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When Lay misses home, he w...

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thekpoplover123 #1
Chapter 479: Kwiyeowo~~~
wufengfeng #2
Chapter 479: Too cute <3 My feels~~~
LilyShawol #3
Chapter 479: Awww brother forever <3
Wait-he have wechat? o.o
kyonhae912 #4
Chapter 479: Awww he's such an angelic unicorn<33
SuKiShi #5
Chapter 479: Yixing is so nice T.T
nightStar #6
Chapter 477: love all of them :)

The MV too
SullHeeSn0w #7
Chapter 478: the mv was sooooooooooooo hot... hahaha, kill me.........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWfsla_Uh80
ddexostan21 #8
Chapter 478: damn! i didn't know about the map!!! it's awesome!! Congrats to EXO for their all-kill with Call Me Baby in less of 12 hours since release!!! WE ARE ONE! FIGHTING!
ChenChen021 #9
Chapter 478: Why does everyone have to be so deep into the teasers???Just sit back and enjoy the videos, wait patiently for the actual music video to come out~ :)
Tazmoose22 #10
Chapter 478: I don't think it is on the map they didn't go to anywhere in Canada.... It's something else...