Sick or Drunk?

Ms. Mood Swing meets Mr. Mood Swing

Jessica and Heechul may be known for their Mood Swinging habit..

But what If they will be meeting each other's CONDITION? At the SAME TIME, At THE SAME PLACE?

will one of them sacrifice to never make things worse?

come on! read naaoooooooo!! XD


Heechul got his beer and tossed a frozen pizza in the oven. When he punched the button on his answering machine, it spit out a message from Sunny.

"Hey, bro, just wanted to let you know that I'm with Sungmin in his car. We're driving to Machiyeon to pick up my Ford.It's, um, 3 in the afteroon. If I'm not back by 7PM, call the police and send over the SWAT team."


Then Donghae's voice.

"Hyung! Free tomorrow? Leeteuk hyung asked me if you could come with us to do a dance routine for another performance. You approve?"

Heechul blew out a breath and drank deep from his beer. Machiyeon-- The Repair Shopthat'll cost you a leg and arm to have your car repaired. 

He casually got out of the kitchen and into the backyard that was covered with bermuda grass and some wild flowers. He rested a hand on his jeans' pocket while the other hold the beer and he watch the light of the sky soften and shadows deepen toward the evening.

He could do his homework now or watch ESPN on TV. He decided to do the second, and screw the first. The hell with Mathematics and Science. But for now, he's going to eat pizza while waching TV.

He turned ON the 32" Plasma TV but before his has touched the sofa, the phone--- which was across the other end of the room--- rang. He muttered a series of oaths and curses before picking up the receiver.

"Hello." His voice was flushed with irritation and annoyance.

"Hey, it's Hyoyeon, glad you're home. I called your cell but you're not answering so I decided to call your home."

"I left it back from the kitchen. You better have a good reason for callings, I was just about to rest from a tiring day."

"Actually, I did have a good reason." She paused, then continued,"Sica's sick and hadn't gone to school. I just had known an hour ago. I sent Hyuk over at her place. A few minutes later, he called me, complaining. Said that she wasn't sick, she was drunk. Asked him what did he mean, and he said she was sick and drunk. Not literally drunk but drunk. She's sober but not sober enough. I'm not sure what he meant."


"Really sounds like Eunhyuk."

"But the main problem is, he ended up with a bump on his head, a bruised check. Hyuk even threatened to bury Sica alive."

"I swear! that girl is an OGRE! no! Way too different from an OGRE! Even a monster like that can surrender because of her!! I want to screw her now!!!!"



"Interesting. But I have to interfere with that?"

"My point is, I want you to go over at her place and take care of her.. I've already told Sunny about it and she told me she'd take care of her until she gets there. She's a few miles away from there so I decided to call you."

"She's your friend. you should take care of her."

"Sorry, buddy, but I'm driving to Incheon and plans to spend my weekend there."

"But how about Tiffany? Yoona? Yuri? Sooyoung? Seonhyun? Taeyeon? Where are those girls? psh!"

"Let me get this clear for you. tiffany, uhm, i don't know where the hell she is too. If I know, I feel in my heart and my soul that she would do me a favor to take care of Sica and won't have the guts to call you."

"Second, Yoona? She's with Siwon. taking him to a trip around Korea."

"Third, Yuri.. She's with that Yesung guy that she met last last last last week and is now spending some time with him and believe me, even if i call her and tell her to take care of Sica, she would instead choose to do a one week chores."

"Sooyoung? She doesn't know what to do with sick people, especially Sica when it comes to those emergencies. She freaks out easily. She may take a suicide and next thing we know, She's on the HEADLINE of some newspaper."

"Seohyun? She's studying for her entrance exam in an unknown university. Can't disturb those kind of people."

"And lastly, Taeyeon.. hmm.. I don't know where the hell she is also.."

 "I expect you to do a better job. BYE".

then the line went off.

For Christ's sake, what the hell had just happened? He was about to relax and indulge himself with a beer and heated pizza, and the next thing he knew was he's going to be a babysitter.


He had done a poor job out of it to his self, least to other people. Damn it all to hell. He got his jacket and keys he tossed on the table and shut the door loudly behind him. He got on his BMW, turned ON the engine and drove.


unexpected and horrible and scary and unbelievable things happened. LAST NIGHT.

Heechul woke up with the sun in his eyes. At home, he slept in a cave, shuttering the bedroom windows so he could wake up, get up, whenever the hell he wanted. He considered it, like eating whatever and whenever, a perk of adulthood.

Of course, that changed when Sunny had adopted that creepy, big-eyed, small dog named Miley. He liked Champ most because the dog never bothered him, just does his own business and greets you at the door.

