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Kai : Pirates of the CarribeanBaekhyun : SF fantasy and actionChanyeol : Sch...

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DOchan909 () says about chapter 441:
......... that slow motion movements....

Suzuki-san () says about chapter 433:
My first love in EXO has been, and always will be, Baekhyun <3 Now he's my ultimate bias! >////<

osnapitzeleanor () says about chapter 441:
Awh lucky!! I hope you have an amazing time there!!^-^ <3

Exotichunhan12 () says about chapter 441:
I bought the cat1 tix

wu_fengfeng () says about chapter 441:
Wah! The MV teaser looks good >_< I'm going to watch it when it first comes out! :P

Smiggletastic () says about chapter 441:
I was going to go to the concert but I can't anymore TT_TT last chance for me is tomorrow the public sale but I'm in another country so I can't buy them T_T

heartarcfantasy21 () says about chapter 441:
Is Zhang Li Yin F(x)'s Victoria? I never knew until now. o u o

Taoris95 () says about chapter 441:
This is amazingness Tao you look so hot I'm so waiting for that MV allow me to watch this teaser 20 times and fangirl to death m'kay

fani437 () says about chapter 440:
#BlownAway #MindBlown
XD But wah this people
are seriously awesome XD
I hadn't thought of that
before, I just fangirled
whenever I saw D.O. and
didn't think much of it XD

leafdapple () says about chapter 440:

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