The Romantic & Idol Season 3

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T-ARA N4 Eunjung , Hyomin , Jiyeon & Areum Also 2PM's Taecyeon & Junho And Lastly INFINITE's Woohyun & Myungsoo a.k.a L


The Romantic And Idol ( Season 3 )

by : JennyGKV_2pm - Somewhathours ago

(#-_-) *** Note Previous Page (ish):// There Will Be A Season 3 Of The Romantic & Idol , " Rumor Say To Be The First Time A Whole Group Goes On This Show , Leaving No Other Guess Then T-Ara N4 "
Just Not So Long Ago CCM Confirmed , So Who Is The Next 4 Male Idols ?
Stay Tune For My Next Artcicles *** (#-_-)



More idols have been confirmed for tvN‘s upcoming ‘love variety’ show ‘The Romantic & Idol (Season 3 ) ‘!

It was previously confirmed that T-Ara N4  would be appearing on the show, and now tvN has announced the male idol are no other than 2PM's Taceyeon & Junho And INFINITE's Myungsoo aka L & Woohyun . So that is the idols who’ll be featured in the new season of the reality series.
A representative from the show commented, “Just like the first and second ‘The Romantic & Idol’3 , there was a lot of tension and strong emotions on set. All the [idols] appeared as your average 18s-24s-somethings and showed their sincere feelings.”And For The First Time there will be 2 male members pairs from the same idol band . And lastly , it is the first time there will be MC's and it's BOOM , Lee Kikwang aka B2ST's Kikwang & Lee Minyoung aka Miss A's Min . So I hope you will stay tuned for more . Aja ! Aja ! Fighting ! ~

Cast ://

2PM's Lee Junho And Ok Taecyeon


INFINITE's Kim Myungsoo aka L & Nam Woohyun


With T-Ara N4 's Ham Eunjung , Park Hyomin , Park Jiyeon & Lee Areum


And Lastly Your 3 Lovely , Talented MC's .

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4fGLEQG5hl6uPglyCPrK     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQhMjJjsx7lRU1aQGsiLcimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdqnO1oDjRGzfrylO491N

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Coming Soon .... by JennyGKV_2pm
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A/N : So I Was More Likely Rewatching ' The Romantic And Idol 1 + 2 ' And I Was Inspired , Like " Lets Make One For My Bias Couples Since I Know It Won't Happen Anyway . " (#-_-) All I Need Is My Mind ^o^Well , I hope you will like it . Please give lots of support , Thank you .
So My Favorite Couple Were Jun K . & Hyejeong AND Minhyuk & Yewon
P.S -->
Season 1 Was Good & Cute But JB Made Me Pissed .
Season 2 Was Awesome But Sad & cruel .... G.Na & Eunyoung TT^TT




Warning 0.01% Reality
                          And 99.99% Imagination

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On the other hand , While waiting feel free to watch this .









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Twinjung88 () says about chapter 2:
Pls author let Taecjung choose stay also myungyeon and update soon

SoEunjung1289 () says about chapter 2:
Hii author-nim,,
New reader here,,
I Like your story,,
Especially taecjung coupLe,,
I hope they'll ne choose STAY,,
Hehehehehe,, C;

QueensForever () says about chapter 2:
Update soon .
Hwaiting !

UmaMee () says about chapter 2:
I will faithfully wait for the continuation of the story.please update soon. ^^

NanasVanessa () says about chapter 2:
hey! I love this fanfic!!! mm... just do it like this.. I like it, very much! keep updating~ ^^

Jinith23 () says about chapter 2:
Sorry but to tell the truth is I got a little bored when I'm reading it. Cuz one of them already set as couples and nothing seem interested. U should make them like woohyun and ahreum something like that to got more interesting and changes in the end. Sorry for my gramma but I hope u don't get mad with my comment cuz if like me I also don't like who said bad about my story but this is just give u some idea but maybe for u is useless

MyungJiBear () says about chapter 2:
Update Soon Sunbaenim .
I wonder who choose change .?
I love the couples moment they are so cute .
Sunbae Fighting !

MyungyeonPanda () says about chapter 2:
Update Soon Unnie :)
I love episode 1 so far .
It must have took you a long time to write it . >o<
Looking forward toward the next episode . ^.^
I wonder who choose change ? O_o
Even if it take a month for you to update , I will wait .
Unnie / Authornim Hwaiting ! ~~

GirlGoneBad () says about chapter 2:
Oh My God I want to know that change ._.
Loooong and interesting chapter by the way! I liked it!
I'm looking forward your next chapter! ^-^

mayang () says about chapter 1:
i h0pe f0r myungyeon c0uple^^.. Keep updating auth0rnim!

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