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Third Plane: Thin Ink





The next morning, Daehyun woke up feeling cold. He clutched his eyes tightly, refusing to open it even a single lash thanks to Youngjae whimpered loudly last night. The nightmare had strike him again, and Daehyun, as the only one who was there – and also the only one knowing this, had woken all night just to watch out if his brother start to mutter something incoherent between his sleep again.


He was sure he heard Youngjae whispering ‘don’t go’ before sobbing lightly. He didn’t know what was that supposed to mean, but at least he tried to reduce the sob into just a small hiccup after dropping his pride and soothe his little brother down. It didn’t matter how much he hated Youngjae, and how much the younger seemed to hated him in equal measure, it was just he couldn’t stand seeing his brother cry. And that, he realized, was yet again something he still couldn’t explain.


They finally really drifted off for the second time when the digital clock had shown 03.27 am in red glow. Really, if it wasn’t the weekend, Daehyun would throw his tantrum for losing his precious sleep time. He didn’t really remember that he had pulled Youngjae so close to the point that his bigger figure enveloped the smaller boy. But it was warm and the blonde brat had felt so fluffy, should be the stubborn baby-fat on those sinfully delicious-looking cheeks, and Daehyun was sleepy, so all deal.


The digital clock was beeping on his ears, and after searching blindly for a trace of any blonde boy around him yet found nothing, he groaned and woke up.


9.48 am.


Great. Just great. Just how long he was already late for his skateboarding practice? Two hours?


Sprung out to his bathroom, his mind tried to arrange a quick plan of what should he do. Call it childish, or weird, or… stupid, well, whatever. But Daehyun always has this habit to forget about what things he need to do when he was in panic state.


“So, take a bath,” he started, messily pulled off his shirt and boxers down as he stepped into the bathtub, immediately reached out for the shampoo though he hadn’t turn on the shower yet. “Oh. Yeah, the water,” he breathed, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He rubbed his hair between the gels and proceeded to wash his body. Right after all the bubble and soap washed away, he stood up to dry his hair. Before stop in the middle of his track. “Oh, right. Haven’t brush my teeth…”


Five minutes and a set of clean teeth later, he was scrambling down to match his outfits. He grabbed a pair of grey tank-top and faint-blue buttoned-up shirt with matching grey jeans.


10.12 am.


“!” running hurriedly, he practically slammed open his bedroom door and went downstairs. Out of his knowledge, the whole house was quiet. It was normal since their parents weren’t there, but Youngjae was also out of sight. Even there was no sound of evidence he was there the whole time. Weird, he thought. Usually the boy would stay at the house till noon; reading, shooting the aliens on his screen, budging Daehyun, or simply curling up on his bed. But today, he was off.


Well, maybe he was hanging out with his friends. After all, Youngjae was surely popular for his brain and look. But he hardly ever saw his brother having fun with anyone. The blonde was an easy-going and follow-the-flow type of a person. He got along well with everyone, except Daehyun that is. Yet it didn’t mean that he was everyone’s . To think about it, the tall kid with blue hair he saw yesterday was quite close to Youngjae.


Maybe Youngjae was with him? But the tall kid was kinda new in their school. Then how could they be that close? Were they dating? If yes, since when? Why didn’t Youngjae tell him?


But then again, why did he fuss about it? It wasn’t like his brother gonna tell, anyway.


Shaking his head, he continued stepping down on the stairs, before stopped altogether.


There was a paper plane on the floor in front of him. From the paper, it was Youngjae’s. And it was only him who’d communicate with Daehyun trough this way. Picking up the small paper plane, he unfolded it and read through neat and small handwriting of his brother.


“I knew you’d be late. Didn’t wake you up ‘cause you looked so much like . Pancakes and milk are on kitchen table. I’m off for a while, gonna catch you up later. Thanks for last night.”


He walked slowly to the kitchen with the paper still on his hand, for a while forgetting that he was late. So he was indeed hanging out, Daehyun thought while munching on a plate of pancakes Youngjae had prepared. Ever since their parents started this leaving-thing, the younger learned to feed both of them. The taste was not as good as those they have on upper-scale restaurant, but it was good enough, and fluffy. He didn’t know why, but almost everything about Youngjae was fluffy. Finishing his milk, he noticed that the last sentence in the message was written in thinner ink. Seemed like his brother had contemplated whether to say it or no.


He smiled a bit. So it wasn’t a complete turn back after all. And they still have a chance to fix this ‘I-will-kill-you-in-your-sleep’ relationship. It was safe to say the least, that even just in thin and wavered line of words; Youngjae thanked him, for real.


He raked over the cabinet to find a ballpoint and wrote a reply behind the paper before folding it into a paper plane resembled to Youngjae’s. It was tiring and he was reluctant, but he climbed upstairs to put the paper plane on Youngjae’s bedside table. Only when he saw the clock showing 10.36 am, he scrambled downstairs to grab his skateboard and leave.


If he missed the practice, he might as well back to his brother’s room and add that he’d choke Youngjae to death later.






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Chapter 5: The feels the feels :)
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Chapter 5: *squirming giggling rolling around
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Chapter 5: Omg finaly u update this!!
And its fluffy \\>v<//
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inertia #4
oh my god this is so cute i love their relationship so much ahdjflsahfdjlasfhdlah and the concept of paper planes is so unique!!!! i personally don't get along with my sister but we know that we both care for each other through the little things we do. it feels sweet that daejae may hate each other but they can't help but care for each other. and youngjae being a brainiac and muahaha i wanna see how junhong and youngjae develop in the story. i love their little traits (daehyun being a total self-praising lunatic and youngjae being snarky and cute as heck), love this man update soon ahjdskfahdjlf
lolipopcandy #5
Chapter 5: UPDATE yessssss!!!!!! It's too cute!! I might vomit rainbows!! Anyways, I hope I won't wait as long for an update please!
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Chapter 5: just found this story and its soooo cute~!
cant wait to read the next chapter ^^
gukster #8
Chapter 5: This is SO adorable, oh my goodness. ;-;
It made me think of how lonely I am in real life because I haven't been able to get cuddly cuddly with anyone in so long! Anyways, I love how Daehyun is pretty much going " what am I doing here?" but in the end we all know he doesn't care deep down. /winkwink/
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