Second Chance

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Life isn’t always chocolate and roses. Seunghyun had to learn that the hard way. But then hey…life isn’t always dark and unfair. So, when a second chance was gently bestowed upon his life, he didn’t cling to it right away. It took him some time to realize that it was his chance to heal and why not…fall in love.



I’m not giving up on you.

You’re my second chance.


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xxxtiaxxx #1
Chapter 24: Another story of urs and I'm so in love! Ur fan says thank u! ♡0♡ upvotesss
Chapter 24: UGHHHHH KANGIN IS JUST-- AH BYE YOU I CAN'T BEAR W YOU EVEN JUST A LIL BIT MORE. I love every single thing of this story omomomomomo????? Their insecurities is so huge (???) omg I'm not good at description bbbbbut I just love it bcos Ji and Seunghyun just really belong to each other x))) and the way Seunghyun ~almost~ always understand his Jiyong (((HIS AHAHAHAH I'M FLUTTERED))) it's just the cutest and sweetest side of him <3 <3 <3 and why Kangin wHYYYYY?????? I kno you love cough I mean obsessed with Seunghyun but no need to bring Jiyong and Heechul's name to the interrogator. Just let them live happily ever after. Ok? (((NO))). I'm glad Jiyong is free and Heechul tho lololol I can't more agree to Seunghyun about how stupid he was. But at least, Heechul found his own family x))) I love your story as always! Keep on a good work and fighting! xx
vododoll #3
Chapter 24: Thank u thank u thaaaaaaaabk u author for this amazing story, im crying T_______T , u are the Best
Chapter 24: I finished!! And I love it like always! I'm your fan XD

I wanted to kill Kangin so damn much but he's appa raccoon and I couldn't, I can't hate him for much time XD

For one second I was scared for Heechul and Ji in jail but thank god for money XD

Once again I loved this story this was the last one for me but then you finished the other two and started one and now I have 3 again! I'm going to start with one of them after I finish Raw Blossom again XD I just what to read it again XD

Well keep the good writing because you have a fan on me :D We'll see us in another story Kisses!!!

I totally loved this XD BTW Now I want a story of Ji and Tabi with a baby just because of this Epilogue XD
Chapter 2: I'm finally here!! And I want to kill Kangin!! Why Kangin? Gosh when my feels for bad Kangin were gone you make him the bad guy with Tabi goshh xD I can't picture him with Tabi xD well I'm going I need to read xD
Chapter 24: Oh my heart!! Their love is so precious. The story is always fabulous!!! Thank you Author Nim for your great work!! I find it's getting harder everytime I tried to find words to describe your work since it's sooooo gooddddd. Anyway, I will continue writing your feedback to appreciate your work :-)
smokypearl #7
I love your detailed descriptions of their moments together. Great story, you left no stone unturned.
Danees #8
Chapter 24: All that i can say.. thank you!
Chapter 5: Wow... I didn't expect it to be Heechul who will marry TOP.. I thought it will be Ji ♡♡♡
Chapter 1: Another of your masterpieces :) so happy to read it