Sehun was soaked to the bone from the hard downpour of rain. With nowhere to seek permanent shelter, he ducked into a nearby bar. He surveyed the small space, seeing that other seamen filled its spaces. A few shot him a look as he passed dripping wet, most just ignored him. He sat on top of a barstool and put in an order for a bottle of soju. Fumbling with his hands, the bartender handed him his drink. He thanked the man, just as two other men sat beside him.

            “Some fishermen are saying that they found a ship washed up on some island in the neutral zones.”

            “And?” The other man called over the bartender as his friend continued.

            “It had the King’s flag.”

            The man that had brushed off his friend’s words, brought his head down as he whispered, “It’s the prince’s ship?”

            His friend nodded slightly as he sipped his drink. Sehun his lips as he inched a bit closer to the two men who didn’t seem to notice.

            “Well, did they find him?”

            “No, there was nobody on the ship but there are men out there searching the area.”

            “And how about the princess?”

            “I don’t know, but some people said they saw her dead and drowning on her wedding day.”

            “Someone killed her? The mermaids?”

            “I don’t know, that was all Shin told me before he left with his crew yesterday.”

            Sehun furrowed his brow as he returned his attention to his drink. Tapping his finger on the side of it, he started to put some pieces together. A ship was found in neutral waters, the princess supposedly died the day of the attack, the princess who traveled with them was a mermai...

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Taemeyyaaaa #1
Chapter 59: tHIS story is sooo good. Like srsly.. where did you get the idea from? i mean like that was SO CREATIVE! the characters are well played. I'm also glad that you didn't use 'oppa' and the characters' characteristic especially Taura and Tao i love it!! i mean like they are not spoilt!! (?). Ouh! also.. the part when you killed D.O and Chanyeol.. i must say that i was so sad.. ;((( i almost cried bcos how you describe the plot was really saddening. Anyway.. i love the story. i'll be reading the sequel. fighting!!
gab_gabriellaa #2
Chapter 58: Damnnn this story is amazing
This is the first time for me to read a mermaid story
Dang it's so wonderful
You know, when I know all of the people that Taura love dead in one time, I just think that something will wake their up, like a magic liquid from Talya maybe, but there's seem no drama in here. And dangggg they all dead, even chanyeol too
And the ending is sos unpredictable :D
The story that full of feel, you write it all very well done, author
I like it very much :)
Keep writing (งˆ▽ˆ)ง
Silencedshadow #3
Chapter 58: i subscribed to this story a while back, but i started reading it only yesterday. It was really good, because i managed to finish it in only days. I loved it. The story was interesting and entertaining and the characters were likable, especially Kyungsoo, Sehun, Taura and Talya. I like how you created 2 species, one of sirens and one of mermaids, and gave them such different distinctions and characteristics. I also liked the powers the mermaids have, and the names you gave Taura's friends.
Another thing that i really liked was the progressive relationship between Sehun and Taura, Taura and Kyungsoo, and even Sehun and his mom. Things weren't rushed and that was nice to read.
And last but not least, i like that you were brave enough to kill important characters like you did. Although painful for the main character, the deaths of her friends, parents and people, they were in a war. People die in a war, and them all surviving would have been highly unrealistic. Killing Kyungsoo and Chanyeol was even braver, and it showed that casualties were on all parts, and not only unnamed and unknown characters could die, but anyone and everyone, and that gave the war a realistic feeling to it. It's really well done. Although i assume Kyungsoo's death has some role in the sequel, killing only him out of Kris' crew would have been a bit farfetched. So i also understand Chanyeol's death.
We didn't get to see much of Kai, but i suspect he will appear more in the next one. :)
I'll go to the next one now. :))
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Chapter 59: Wow I really enjoyed this story! I love mermaid AUs :)
Off to read the sequel now ~
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Really just wow.
Finally after reading lots of stories which were really just mediocre reading such a good one is refreshing.
Your way of writing makes it easy to read the story in one flow.
The way your characters developed was really entertaining and overall the plot with its twists and turns was simply superb.
Good job!!
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Chapter 30: Ohhh... It seems like both Talya and Taura already took likings in each other, huh? I wonder if both sides of this sea creatures will have a peace together...
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Chapter 29: Um. Okay. This woman is being a creeps, now. Why did Sehun left his mother for the first time, again?
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Chapter 25: ... I'm not quite satisfied... Can't you just kick him to some sharks or something, Taura? I thought that she's a... 'water creatures', too, be it one of mermaids or sirens, right?
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Chapter 22: O...kay. What the hell is up with that pampered princess actually? And... Is it... Kai...? .-.
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Chapter 18: So... Am I right? The siren that some-siren-i-forget-her-name mentioned before... Sehun? OxO