Cherry Blossoming

by heneciaburningsoul
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LeeJongHyun ImYoona CNBlue SNSD KyuLine



Main Character


Lee Jong Hyun

Birthname : Lee Jong Hyun / 이종현

Stage Name : Lee Jong Hyun


Birthdate : 1990 - May - 15

Birthplace : Busan, South Korea

Profession : Member of CN Blue as Lead Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter. New Actor.

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Blood Type : O

Instruments : Guitar, piano, bass guitar, harmonica

Language : Korea, Japan, English (basic)



Im Yoona

Birthname : Im Yoon-Ah

Stage Name : Im Yoona

Also Known As : Deer Yoona

Birthdate : 1990 - May - 30

Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea

Profession : Member of SNSD, singer, actress, dancer

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Blood Type : B

Fandom : SONE and YoonAddict


Supporting Characters :

CN Blue






This is the fanfic about JongYoon couple... in their "real life" ... :)

The cherry finally blossoming...



This is my 1st time write a FF...

I write this because JongYoon couple is getting hottier day by day...

(or it just my delusional mind? :p )

Anw, I really love this couple. Since i'm a Boice and Burning Soul since they debuted.. I always love JongHyun :) and i glad to hear about JongYoon couple nowadays...


I'm really sorry because i'm not too familiar with Yoona. Coz i'm paying attention to her just after heard about JongYoon couple.. mian *bow* but I'll try my best.. :))


i dont know it'll turn out bad or no..

hope u guys can enjoy :))



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valerieng123 () says about chapter 42:
Hi author, I'm re reading the story again while waiting for the next update(: looking forward to the next chapter!

monchu_krist () says about chapter 42:
Im still here author..
And always shipper them in my fantasy even yoona with seunggi now..
But my imagination still with them.. Hope you update soon..
And make them finish their problem..

CHEEEZYEUNICE () says about chapter 42:
It's been long since you have an update, so update soon!

tya_muthiara () says about chapter 42:
I already re-read your story, It's been a while since your last update authornim. If you have spare time, please update your story authornim :( thank you :)

exoyoong08 () says:
Hii.. New reader here.. I'm sad that I didn't read ur fanfic earlier it's so f*** good I love it so much.. I finish reading it in one day.. Omg jongyoon

CHEEEZYEUNICE () says about chapter 42:
Can't wait for an update real soon!!! HEHEHHE.

afiqahalya () says about chapter 4:
awww they so sweet especially jongyoon !!!! awesome i like this one hhahaha cant stop laughing !!!

nightprincess () says about chapter 42:
Update pleaseeee.....I'm waiting for so long.sob3xxx..... come on update author nim. I reread this story for many time already. :'(

Brightyong21 () says:
good luck with your job yuk.
but dont kita2 nunggu lm apdetan nya :D

Fidiyoong () says about chapter 42:
i'm reading reading and reading again bc this is very good. this chapt always make me cry so hard, update soon please :)

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