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Chapter Seventeen





Sungyeol could feel Woohyun’s grip on him getting tighter as Woohyun cried in his arms. His collar was slightly dampened with Woohyun’s tears and he could feel Woohyun’s faint heartbeat across his chest. It hurt. It hurt seeing Woohyun like this. He just wished there was something he could do to at least heal some of the pain. But who was he kidding? There was only one person who could fix all these mess. And that is no other than Kim Sunggyu.


After staying like that for quite a while, Woohyun finally grasped control of himself and managed to calm himself down. He had never broke down in front of anyone. Not even his parents nor his two best friends, Myungsoo and Sungjong. He was quite surprised himself that he was actually capable of crying that hard. Slowly, he released his tight grip on Sungyeol and picked up his face. Sungyeol was staring at him, probably waiting for him to start off first.


There was an undescribable moment of silence as Woohyun stared back at the latter. Sungyeol looked so concerned and anxious, Woohyun couldn’t help but felt his heart breaking at the sight in front of him. Why would somebody cared for him this much? This was too….overwhelming.


‘Hyung…….you okay?’ Sungyeol gulped, as he threw a look of concern.

Woohyun didn’t know what he was thinking. It was probably the environment, or the situation that he was in. He was feeling vulnerable and Sungyeol was right in front of him. Without thinking, he leaned in and kissed Sungyeol on the lips.

Sungyeol gasped as he realized Woohyun’s lips were on his. It lasted for about three seconds and he was about to push him off when Woohyun immediately pulled back. Sungyeol stared at the equally shocked Woohyun as he slowly stepped back.

‘Sungyeol, I-I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-

Unfortunately Woohyun didn’t get to finish his sentence when he was suddenly pushed harshly and a fist landed on his face, sending him to the ground.


Sungyeol shouted, his eyes went wide as he watched his boyfriend appeared out of nowhere, sending punches to his hyung.

Woohyun grabbed Myungsoo’s hand, before he could hit him again.

‘Myungsoo, wait!! It’s just a misunderstanding!’ Woohyun pleaded, as he pushed the furious Myungsoo off him.


‘Shut up. Just shut the up.’ Myungsoo walked towards Woohyun again, balling up his fists and he was about to grab his hyung’s collar when a hand stopped him. Sungyeol stepped in between the two boys. Myungsoo looked surprise for a while, then his face turned emotionless again as he glared at Sungyeol.


‘Move.’ He said tonelessly. Sungyeol had never felt this frightened before in his life. Myungsoo’s eyes were cold, as if they could bore holes into someone. There was no more cheeky Myungsoo, the one who laughs like a maniac and turns the world upside down just with a smile. He looked so different as of right now. Sungyeol thought he didn’t recognize him anymore.


‘Myungsoo…….please. Just stop.’ Sungyeol begged, holding back his tears. As much as he loved Myungsoo, he didn’t want Woohyun to get hurt too. He couldn’t believe he was getting in the way of two best friends.


‘I said. Move.’ Myungsoo gritted through his teeth as he leaned closer.

‘Myungsoo, just let me explain-

‘There’s no need to. I saw what I saw.’ Myungsoo cut Woohyun as he threw a glare. ‘Now I just want to beat the out of you.’

Sungyeol could feel the situation getting worse, he started,


‘No, you listen.’ Myungsoo turned to Sungyeol.

‘How can you do this to me, Sungyeol?’ Myungsoo demanded ‘I told you. I told you, I never wanted to get hurt. I told you it’s why I avoid people.’

Tears started to well up in the corners of Sungyeol’s eyes. ‘I know.’

‘And now this?’ Myungsoo’s voice shook, as he held back his tears. ‘I thought you were different, Sungyeol. I really thought you were.’

Sungyeol started to sob as he shook his head. ‘It’s not what you think Myungsoo. Please, just listen to me.’

‘Cut the crap. Tell me, Sungyeol.’ Myungsoo leaned closer, locking eyes with the brunette. ‘You were never really over him, were you?’

Sungyeol froze as Myungsoo said that last sentence. He never expected Myungsoo to bring it up. Gosh, is that really what Myungsoo thought of all this time? That he was still in love with Woohyun?

‘Wait. What?’ Woohyun looked confused.

‘How….how can you even say that?’ Sungyeol blinked his tears away. ‘You know I love you.’

Myungsoo felt his heart breaking at the sight of crying Sungyeol. At the time, he really just wanted to drop everything and hold Sungyeol in his arms. But no, he couldn’t just let it be. It’s time he faced the painful reality. And he wanted the truth.



‘Not you, hyung. Please, just shut up. I can’t even bear to look at you right now.’ Myungsoo muttered under his breath.

‘BUT YOU HAVE TO CALM DOWN AND TRY LISTENING TO ME. PLEASE!’ Woohyun suddenly shouted, as he grasped Myungsoo’s shoulder and shook him.

