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When Lay misses home, he w...

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littlehyo #1
Chapter 483: They have to make dance version..
i want to see the full dance so badly~~
expecially chensing machine..
wae his part so little waeeeeee :'(
even there is no high pitch for him :(
Jungsoomine #2
Chapter 23: Yeah ~ the fact is real ~ Chanyeol too cute !
Jungsoomine #3
Chapter 15: Baekhyun is so naughty ~
Jungsoomine #4
Chapter 10: what brand ???
Jungsoomine #5
Chapter 6: He just like a big baby !!><
Jungsoomine #6
Chapter 1: Sehun is distrubing Luhan ....
Clash15 #7
Chapter 8: chen the troll~^^ haha!! XD
angeline_wang #8
Chapter 22: He likes reading books :)
angeline_wang #9
Chapter 15: Haha... pity chanyeol
angeline_wang #10
Chapter 8: Chen is funny..