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Kai : Pirates of the CarribeanBaekhyun : SF fantasy and actionChanyeol : Sch...

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anish16 #2
Chapter 453: the song is awesome !
ilychanyeol #3
Chapter 451: wow you're so lucky! glad that it looks like you had fun!!
nightStar #4
Chapter 452: woooahhh
good job Chanyeol
littlehyo #5
Chapter 453: wah daebak kris~~
fighting galaxy oppa~~
saranghae <3 <3
SilverClouds #6
Chapter 453: such a sad song
Hunniehxoxo #7
Chapter 453: That's more than exo views :3 proud Galaxy <3
Chanti12 #8
Chapter 451: OMO! You're such a lucky EXO-L! I'm happy for you! ^-^
I hope they'll come to my country some time...
Chapter 451: So lucky oh my god.
Couldn't go because of stupid exams ugh.
BlueBoiceGirl #10
Chapter 451: Ahhh! You took some photos at least! ^^ haha. I wish they could come to Australia too. :( hopefully soon!
Sony14 #11
Chapter 451: