and a loving daughter that he would gladly jump in front of a train, he assumes that everything is going down to the worst, but not until they hire a certain doe-eyed nanny. 


Pairing: jongin/kyungsoo
Genre: romance, fluff, parent!au
Warning: cheating/romantic affairs
Rating: nc-17
Length: multi-chaptered
Status: completed

★ Featured on July 15, 2017



*A/N: Influence of this story: Pretty Wicked Moms. (idk if you know this show, but it's like a really low-budget reality shows of white moms who can't even take care of their kids but can still live the rich life and go clubbing /cries/ my sister watches it on tv, so i sometimes pay attention to it). 

Thank you to ≶Selcouth≷ for making a wonderful poster for this story (: 

Spanish: hunhalover 
Russian: lionds


we hit the 1000 mark tysm

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Chapter 11: Beautiful
Chapter 1: Jongin with a baby daughter is so adorable and so cute. I am loving it already and the way you write is beautiful.
Kaisoosbabysquish #4
Chapter 2: That part when Ksoo said he never met anyone called Kim Jongin reminded me of Anterograde tomorrow and I cried for 10 mins ?
Chapter 8: Omg sorry for the embarrassing amount of typos. Got emotional and posted from my phone without checking through. Soojung***
Chapter 8: I feel really sad for soothing. I've been feeling bad for her since the beginning. I don't think she's a bad person at all. It's rough that societal standards and pressure make it seem like a woman can't has to be a mother and a wife. Some women aren't good with children and aren't interested in having children. When they let family and power pressure get to them and have kids odds are they won't be the greatest parent. It happens in the real world and it's absolutely tragic. I'm a teacher so I've seen cases where it's painfully obvious that one of the parents is awkward or not so close to the child. It makes my heart really go out to those parents. Sophia g in this story seems like a strong business woman on top, I don't think that she's evil or trying to neglect her child. Love kaisoo but my heart has really gone out to swooning in this story!
Congratulations on getting featured!
mochi1023 #8
This is such a cute concept ! (well written too) Glad i found it!
thepeachills #9
Chapter 8: wait kyaaa
I thought Kyungsoo already said he works at a restaurant and they should drop by sometimes before everything messed up