My Boyfriend
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Asphyxiophilia: the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for ual arousal

Level: Orange

"Ah! Ahhn...Minseok, more!"

The sheets were bunched up near the end of the bed, Luhan's hands clenched tightly onto the fabric. His head flopped over the edge as he struggled to keep his nose from bumping into bed. 

Behind him, his legs were spread apart and his knees bent to achieve an angle perfect for Minseok's intruding fingers.

He lurched forward as the fingers curled upwards, pressing torturously against his walls. The tip of his swollen just barely grazed the bed, causing him to jerk in sensitivity every now and then. It drove him crazy beyond belief, and all he wanted was to get down and dirty, right now.

"Please please please," he chanted, sighing in relief when he was finally flipped onto his back. His thighs spread on instinct, allowing the shorter man to fall on top of him feverishly.

Tongue battled tongue as Minseok swooped down for a kiss, neither of the two relenting. Luhan eventually lost in his hazy mindset, allowing the other to trail down to light hickeys on his neck. 

He jolted when Minseok's fingers reentered his tight hole, scissoring and pushing deeper until he could only anticipate the moment they reached his sweet spot.

Instead of brutally pressing the spot that would make Luhan see stars, Minseok quickly removed his digits, smirking when he saw the pleading expression on Luhan's face.

"You're lubed up," Minseok stated. "We can get started now."

Without any more prep or warning, he ed in much like the way Luhan normally did: roughly. The bottom gasped at the intrusion, immediately rocking his hips to match the nonexistent tempo. 

Every time Luhan's thighs were too close for Minseok's liking, he would push them apart roughly and sink himself back in. Like a rubber band, Luhan would keep closing his legs, and Minseok would slap them away.

Gritting his teeth, Minseok struggled to hold on to Luhan's hips, pulling the latter to him like a rag doll, Luhan's head inching closer to falling off the bed with every move. 

Steadying himself with his right hand, Minseok used the other to grab onto Luhan's neck, almost hard enough to bruise.

The result was instantaneous.

Luhan keened and almost dragged Minseok off the bed with his violent bucking, twisting in every direction. It didn't help that the man on top angled his hips so that it hit right there.

With each heavy , Luhan could feel his head getting lighter and lighter. Thoughts fleeted his head, and the only thing he could comprehend was the pleasure. His entire respiratory system was controlled by Minseok's left hand, it the very idea was thrilling and, well, breathtaking.

The way every single one of his senses were collapsing so that he could only respond like a wild animal to the touches was beyond blissful.

When Minseok squeezed his adam's apple that extra bit harder, Luhan came undone. He tried to shout, but the sound wouldn't come out the way he wanted and it added to the sparks on his eyelids. His body spasmed in pleasure as muscles tensed and released without command, relishing in the oversensitive touches.

Even as Luhan's legs finally started calming down, Minseok continued to in hard, putting those impossibly delicious hips to good use. Luhan's skin was definitely bruised, and he loved it, the way his body rocked itself back, the way Minseok's filled him almost to the brim, the way he still struggled to breath.

Minseok pulled out with a groan and rolled off onto his back, scooting down to hold Luhan's hand. Almost immediately, he reverted back into his normal shy self. 

"Did I do okay?" He blinked his eyes cutely, nudging Luhan's knee with his toe.

Luhan smiled, pulling their bodies tight together. Their sweat mingled and everything was still hot and sticky, but it was worth the soft squeal Minseok made. 

He loved how willing his boyfriend was to switch roles and even go into breathplay. It was definitely dangerous territory, because the elder wouldn't allow himself to be subjected to it yet, but with time...Luhan was determined.

"Yeah, you did. But next time, you can go even rougher. I won't mind~"

My updates will be really irregular and short and weird now (meaning just like before), sorry. For those waiting for the chapter...I'LL WRITE IT EVENTUALLY. DON'T PUSH THE AUTHOR-NIM.

I've been getting a lot of friend requests? Also almost 350 subscribers? Thanks guys, I'm really happy and appreciative of everyone who reads my stories and wants to talk to me. 


*edit: there seems to be a lot of comments about Minseok being on top. Let me clear things up: I personally hate Minseok as the seme; some people like it, and I wrote one chapter for it. It will probably be the only chapter.


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