‘HOW THE HELL CAN I CALM DOWN WHEN YOU JUST ING KISSED MY BOYFRIEND?!’ Myungsoo shouted back, shooking off Woohyun’s grip.

‘I didn’t mean it, I swear. It was just-

‘I thought you were my best friend, hyung.’ Myungsoo said

‘I am your best friend.’ Woohyun assured, he himself was getting teary. He’d never seen Myungsoo looked so hurt.

‘Well, not anymore.’ Myungsoo turned to his cold self again, staring straight at the two boys in front of him. ‘From now on, you people are nothing in my life. Nothing.’

Sungyeol felt a stab in his heart as the words lingered around his ears. No. This was not happening. Not Myungsoo. Please, God no.

‘Myungsoo…please.’ Sungyeol went straight to Myungsoo, taking him off guard as he held his hand and gripped it tight. ‘Just….let’s talk it over. Please. I’m begging you.’

Myungsoo closed his eyes and held his breath. He couldn’t bear to see a hurting Sungyeol. And the fact that Sungyeol was up his face, begging him with tears was not helping. Lee Sungyeol was his biggest weakness.

‘We’re done.’ Myungsoo finally mustered up the courage to say it out loud. He took Sungyeol’s hand off his and turned around.

As he walked away, he could hear Sungyeol falling to the ground and cried out loud. A tear ran down Myungsoo’s cheeks as he kept a straight face.






Hoya and Dongwoo were sitting at their table in the cafeteria, constantly looking around as they scanned the entire student body. It’s been quite a while and there was no sign of their friends. Usually by this time around, Myungsoo and Sungyeol would arrive already, bickering about God-knows-what or there would be Woohyun, sweet-talking his boyfriend as he constantly hugged or kissed him. Oh wait. Come to think of it, Sungjong was also not there. And-



Oh, talk of the devil.

‘Yah! Where have you been?’ Hoya asked as he watched Sungjong made his way to their table, hand in hand with his Jun Ah noona.

‘Nowhere. Just chatting up with noona.’ Sungjong shrugged as he sat down, Jun Ah smiled and waved as she did the same.

‘Where’s Woohyun and Myungsoo?’ Jun Ah raised her eyebrows as she looked around.

‘Funny, we were just about to ask you the same thing.’ Dongwoo looked at her weirdly. ‘Besides, aren’t you living with Woohyun?’

Jun Ah bit her lip. ‘Well yeah, but….I didn’t see him at all today. All I know is, he came back pretty late last night and he looked awful.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sungjong widened his eyes.

‘I don’t know.’ She shrugged. ‘I asked him if he was okay, and he just smiled and said nothing. Then he went to his room.’

‘That’s weird. Did something happened to hyung last night?’ Sungjong was getting curious. ‘And why didn’t you tell me this earlier?’

‘I thought it wasn’t a big deal.’ Jun Ah retorted. ‘But now, seeing that he’s not here, I guess something is definitely going on.’

‘You know, come to think of it. Sunggyu hyung’s been pretty quiet today too.’ Dongwoo voiced out.

‘Oh where is he by the way?’

‘Library. Said he had no appetite and wanted to study.’ Hoya replied.

‘OK, this is definitely not normal. At all.’ Sungjong shook his head.

‘I can’t get in touch with Myungsoo. He shut off his phone.’ Jun Ah suddenly said, showing her cell phone screen.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Hoya said, then everybody went silent as they just exchanged worried looks with each other.





Sungyeol jerked at the sound of the loud doorbell. He had been lounging around the living room, sprawled across the couch as he lazily flipped through the channels. After everything that had happened last night, he didn’t feel like going to school today. And so he begged his mom to let him off this once. He couldn’t face Myungsoo and he didn’t want to. Not just yet.


Kicking off the tiny blanket on top of his lap, he made his way to the door, wondering who might be dropping by at this time of the day. Slamming the door open, he blinked in shock as he found Woohyun standing there, with an awkward smile on his face.


‘Hyung……..’ He started, after a while. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I figured you wouldn’t be in school today.’ Woohyun shrugged. ‘Can I come in?’

‘Yeah, sure.’ Sungyeol said, after a moment of hesitation. He opened the door wider, and made way for Woohyun. Woohyun smiled and nodded towards the latter.

‘Sungyeol.’ Woohyun went on. ‘About what happened last night…’

‘What’s done is done. You don’t have to bring it up, hyung.’ Sungyeol said, with a timid smile.

‘Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have to. It was my fault.’ Woohyun looked at him pitifully.

‘I’m so sorry, Sungyeollie.’ He continued. ‘I really didn’t mean it. I don’t even know what I was thinking then.’

‘I understand.’ Sungyeol assured him, giving him a weak smile. ‘It’s okay.’

‘No, it’s not. Look at you and Myungsoo now.’ Woohyun sighed. ‘I can’t believe he’d actually act that way. Seriously, I’ve never seen him that mad before.’

