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How can i fell in love with my step-brother ?


Hello girls~ omo i'll write my first fiction in english omfg xDD

I'm nooooot thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat good enough but i'll tried and so i'll learn so please help me ~~ :doaaegyo: 


OMG okeii LuHan you're better at doing aegyo... TT :sobs:


So ... please be indulgent, I accept any comments.

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Title: How can i fell in love with my step-brother ?

SungYoung a little lady actually YOU, who is 18 years old. You used to live before with your mom and dad but when you were 14, they divorced. You didn't know why and actually today too. Back then you got more responsibility with your siblings and father, without your mother you just wanted to give up everything but you couldn't. Today your father got married to a woman.

Who is she ? Can she replace your mother ? Does she have kids ?
Can you accept that ? ...



Sung Young Lee / Oh

Girl aged 18 years. Has two brothers and two sisters, she is the eldest. Full of life, stubborn, crying easily for anything, do not let it go, non-autonomous, with a big heart

Oh SeHun

Know as your step-brother. He's a pokerface, but very shy.


They know as the popular guys.


They know as the popular guys too.


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farahaniyah #1
Chapter 1: im sorry to say this but yur english is a bit cracked like you come not eat it actually it why are you not eating
starz-__- #2
Interesting update soon;)