Wolf Dreams


"Who cares? Let's just kill him, he's on our territory." 

"No, Kai, he's hurt. We have to help him."

 "Fine, Suho. But you're taking care of him."


First story! ^^ I'm excited. I've been wanting to read a story based off a wolf!au and I never planned on writing one, but she said she wanted someone to write it and gave an amazing prompt, so I decided to go ahead and just write it!

Prompt credit goes to Minnie


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yuriko341 #1
//casually leaves
Malinitscm #2
Pls update ?
mynameiskimsoo #3
Chapter 6: update this lahhhhhh ;'(
RegineHalesia #4
update pls author thank you :))))
khialian #5
Chapter 6: omg they switch partner kkkkk... why is sehun being so grumpy?
galina #6
Hello, author.
I hope you haven't forgotten about this story yet. I really want to know the past of Baekhyun and why Sehun so rude toward other members of the park. Also it wiil be interesting to know about Kyungsoo's feelings)
(and maybe fight between Chanyeol and Kai)
Fighting and happy summer)
Emil5y #7
Woowww update soon please!
totalove #8
Nice fic , hope you're gonna update soon .
Pearltheshawol #9
Ahh its been a year !!! I really like this story
kaisoostar #10
Chapter 6: Ohhh i love both kaisoo n chansoo.. but more to kaisoo and it hurts when i reach the last part.. T.T poor soo