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Chanyeol and Dara

Chanyeol's wallp...

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boomoppan #1
fani437 #2
Chapter 480: So handsome!! ^-^
kyonhae912 #3
Chapter 480: Probably the most handsomest guy i've ever seen..
can i take him? ;o
nuna_kun #4
Chapter 480: wahh handsome yet beautiful >__<
thekpoplover123 #5
Chapter 480: Daebak!!!!:)
Smiggletastic #6
Chapter 480: Thats so cool!!! ^0^
thekpoplover123 #7
Chapter 479: Kwiyeowo~~~
wufengfeng #8
Chapter 479: Too cute <3 My feels~~~
LilyShawol #9
Chapter 479: Awww brother forever <3
Wait-he have wechat? o.o
kyonhae912 #10
Chapter 479: Awww he's such an angelic unicorn<33