Dancing King's POV

Eunhyuk already learned his lessons to not meddle with Jessica anymore. First, He got beaten up with no reason because she's sick. And second, well.. the parking area incident. The bruise that he gained from her when she's sick is now healed and now, another bruised appeared because of her again.

"God Sica! Why?!" He cried. It hurts. Really hurts.

Aside from that, he remembered another dilemma of him that made him forgot about his hurting bruised. Flashbacks returned to him.


After Eunhyuk dropped Hyoyeon in her house, he went to Sungmin's house. Yes, Donghae is his BFF also. But he know that Donghae got a problem with Tiffany so he won't bother him for some time.

He ringed the doorbell and waited a few heartbeats before someone answered.

"Who's there?" Sungjin, Min's brother, said in intercom.

"Hey." Eunhyuk replied,"It's Eun.Is Sungmin home?"

"Yeah Wait a minute while I call him. Get in!" Sungjin said.

The steel automatically unlocked and he let himself in. Eunhyuk crossed the front yard amd lawn and turned the door knob.

THe house was modern in the outside and also in the inside. The sala was spacious and welcoming. Sungmin rusehd down the stairs when eunhyuk sat down the sofa.

"Oy!~" Sungmin greeted at the landing of the stairs.


"What made you come here?"

Eunhyuk sat back and stretched his long legs."Nothing. Just missing you." As he said it, he sent Min a wink.

Sungmin gave him a disgusted look. He crossed the room and went to the kitchen.

"Sungjin!" Sungmin yelled. "Where the hell is my pink mug?!"

"What?!" Sungjin yelled back. Sungjin's footsteps can be heard as he go down the stairs.


Sungmin opened a drawer and searched. "where's my mug? The pink one with the sunflowers?"

"Oh.." Sungjin entered the kitchen and went to the glass front cupboard. He opened the glass and took out a mug exactly what Sungmin described it is. "you haven't been looking."

"Thank you!~" Sungmin reached out and took the mug from Sungjin.

Eunhyuk just laughed at Sungmin."Is is like this everytime? Yelling?" Eunhyuk asked when Sungjin left and leaned on the washstand.

"On several occasions."

Eunhyuk watched Sungmin as he made coffee.

"It's just past 7 in the evening and you're drinking coffee?" Eunhyuk stated.

"Yeah." Sungmin took a sip. "I always drink coffee when I have to think of something important because If I don't, I'll get sleepy. Why are you here?" Sungmin asked once again.

"You're weird,man.." Eunhyuk shook his head.

"You still haven't answered my question. WHY ARE YOU HERE? Something wrong with SC's financial?"

Eunyuk put his hands in his front pockets. "Just hanging out."

Sungmin studied him through the rim of his cup."In this kind of evening?"

He can sense that something was troubling Eunhyuk and he came here to talk about it.

"Okay," Sungmin passed Eunhyuk as he crossed to the dining table, drew out a chair and sat. He rested his mug on the table.

"Spill it.."

Eunhyuk sighed and sat beside Sungmin. It is going to be a long night.

"It's about Gina."

Sungmin's eyes went wide awake.


Eunhyuk told him about this woman named Gina who was the love of his life before he met Hyoyeon.

"She was an old family friend and I had a crush on her in what seemed a million years ago."

Sungmin just listened attentively to his friend;s narration.

When Eunhyuk had finally found the will to talk to her, she already had a boyfriend.But Gina called it a 'fling'.

"So that's why you're having a hard time to confessyour feelings for Hyo, huh?" Sungmin said in between. Eunhyuk's response was a nod. What's even more surprising..

"We dated for 4 months before she answered me despite the fact that she has this 'fling' thing going on."

"Tsk.Man.. I didn't know that you were a martyr in the past.. Did the Pope of the Roman Catholic in the Vatican City was informed about this?" Sungmin chuckled a little, trying to lighten up the atmosphere a little. Again, Eunhyuk just smiled weakly.

"Our relationship lasted for only ing 6 months because se left me to be with that bastard that she said was a 'fling' once more."

Sungmin's forehead was curling up because of Eunhyuk's bitter relationship in the past.

"So, you're narrating me all about this because she..."

Eunhyuk looked at him and knew that Sungmin and Him knows the next word to complete the thought. "Reconciliation."

Of course, Sungmin, being a good friend that he is, he advised Eunhyuk that this will mean disaster if he didn't think this through and a blooedshed might occur if he acted harshly.

Knowing Hyoyeon who is born to fight like a tiger like Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung and Taeyeon. No wonder they are friends and get along so well. If Hyoyeon's friends also knew about this, not a bloodshed will only occur, but WORLD WAR III.

"So, that's it! I hope you and Donghae will find solutions to your problems." Sungmin patted Eunhyuk's shoulder.

"Thanks. Hey, you know already about the 'SACRIFICE'  that every students are afraid of when this month came this time of the year?"

"Uh-oh." Sungmin froze. "I don't wanna talk about it."

Eunhyuk just let a sigh and prayed that none of his friends will be chosen.




Who do you think will be chosen? and what's with the 'sacrifice' thing?

stay tuned! ;)

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CHAPTER TEASER: Who's gonna be 'Sacrificed'? & another HaeFany moment but with an erupting scene.

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