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Hyoyeon wasn't sure about what she was just staring at.

"Is it really Hyuk? He's sad? Why?" She told herself. She then approached him.

"What's up, kiddo?" 

"Nothing much..."


He then took a deep breath. "So there's this girl, I think she's a great partner for that bonfire dancing. But, she's sooo... uhh... she wants some other guy...."

Hyoyeon just stare at Eunhyuk's face while explaining for a moment then said.

"Ask her before someone else does!" Then smiled, trying to enlighten Eunhyuk's mood.

"Oh my God Hyoyeon, you're gonna kill me with that smile.." He thought.

"Do you think she's gonna say yes?" Eunhyuk asked like a child.

"Yeah." Hyoyeon said simply.

"So, you're really gonna be my partner? Eunhyuk showed his famous gummy smile. 

"Oh..!" Hyoyeon blurted out. "Hahahaha!" You are so gonna be dead Eunhyuk!" SHe suddenly punched him lightly. Blushing.

"What? Hahaha. That punch is a YES, right??" Eunhyuk still can't help smiling.

"Oh. Whatever!" Hyoyeon's flirt but she's really blushing.

"Heeeeeyyy!" Donghae came out of nowhere. "What's up with you two?"

Eunhyuk stood up, did the octopus dance ----- a sign that he got a YES from Hyoyeon.

"Well..." Donghae breath heavily. "Congratulations my friend!" Donghae offered his hand.

Suddenly, Heechul appeared like a mushroom. "Zup, nigga?"

Donghae turned. "Hey, hyung! Where have you been?"

"Just around." Heechul answered without thinking. "Enough to see that y lady."

Eunhyuk patted Heechul's shoulder. "Cool your jets Romeo! It's Kibum's girl! She's hot, eh?"

Heechul eyed Hyoyeon, then smirked.

"You guys, just keep pretending I'm not here and not hearing you." Hyoyeon pouted.

"Don't worry." Eunhyuk smiled. "You're still my girl!"

Hyoyeon attempted on kicking Eunhyuk. "You want a piece of this, jerk?!" She then flipped her hair and went away to join her girlfriends.

Heechul and Donghae both laughed at Eunhyuk.

"You just hit the spot, dude!" Donghae patted Eunhyuk's shoulder while laughing.

"Yah! Don't laugh at me you Fishy! Go ask your Mushroom! Let's see if I can laugh at your uneasiness when you ask her!" Eunhyuk blurted out.

Donghae suddenly stopped laughing. "Aish! Why did you remind me about that thing?!" 

"See? What if someone asks her by now? What will you do?? Huh?" Eunhyuk continued teasing him.

"YAH!! Nobody but me! Must ask Tiffany!! I'll die if that happens!!" Donghae suddenly ran away.

"Hey! where are you going?!" Heechul shouted to the disappearing figure of Donghae.

"I'm gonna find my lucky girl!" He winked back.

"Psh.." Eunhyuk said.

"Did I really said that to HYoyeon?" He suddenly changed the topic after Donghae went away.

Heechul took a deep breath and sighed. "It'll be alright later. Just give her time to change her mind."

Eunhyuk nodded. "Sure."


Heechul sat alone in the shade of a tree, his back resting against it. His mind kept wandering back to Jessica.

"What am I supposed to do?" He asked himself. "I just have to ask her to be my partner tonight, then that's it! If only it was that simple." He mumbled. "But at least, my burden with Kibum is gone now." He sighed. "It's my fault that I judged his sweetness to Sica. I'll deal with him later. But now, my first priority's Sica."

Just as that thought entered his mind, Jessica came in view together with Hyoyeon and Tiffany. They're like triplets who can't live without each other.

He wondered where Sunny is but he focused on Jessica. He approached her, nt really sure what to say.

"Hey." Heechul said. His hands tucked at the back pockets of his jeans. "Can I talk to you for awhile?"

Jessica glanced at Hyoyeon and Tiffany then nodded. "Okay.. See you girls later."

