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Wolf Dreams


"Who cares? Let's just kill him, he's on our territory." 

"No, Kai, he's hurt. We have to help him."

 "Fine, Suho. But you're taking care of him."


First story! ^^ I'm excited. I've been wanting to read a story based off a wolf!au and I never planned on writing one, but she said she wanted someone to write it and gave an amazing prompt, so I decided to go ahead and just write it!

Prompt credit goes to Minnie


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whataboutyou #1
Where is the next updaaaaate?
morgan47 #2
Chapter 6: looking forward to the next update.
KrazyKowaiGG #3
please update?
readytofly #4
It's been mooooooooooooooonths T^T
KimKaerol #5
Chapter 6: Can you pretty pretty please update this??!!!
akaonim #6
Chapter 6: Please please please say your gonna update this?!
sarangmyung #7
Chapter 6: Grrrrrrr!!!!!sehun is such a spoiled brat here...=_=..I love this story ..thnx authornim
Hello_Cupid__Sone #8
Chapter 6: This is so good! You must update!
AmielleSCM #9
I hope you can update soon, this is just getting good ;A;
asdfghjk33 #10
Chapter 6: You have a great story author nim! but i think you're in a bit of rush so it's kinda fast in progress for kaisoo's relationship....and if u dont mind please update :))