Cherry Blossoming



Main Character


Lee Jong Hyun

Birthname : Lee Jong Hyun / 이종현

Stage Name : Lee Jong Hyun


Birthdate : 1990 - May - 15

Birthplace : Busan, South Korea

Profession : Member of CN Blue as Lead Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter. New Actor.

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Blood Type : O

Instruments : Guitar, piano, bass guitar, harmonica

Language : Korea, Japan, English (basic)



Im Yoona

Birthname : Im Yoon-Ah

Stage Name : Im Yoona

Also Known As : Deer Yoona

Birthdate : 1990 - May - 30

Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea

Profession : Member of SNSD, singer, actress, dancer

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Blood Type : B

Fandom : SONE and YoonAddict


Supporting Characters :

CN Blue






This is the fanfic about JongYoon couple... in their "real life" ... :)

The cherry finally blossoming...



This is my 1st time write a FF...

I write this because JongYoon couple is getting hottier day by day...

(or it just my delusional mind? :p )

Anw, I really love this couple. Since i'm a Boice and Burning Soul since they debuted.. I always love JongHyun :) and i glad to hear about JongYoon couple nowadays...


I'm really sorry because i'm not too familiar with Yoona. Coz i'm paying attention to her just after heard about JongYoon couple.. mian *bow* but I'll try my best.. :))


i dont know it'll turn out bad or no..

hope u guys can enjoy :))




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Firacardosh #1
Aauthor-nim please update this story! I really want to know what will happen to JongYoon relationship! *puppy eyes*
CNBDania #2
Chapter 44: Omg, i love this story, keep writing. I will always wait for your update.
Tracer1 #3
Chapter 4: Someone recommended this fanfic and it's good! ^_^
durebak_eve10 #4
Authornimmmmmm.....updatee pleaseeeee ~~ this is the best jongyoon fanfic ever !!!
cloudyluen #5
Chapter 44: Wow, what a nice story. Hope to get a update pretty soon. Fighting
Fidiyoong #6
Chapter 44: Authornim please update.....
bokyo28 #7
Chapter 44: please update please please please this ff is way better for me because its somehow based on their lives... thank you thank you!!!
frdlz1106 #8
amazing story❤ love it!
miichaa #9
Please updated author...i like your story :)...
kyuknow23 #10
Chapter 44: I really like you're story authornim..
Please, continue you're story.. :)