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Kai : Pirates of the CarribeanBaekhyun : SF fantasy and actionChanyeol : Sch...

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angeline_wang #1
Chapter 22: He likes reading books :)
angeline_wang #2
Chapter 15: Haha... pity chanyeol
angeline_wang #3
Chapter 8: Chen is funny..
nightStar #4
Chapter 481: aahhhhh
good to hear he's okay
SullHeeSn0w #5
Chapter 481: Oh my! Chanyeol-ah.. hope that you're fine... Just let chanyeol has some privacy
fani437 #6
Chapter 481: Oh no my Baby!
Thank God nothing bad happened
to him while he was running away
from those evil fangirls. Why would
they start chasing him ugh the
immaturity of some fans
thekpoplover123 #7
Chapter 481: Wow. I can't believe fans would still follow him around like that I mean he's a human too.
roathnika_lim #8
Chapter 481: Thank God. Those fans need to stop following our Chanyeol and/or other members. EXO needs some privacy.
manoorah #9
Chapter 481: oh my god !!! thank god that chany is safe
really ! why do they need to follow him ?! let him live his life and enjoy it ! when he is on stage you can fangirl over him . off stage just leave him alone !! it is stressful to be followed like that , he is an artist not a criminal for god's sake .
Smiggletastic #10