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Plot-less and Pointless: The Marriage of a Fanfic and a Rant


Hand-picked ideas from the author's train of thought about EunHae turned into a nonlinear narrative.


This is a fic. Yes.


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Chapter 1: I love Eunhae & I still love them if it's Eunhae in reality....
JungMaeRi #2
Chapter 1: eunhae are the one true otp <3 they've never been apart since they first came together :)
MiYoung95 #3
Chapter 1: Oh how we love EunHae. I wouldn't care if they really were gay :D
mrsqyuchoi #4
Chapter 1: Awesome. Yes, fan service is a ____ but also maybe some medium for EunHae being EunHae.
plainflair #5
So true.
Just....so true.
saymyname #6
Chapter 1: omg this is mind blowing
but it's true that fanservice is a total ____ at times, the idols are probably forcing themselves to do the fanservice and thus it becomes hard to differentiate reality ><
This fic is so amazing
Potaeto #7
Chapter 1: ily and your writing
strawberrycookies #8
Speechless... and i shall remain like this
rosemily #9
mind blowing :o
forchenteller #10

Ahem. Anyway >.>

That's one of my biggest things with fanservice, or even just touchy-feely relationships in general: the line does get blurred. Boundaries do get crossed. I'm a person who's totally clingy and touchy, and crossing the line between "friend" and "more than" is actually why my girlfriend and I started going out ^-^

You described this all beautifully. Your fics are always painfully realistic. This one keeps me thinking "What if, what if?!" like the fangirls with delusional fantasies in you story.