Son Dongwoon

by eunhaefisshie
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Son Dong Woon DOB: June 6, 1991. Is the maknae of B2ST.
Ahm. He is one of the 91-Liners. You know all of them (91-Line idols) chose Seohyun.
Dongwoon on one Interview on ChinChin Radio where taeyeon is the DJ:
TAEYEON:Dongwoon, I heard you are jealous of we got married.
B2ST: Ye he is jealous.
TAEYEON: Outof all the couples. Who are you most envious of?
DONGWOON: The newlywed couple- Yonghwa and seohyun.
TAEYEON: Ah yongseo couple! why do you envy them?
YOSEOB(i think its him but i cant see him cause the camera
focuses only on dongwoon that time.): Just because their relationship has started?
DOOJOON: Because he feel he should have been in it.
DONGWOON: NE... that was supposed to be my story XD 
Haha. Dongwoon feels he should have been in it :) LOL i like that one.
DONGWOON: because i know she reads a lot when i was about to take out my games, then she came passing by passing by (seohyun) i immediately took a book and read it :)
On one episode of B2ST ALMIGHTY, it is episode 8 or 9 that i dont remember because i wasnt able to finish it. I just watch it because i saw this one video :
DONGWOON: Guys please buy me this socks. 
DOOJOON: Oh come on she is taken.
It is a seohyun socks. He even showed it in the camera. 
But why did Dongwoon said that Yoona is her favorite SNSD member?


Third Chappie :)



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megsie00 () says about chapter 17:
I'd love it if you could add more! :D

seokhun47 () says about chapter 17:
kai,chanyeol,sehun,luhan and kris with seohyun :D

SiFanyYulsungLoVe () says about chapter 17:
Where is Cho Kyuhyun? lol

samarkatloi () says about chapter 17:
Sungjong :)

BunnyYeon () says about chapter 17:
SeoKyu or ChangSeo *uuu*

chloe1203 () says about chapter 17:
changseo seokyu

KJpoper () says about chapter 16:
I don't think Yonghwa will fall in catogry of fanboys as he is fan of Taeyeon before the WGM...

onnonono () says:
glad to see you are continuing. I'm okay with anyone! :)

chan92 () says:
i agree with joycecute25 n justZARINA
add more plese

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