On the other hand, Miley would demand to be let out at questionable hours by jumping on the bed, or any body part that might hang over the bed. OR his newest, and pairly creepy method" STANDING BESIDE THE BED AND STARE AT THE SLEEPING HUMAN. Still, they'd worked out a routine where he let the dog out, stumbled back into the bed and caught more sleep until Sunny was up and take care of the damn dog.

Heechul put his arm over his eyes to block the light so he could sleep. No good, he realized in seconds. He cursed. No one dared to enter his room without permission. Okay, except Sunny, no one dared to enter his room. Ever. But he couldn't remember opening the shutters of the windows.

He opened his eyes, and an unfamiliar place flooded his vision. He had slept on the sofa that was eight inches too short for him. The memory rushed back to him. He had came over at Sica's place to take care of her.

He saw the broken porcelain vase that Jessica had thrown at him when he entered the house and turned on the light. He'd praised all the gods he'd known it only missed a few inches beyond his right ear.

He unconciously brushed a hand in his face at the sudden remembrance. The place was murderously clean except to the pile of the vase's remnants near the door. He rose and the familiar scent of brewing coffee made him walk toward the kitchen.

She was already up, dressed in faded jeans and a pink blouse, and was standing beside the kitchen counter. She had been frying bacon and eggs, He see it piled in two plates. Now, she was preparing bread toast.

When she looked up, she saw him leaning on the door jamb, hands on his pockets. The automatic smile that she sent him made his heart pound in his chest. He almost choked. ALMOST.

"Hey. Good morning. Seems like you had a rough night." She greeted.

"She noticed my eyebags. Good," he grimly thought. "It's her fault anyway."

"I've had worst."

"Could you pour the coffee into the mugs?"


Since the cupboards had glass fronts,he didn't have any trouble finding a pair of bright cobalt blue mugs. He had to open a couple of drawers before he found the flatware, but that gave him the opportunity to marvel. Every drawer was tidy and organized.

How did she do that? He'd been in his house for a few years and his kitchen drawers looked like a flea market. Sunny is the one incharge of the kitchen but then she gave up because everytime she cleans the kitchen, she'll found it messy when she comes back.

Nobody should be that organized. It wasn't natural.

"Black, one sugar." he heard her say.

He obliged by dumping a spoon of sugar from a squat white bowl in one mug, picked up the other.

He gave her a mug and sipped from his. "You had been sick." he began.

"Yes, I had." she set the plates on the table and looked at him. "Thank you for being there, I recovered fast. Though I can't remember a thing that happened."

"Don't thank me yet. You don't know what I've been through."

"I don't?" she frowned. "I dreamed that Eun was the one with me here."

She then remembered a crazy thought, that somehow... REALLY HAPPENED..

"Was." he sampled her egg. "Not bad.." He thought. "He quit and I'm the one replaced to do the job that he left. I wasn't even given the choice."

"But why did you do it?" She wondered. "I have my girls to take care of me."

"FYI, one of your girls assigned me to be your nanny last night."

She gave him a confuse look. He tear at the toast bread and slipped it into his mouth. "Eunhyuk is supposed to be with you today but when he was making a soup for you last night, he said that you hit him with a frying pan on his head. His face landed on the counter before lying flat on his back. He even swore that he saw stars."

Jessica stiffled a gasp.

"Not only that. If he hadn't recovered quick, he would have ended up in a hospital. You was about to hit him with a frying pan the second time when he got up on his feet and knocked you out."

"That's why my head was pounding when I woke up." she thought wryly.

"But that's not a reason to hit me."

"God, Jessica Jung, you tried to kill him."

"Because I thought he was a bad guy." she reasoned out, remembering what happened last night. She even remembered the vase she threw at Heechul. He finished his breakfast while standing.

"Sorry." she finally said after a moment's hesitation.

"Don't worry about it." He drained his coffee and set the mug and plate on the counter.

"And also, thank you for everything."

He suddenly turnedfrom the window to stare at her. He moved with a predator's grace toward her like any predator stalking their prey. He stopped an inch away from her. She could feel his breath on her forehead.

She stared up at him, dazzled and attracted with his black eyes.

"what is it in you that attracts me to you." he said in a voice hinted with irritation. "You're neither beautiful nor pretty nor cute. But above all that, you're............ Interesting.You're full of nerves and confidence. Still, there's something in you."

He brushed a hand on her cheek and tucked the hair behind her ear that had fallen from the braids she'd done on her hair.

She closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her. She hadn't had the chance to see the pained expression in his eyes. It took all his will power not to kiss her right there. He took a silent deep breath to steady his self.

"It isn't still the right time."

He turned away, moved pass the living room and strode out the door. She heard him turned on his car, and maneuvered his car out of her driveway. She shook her head and focused her mind in washing the dishes.



there ya go! Heesica moment for the beloved shipper of the two!! :))

and now, The PART where I rock the best...

CHAPTER TEASER:  Who will be the next COUPLE that will be featured??



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