EXO Facts [All about EXO]
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Kai : Pirates of the Carribean
Baekhyun : SF fantasy and action
Chanyeol : School of Rock
Sehun : Action movies
D.O : fantasy movies.
Suho : Pirates of the Carribean
Luhan : Bambi
Kris : How To Train Your Dragon
Lay : My Little Pony
Xiumin : Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Chen : Lost In Translation
Tao : Kungfu Panda

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iheart4ever #1
Chapter 141: I love Xiumin...please update more facts about my baozi...
karash #2
Chapter 167: hunhan? NOPE I SAW SEKAI
karash #3
Chapter 126: why is chanyeol looking like he is asking for a kiss??

LiDiaz #4
Chapter 38: Naughty Baozi hahaha my poor luhan
LiDiaz #5
Chapter 32: Boxian why are you so adorable :'D
karash #6
Chapter 91: Because the guy like cooking, so he doesn't play with food
karash #7
Chapter 90: and they became bestfriends
ForbiddenJinchuriki #8
Chapter 224: Luhan sings my favourite song for me because Im his bestfriend. Aish~ XD
karash #9
Chapter 88: Please, Suho said he was atheist XDDDD
karash #10
Chapter 86: well, now KAI IS DATING KRYSTAL