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soneSYoungster's collections


one-shots and drabbles of Sooyoung pairings; mainly SooSica.


1) [SooSica] - The Three Dolls 

2) [SooSica] - Cursed

3) [SooSica] - My Clingy Prince Special

4) [SooFany] - Technician

5) [SooTae] - Demon Part 1

6) [SooTae] - Demon Part 2

7) [SooNa] - Dream Wizard 

8) [SooSica] - You'll be mine forever then

9) [SooSica] - Team SoShi

10) [SooSica&JongKey] - That Crazy Night (part 2 of 'Team SoShi')

11) [SooKrys] - Engagement ring?

12) [SooSica] - Masked Stranger

13) [SooTae] - Why I chose her

14) [SooSica] - Lingering Feelings

15) [SooNa] - Terror

16) [SooSica] - English

17) [SooFany] - Half Broken Ruler

18) [SooSun] - Judgemental 

19) [SooSica] - Chick

20) [SooSica] - Fairy-Godmother

21) [SooSica] - Will You Still Love Me...? (GenBen)

22) [SooSica] - Bullied

23) [SooSica] - Reborn

24) [SooSica] - Love? Or...

25) [SooSica] - Halloween Special

26) [SooSica] - Love-Sick Fool

27) [SooSica] - The Dummy

28) [SooSica] - Drop Dead, Gorgeous.

29) [SooRi] - Kwon Yuri's fantasies (short)

30) [SooFany] - Arghh Jessica Jung...!!

31) [HyoYoung] - Dancing Queen

32) [SooSica] - Melon

33) [SooSica] - Asylum Love

34) [SooSun] - Plush Toy Soong Soong (short)

35) [SooTae] - 7a.m. part 1

36) [SooTae] - 7a.m. part 2

37) [SooSica] - College

38) [SooSica] - Disease

39) [SooSica] - Inner Voice

40) [SooSica] -The Switchblade

41) [SooSica] - Food, Glorious Food

42) [SooSica] - Of Happy Endings and Coffee

43) [SooSica] - My Valentine Since...

44) [SooSica] - Team Dark Rose - Special Chapter 4

45) [SooSica] - 2019

46) [SooFany] - Project

47) [SooSica] - Good Girl!

48) [SooSica] - 5th Grade Romance

49) [SooSica] - Meant Differently (short)

50) [SooSica] - Wolf



Red means it is unfinished.

Blue means it is finished.




Where this Kid Author, YQ, writes her drabbles and one-shots on Sooyoung pairings, mostly SooSica :D


When I have an idea in mind but don't want it to be a full-length story.


Because I'm busy with school and too lazy/busy to write them. 



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hansgyver #1
Update soon.....
chchcn #2
Chapter 51: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ yeahhh never let her go... maomao...
Va_asianloverz #3
Chapter 51: it is good
please update soon
meocon254 #4
Chapter 51: Lol. The girls captured Tyler Kwon. Young Min deserves to starve lolol. I really liked how you used them :) Made me laugh a little
WFdianneSONE #5
Chapter 51: hopefully this would happen in reality, i love Yuri's statement for taking her surname, cute, really amazing, it lessen the depression that i'm feeling, and it's still a SooSic Fic. though, i love it.........nice one author-ssi, well not just this one but all of your Fic....... daebak, author jjang..
LiuErBa #6
Chapter 51: Yayyyy!! Author-ssi is back! Yeah, they should kidnap Sica for real! Yul, I agree with you now, even though I'm a soosicasphere. Haha. Soo, don't kidnap that fridge! It's a cheap one. Just get Sica by your side if you want to keep things COOL!! She's the perfect fridge for you!
Anyway, thanks for the update!
icuichoisooyoung #7
Chapter 51: Good update ; )
SONEsphereSayA #8
Chapter 51: I imagine this is happen for real.hahha
moniQue_824 #9
Chapter 51: Thank you so much for this chapter, I got a good laugh out of it and took my mind off from all this..whatever we're experiencing. I don't know if I'm being delusional but I still do have hope that they'd be together again someday. No matter how impossible out seems. But whatever happens one thing I know for sure is that I'll support our girls no matter what. #StayStrongSNSD #StayStrongSONE
YulSicSLTTR #10
Chapter 6: Hahaha the last note XD
"Oh yeah, they kissed after that " lol