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*rumoured ...

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ddelf4esuju #1
Chapter 464: holy! i must go there hahaha
makiop #2
Chapter 464: If one of those standees was in my local KFC, I would just pick it up and run away with it hahaha
bananamilk0831 #3
LenTheUsagi #4
Chapter 465: I followed those instas. :D
Cocoa10345 #5
Chapter 219: I'm Chen, Xiumin, Lay, and Sehun. Not bad...
lonerforever #6
Chapter 463: Luhan is straight away an idol XD
And Kris:)))))
kyonhae912 #7
Chapter 463: LOLOLOL Kris and Sehun!
Smiggletastic #8
Chapter 463: Hahaha xD Kris an underwear model omg xD
LenTheUsagi #9
Chapter 464: I hope that Kris will one day be an underwear model. :D I like the idea A LOT. Chen gives me the vibe of wanting to dance. While Xiumin is cute and handsome at the same time.
Karenkwan01 #10
Chapter 464: lol also just so u know~ u uploaded the at chapter twice~