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            Sehun was soaked to the bone from the hard downpour of rain. With nowhere to seek permanent shelter, he ducked into a nearby bar. He surveyed the small space, seeing that other seamen filled its spaces. A few shot him a look as he passed dripping wet, most just ignored him. He sat on top of a barstool and put in an order for a bottle of soju. Fumbling with his hands, the bartender handed him his drink. He thanked the man, just as two other men sat beside him.

            “Some fishermen are saying that they found a ship washed up on some island in the neutral zones.”

            “And?” The other man called over the bartender as his friend continued.

            “It had the King’s flag.”

            The man that had brushed off his friend’s words, brought his head down as he whispered, “It’s the prince’s ship?”

            His friend nodded slightly as he sipped his drink. Sehun his lips as he inched a bit closer to the two men who didn’t seem to notice.

            “Well, did they find him?”

            “No, there was nobody on the ship but there are men out there searching the area.”

            “And how about the princess?”

            “I don’t know, but some people said they saw her dead and drowning on her wedding day.”

            “Someone killed her? The mermaids?”

            “I don’t know, that was all Shin told me before he left with his crew yesterday.”

            Sehun furrowed his brow as he returned his attention to his drink. Tapping his finger on the side of it, he started to put some pieces together. A ship was found in neutral waters, the princess supposedly died the day of the attack, the princess who traveled with them was a mermai...

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MissMysterious6 #1
This is one of my favorite stories so far. Keep up the good work!
KrisRollLikeABuffalo #2
Chapter 59: Good story
Keycolight #3
Chapter 33: I am not so excited that she's going to go back to kyungsoo. well i know yeah this is a kyungsoo's fanfic and taura and sehun are from a different species. they can't be together. i think i got the second lead character syndrome. sigh~
but your story is still amazing tho!! ^^
Keycolight #4
Chapter 22: the sirens want Mira, don't they?? I mean, what kind of human that drinks salt water? and she hates mermaids so much. there's something odd about her... hmm...
Keycolight #5
Chapter 18: oh dear can sehun be a siren? he is the siren that they asked for right? gosh and i'm shipping those two, sehun and taura. but i think it's impossible. sirens and mermaids are enemies, and kyungsoo likes taura. sigh~
Keycolight #6
Chapter 15: jeez, i don't know i'll like your story this much. i've been reading some stories this past month and none of them make me feel this way. so i stopped reading them and tried to read yours. i like it immediately after i read the first chapter. amazing! i'll go to the next chapter..
jonginiedyo #7
Chapter 54: No! Omg what happened with them? Kyungsoo pls no
jonginiedyo #8
Chapter 37: Kyungsoooooooooooo youre so cute
jonginiedyo #9
Chapter 19: Kyungsoo's strike! I think Taura will fall for him, slowly
Kpopinq #10
Chapter 59: If your interested....PR COURSE IM INTRESTED ...