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Yuri is a girl who is very brave and have happy-go-lucky attitude. She stays at a house with her best friend, Yoona. They both are fans of a popular singer, 2SG but compared to Yuri, Yoona is just a common fan. 2SG is stands for 2 Shining Guys. They consist of 2 members, Choi Minho and Nickhun who have a really good-looking face. After an unexpected incident, Yuri become really hate at Minho. Not too long after, a television station organized a variety show, Date with 2SG!. Every girl can participate in this show and they need to fill a form. That form will contain the girls’ image and they will write either Minho or Nickhun that they want to date. Minho will choose a girl from all the girls that want to date him and also with Nickhun. Yuri and Yoona decide to participate in this show with Yuri chooses Nickhun and Yoona chooses Minho. Nevertheless, the decision is really unexpected by Yuri and Yoona. It turned out that Yuri will date with Minho and Yoona will date with Nickhun.

See what will happen to both unexpected couples’ date…

And, see how an ordinary girl can change an arrogant guy…




Kwon Yuri


She is a beautiful girl who have a happy-go-lucky attitude and she is really brave. She don't have any family anymore as she lost her family when she was 8 years old. Her family was involved in an accident. She has a best friend, Yoona. She stays at Yoona's house together with her. She really likes 2SG especially Nickhun. Nickhun is her ideal type. She really hope can meet him one day.



Choi Minho



He has really good-looking face. He become singer together with his another member, Nickhun. They formed a group, 2SG stands for 2 Shining Guys. He is really a bad boy and arrogant. He likes to cause trouble even he is a popular singer and he seems don't really care about that. Nevertheless, he still has many fans.



Im Yoona


She is also has a pretty face and she is very close with Yuri. They have been friend about 15 years. She decided to stays another house separately with her family. She also is a fan of 2SG. She also likes Nickhun but for her friend, Yuri, she sacrifices her feelings. Yuri thought she likes Minho




Nickhun Horvejkul




He is another member of 2SG who is also a good- looking guy. Compared to Minho, he is very kind guy. He never cause any trouble and he always try his best to take care of 2SG's image even Minho is always do something bad which may affect 2SG's image. He also have sacrificed himself many times because of Minho even sometimes Minho is too much. He also has many fans


Minor character

SNSD(Girl' Generation)





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The red coloured words mean the scene is airing on television.

the blue coloured words is MC's conversation. Actually, this show is something like We Got Married. I think many of you had watched it, right? Only the first episode was airing live but not episode 2 and so on. these episode will be edited. i just wrote it like how it will be airing on television. Hopefully, you guys are understand what I was talking about. Anyways, feel free to ask me anything if you have something to ask. 

p/s:I'm helping a friend of mine at soshified to promote this story for her since she post this ff at,im just helping her okay?All the credits are for her,not me..and to view the fanfic at soshified please click  here..and please subscribe and leave some comment oaky??Love u!!

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LoveYul () says about chapter 40:
Ok, so I know about what happened to Yuri's family.
I'm thinking that Minho's family killed her parents since his surname is the same as the murderers?

LoveYul () says about chapter 23:
My guess for Siwon's sister is Yuri? Am I right?

ryan86 () says about chapter 40:
now i understand more about yuri family..thanks for update~

KhunForever () says about chapter 39:
So it was just a test? Good thing. Yoona's parents are so cool! Talking about having a grandchild already. Hahah. Update soon~!

KhunAFanatics () says about chapter 39:
Update soon author...I really like ur stories

mao74inoue () says about chapter 39:
I sensed it! hahaha.. Yoona's father is testing Nichkhun.. Luckily he passed it! Congrats Nichkhun-ssi.. :D

I like Minho getting jealous, he looks like a kid.. hehe

BTW, thank you for adding me in your PM list in Soshified forum. I really appreciate it.. :D

ShineeShiDaePmSuju () says about chapter 39:
Hahaha Yoona's family is soo lively XD
Hope Minho will get over his nightmare soon >.<
Update soon!!!!

TPS-SNSD-Lover () says about chapter 39:
Thanks for your update author! Anw, the most thing that I want to know is that about Siwon. Why doesn't he allow Yuri to be with Minho? Can you reveal it in next chapter please :)

smileagain () says about chapter 39:
LOL Yoona's father, this is exactly my prediction, he's just testing him hehehe.. Why let Nichkhun sleep in Leeteuk's room? Why not with Yoona?? hehehe

khunyoona () says about chapter 38:
waaaahhh!!! Why do they have to break up??? It can't be! NOOO!!!

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