Sungyeol stayed silent as he listened. Talking about Myungsoo made him feel like crying again. He didn’t want to accept what had happened as real. He just wished it was all a bad dream and it would go away. But then again, it’s not.

‘I went to his house earlier, and he wasn’t home. He wouldn’t even pick up his calls.’ Woohyun said worriedly. ‘Have you been able to contact him?’

Sungyeol shook his head weakly as he stared at the floor.



‘Can I ask you a question? Regarding last night?’ Woohyun asked carefully.

‘Sure, go ahead.’

‘When Myungsoo said…. ‘You were never really over him’ last night, what was he…..referring to?’

Sungyeol gulped as he stared back at his hyung. This is it. Yes, he needed to tell the truth. Or all this mess would never be fixed and just lead to more misunderstandings.

Sungyeol sighed as he slowly started. ‘It’s a long story………………





Woohyun went to school the next day. He had drove by Sunggyu’s house in the morning, like he usually did. But when he had almost reached his house, he suddenly remembered. Right. He was no longer Sunggyu’s boyfriend. His heart felt heavy again. He could never get used to this. No, he just won’t get used to it. Then his mind slowly backtracked to the crazy things that had happened the past few days. What with Sungyeol, Myungsoo and everything. After hearing what Sungyeol had to say yesterday, Woohyun couldn’t help but felt sorrier towards him and Myungsoo. All these time, he had been causing so much pain to Sungyeol while he was nice to him. And now when he’d finally settled down and was happy with Myungsoo, THIS had to happened. Not only Woohyun had lost his boyfriend, he’d also lost one of his most treasured best friends. Things were just too big of a mess. And he had to fix it. Soon.


Straightening his tie, he took a breath as he stepped into his class. Of course, in the midst of all the noise and chaos, the first and only thing he saw was Sunggyu, sitting in his usual place in the corner. Like an instinct, Sunggyu looked up right when Woohyun walked in. Their eyes caught for a moment, and Woohyun couldn’t help but smile. That connection that he’d always felt with Sunggyu was still there. Sunggyu started to smile, just for a little but suddenly stopped himself. Jun Ah had just walked in and jumped in cheerfully on Woohyun. Like she always did every morning. Sunggyu threw a weak smile again then shrugged as he looked the other way and started doing his own stuff.


Woohyun was frustrated. He stared for a long time at Sunggyu as he slowly processed the fact that the amazing guy sitting right there, the guy that he’ always loved, was not his anymore.

‘Woohyun?’ Jun Ah looked at him weirdly. ‘Yah, Woohyun ah.’

Woohyun snapped back to reality as he turned to Jun Ah.


‘Gosh, what’s with you?’ Jun Ah complained. ‘You’ve been so weird these days.’

‘Nothing. I’m fine.’ Woohyun said blankly.

‘Oh, is that Sunggyu?’ Jun Ah smiled widely. ‘I haven’t greeted him yet. Hey Sung-

Woohyun stopped her from calling him out. ‘No. Just….don’t.’

‘Why? What’s wrong?’ Jun Ah looked back and forth from Sunggyu to Woohyun.

‘Listen, Jun Ah.’ Woohyun stated seriously. ‘We need to talk.’






Sungyeol played the inside fabric of his school blazer nervously as he waited at his seat in the classroom. At times, he would glance at the empty seat beside him. Why was Myungsoo not here yet? Was he skipping school again? Was he okay? What happened to him that night? There were all these mixed feelings playing around, and he didn’t feel very comfortable. He wanted to see Myungsoo so badly, but at the same time, he couldn’t face him just yet.


And just as if fate could read his mind, Kim Myungsoo walked in through the classroom door. Sungyeol gulped a little. Myungsoo was different. He had the same jet-black hair, the same school uniform, the same bag. But there was one thing that really bothered Sungyeol. It was his face expression. He had this almost statue-like look on his face, cold eyes that could kill anyone right at the spot and the way he walked, it was almost like he was pushing everyone out of his way. Sungyeol thought it’s been a while since he’d seen this side of Myungsoo. Yes, that was when he’d just entered the school, when Myungsoo was probably the biggest jerk on the planet. Sungyeol couldn’t believe he could change to someone like that overnight.


Without even looking around or bothered to say hi to anybody, Myungsoo made his way to the back and sat on one of the empty seats and dropped his bag onto the ground. He then leaned on the table, buried his face in his arms, and slept like he always did. Sungyeol’s heart sank. Just the fact that Myungsoo didn’t want to sit beside him and pretended like he didn’t exist, clearly showed that they were over. Sungyeol couldn’t believe everything that he thought would last forever had disappeared just like that. Sungyeol’s eyes started to water. Myungsoo wasn’t wearing their promise rings anymore.



A/N : Decided to update slightly early, cause I just can’t wait no more . This was a very angsty chap, but I enjoyed writing it,lol. Hope you guys are okay with it. Please leave a comment cause you know I appreciate em all. Thanks ^^




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