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Daehyun & You

You have been going out with a guy you don't really like but he kept insisting to go out with him so you did. But, after a while you broke up with him. Then Daehyun came over to your house...

Daehyun: Aishh.. I want cheesecake... /tummy growling/

Y/N: Again?? It's only been half an hour since the last slice~

Daehyun: That's so long~~~ Y/N Please make me cheesecake /puppy eyes/  owo         

Y/N: OMO! Daehyunnie you're not going to impress the girl you like with that stomach~ /goes to make cheesecake/

Daehyun: ..you're not going to impress your boyfriend with that attitude... 

/plates clash and break/

Daehyun: Aee?! Y/N are you alright?!!!?!

Y/N: Yeah... And about that... I broke up with him...

Daehyun: Wae?

Y/N: I never liked him I guess...

Daehyun: Oh... Ah! Y/N you're bleeding! /rushes to get bandaid/

Y/N: (Daehyun... Why are you so nice to me?..)

Daehyun: Here! /puts on bandaid/ Don't hurt your cheesecake making fingers okay? 

Y/N: Ne... /about to cry/

Daehyun: Y/N!.. Are you alright? Does it hurt? /worried/

Y/N: I don't know... Why am I crying?..

Daehyun: /hugs/ Y/N, S-Saranghae..

Y/N: R-Really? /surprised/

Daehyun: Yes, so please give me a chance to mend your broken heart.

Y/N: Are you lying to me right now?

Daehyun: Aniyo!! I love you so much!! /hugs you tighter/ 

Y/N: Maybe I'll start to like you... So please wait for me...

Daehyun: Okay! Saranghae~  /kisses you on the cheek/



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meryljill #1
Chapter 1: hehehehe...cute..
witchofLVE #2
Chapter 1: Aw, this is so adorbs! <3
ShinJunior #3
So sweeeet~
ExoChen_LovePink #4
Chapter 1: sweettt!! OMG xD