Tiffany waved at Jessica. Heechul and Jessica went to the school garden where it is peaceful and quiet.



"Hey, I'll just go there." Hyoyeon pointed the tree where Heechul came from. "You find Donghae and ask him to be your partner." Hyoyeon winked at Tiffany before turning her back.


"What's up, oppa?" Jessica started.

Heechul faced Jessica. "Um, can I be your partner tonight at the bonfire dancing?" He asked with pleading eyes.

"Is that what they call PLEADING?" Jessica answered with a smirk.

Heechul's mouth hang open but he recovered immediately. "Please?"

It's getting hard for Jessica to be like that to him. "Okay. I have no choice, am I?" Jessica shrugged, eyeing Heechul.

Heechul smiled. "That's right."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Damn!" she thought. My plan of making it hard for him didn't work. And it looks like I'm the one who asked him. She pouted.

Heechul, who was silently observing Jessica, is fascinated and amazed.

"I'll make you mine soon, my lovely Jessica." He thought with a smile on his face.

"Think the nature wants you to say YES>" His cute cheekbones showed off because of his sweet smile.

Jessica pinched his cheeks as hard as she could. Heechul stood up out of pain.

"Kyaaa! what was that for?!"

He was almost mad. Nobody has ever dared to touch nor pinch his face. Jessica was the first one to do that to him.

"Bahahahahhahaahahha! Nothin'. You look cute when you're irritated! Hahahahahaha!" Jessica said. Still bursting into laughter.

"I know right?! But you didn't have to....... Oh wait! because of that, it'll be a YES!" Heechul gave her a smug and tried to run away. But Jessica was a fast runner, she then catch up with him and grabbed his shirt.

"Yah!! Only if you would buy me some ramen!"

"Next time, I promise." He said and smiled.

"So, let's see each other later?"

Jessica nodded and smiled.



Tiffany roamed around the campus alone. She goes wherever her feet takes her with her head bowed, kicking every pebble that will block her way.

"I'm a loser!! A total loser!!" She thought to herself.

"Eunhyuk has Hyoyeon... Sungmin paired with Sunny...Heechul with Jessica..." She abruptly stopped. "Well, it's no doubt. I've really got this feeling that heechul succeeded on asking Sica to be his partner now..." She pouted and breathed heavily.

"I'm the only one who doesn't have a partner! I'm a loser!.... Well, If Donghae isn't available now, and has a partner already, it'll be agony for me..." She then knocked her head lightly a couple of times.

"Tiffany, You're such a mushroom!!" Then, she continued kicking the pebble again, but this time, with more force.

Donghae, who wasn't that far from her saw what Tiffany was doing.

"Hyungs, I'll just go somewhere. I'll be back later." He said to the boys.

Donghae looked at his watch, there's only a few hours left before the bonfire dance. This will be his only chance.

"Well..." He breathed deeply. "It's now or never..." He said to himself.

While walking towards her, Donghae picked a pink rose because that's her favorite color and grabbed a hanky. He suddenly flashed his presence in front of her.

Tiffany stopped kicking on the pebble and looked at him.

"Hi!" He said brightly.

He then performed a trick. Tiffany watched in awe. He showed that the hanky was empty. When he pulled out his hand from the hanky, the pink rose appeared!

"If you will take this, pretty lady, you will be my partner for tonight."

Donghae whispered then offered the rose in a very gentleman way. Tiffany looked everywhere, trying to find out if it was just a prank. When she saw nothing or no one, she looked at him again.

"Are you serious?" Tiffany whispered back. Her face was still surprised

"Yah! I only need a YES for an answer!"

Tiffany smiled brightly at him, showing her famous eye smile. "Thought you'd never ask!"

She immedately grabbed the rose, walked pass by Donghae and said, "See you later!" with a smirk and ran.

Donghae was left there, scratching his head and smiled like there's no tomorrow.

"YEEESSSSSSS!!" He exclaimed.



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