Eunhyuk can be spelled as J-E-A-L-O-U-S



"Breakfast!!" Yuri shouted happily.

Seohyun laughed. "You're sooo cute~"

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Heechul approached the group carrying the trays of food.

"Here's your order." Taeyeon put down the tray she was holding. "Where's my tip?" she held outher palm.

Sooyoung glanced at Taeyeon then concentrated on the food.

"I'll give you a kiss later when I'm finished eating."

"Nevermind." Taeyeon waved her hand. She sat beside Sooyoung.

"Where's Yoona?" Hyoyeon asked with her mouth full.

"She went home." Tiffany answered. "She said she's not feeling well."

Hyoyeon swallowed. "That's great. At least I don't have to deal with her for a day."

Sica smacked Hyoyeon's arm out of nowhere. "Stop it."

"Where have you been, unnie?" Sunny asked.

Jessica sat between Hyoyeon and Sunny. "Just over there." She pointed to the mountain that was 30 miles away.

Hyoyeon made a "W" sign with her fingers and showed it to Jessica. Sica just rolled her eyes.

Everyone had their own conversations while eating in the grass. Kibum is the only one quiet. Kibum is thinking about the incident early that morning.

"Hey dud, Why're you so quiet?" Donghae asked.

Everyone stop talking to each other and looked to Kibum. Kibum looked up from his food to everyone.

"You have a problem?" Jessica asked.

"If you have any problem, just tell me and I'll solve it for you." Hyoyeon blinks her eyes repeated at Kibum. Everyone laughed.

"No.. I'm okay.." Kibum answered. "Don't mind me.. I'm just eating here."

"Okay.. If you say so." Hyoyeon pouted her mouth sideways.

Everyone returned to their previous conversations but Eunhyuk suddenly became the quiet one now and Kibum is talking. Donghae laughed at something Hyoyeon said. But when he glanced at Eunhyuk, his laugh dissolved. He waited for the right time to ask Eunhyuk.

When breakfast ended, Eunhyuk and Donghae were the only two left and the rest have their own things to do. Jessica and Sungmin, being the members of the student council, have to help for the preparations of Bonfire dancing. Tiffany, Sunny and Hyoyeon were roaming around the campus. Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun were chasing kibum. Heechul is sleeping in the school garden.

"Hey." Donghae stand beside Eunhyuk.

"......." Eunhyuk just glanced at Donghae and sighed.

Donghae tucked his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he stood directly beside Eunhyuk.

"I saw your face when Hyoyoen was filrting with Kibum." Donghae paused then continued, "I didn't mean to pry."

"It's alright. You're still my bestfriend even if you pry or not." Eunhyuk faced Donghae. "I was just pissed off at the way she links her arm with that guy." He said, indicating Kibum. "I can't fault him ,though. Hyoyeon's just naturally born a flirt."

Donghae laughed through his nose. "You really are in love, dude."

Eunhyuk smiled. "Yes, I am." He turned. "And now is my punishment for falling in love with her." Eunhyuk stared at someone and his eyes suddenly gone cold.

Donghae followed Eunhyuk's gaze. And there, at a distance, was Hyoyeon clinging to Kibum like a bee to a honey. It was the first time Donghae saw Eunhyuk that angry. So for a while, they watched Hyoyeon from a distance.


"Hey! He's mine!" Sooyoung said and attempted to grab Kibum's arm.

Hyoyeon nudged Kibum backward so Sooyoung only touched the air. "No! ... He's mine!"

Sunny and Tiffany were watching.

"Good thing Donghae's a lot more cuter than him. I'm immune!" Tiffany smiled.

"Yeah. I agree. Me too, I don't know why but I'm immune to Kibum's aura also." Sunny added.

Taeyeon, Yuri and Seohyun were looking at a poster they just found on the ground.

"Do you think this two will ever stop?" Sunny arched a brow.

Tiffany sighed. "Yes. When they got hungry, they'll stop. I'lll bet my whole soul on that."

Sunny laughed.

"He's mine. Period." Hyoyeon rested her hands on her waist and cocked her hip. "This is--"

Hyoyeon stopped abruptly and stared at someone from behind Sooyoung. When they turned their heads, they saw a woman walking towards them.

They found themselves gasping. She was tall, with exquisite curves just bordering on lush. Her cream-colored slacks and vivid blue cashemere sweater set off her coloring to perfection. Pale golden hair framed her face like sunlight. Her eyes were a deep summer blue. The full, shapely mouth lifted into a smile while the tantalizing blue eyes imitated the mouth.

"Oh, my lovely sister." Hyoyeon said.

Tiffany arched her brow at Hyoyeon. "Stop kidding, okay?"

"Hyo, do you know her?" Sunny whispered. "She's soooo beautiful!!!"

"No. as in NO." Hyoyeon replied while staring at the woman. "Whoa!! I think I'm a tomboy because I'm in love with her."

Tiffany nodded in agreement. "We all are.."

The woman reached them. "Hi." She said while looking at Kibum. "Won't you introduce me to your friends?"

She looked at Hyoyeon who was still clinging to Kibum.

Kibum smiled. "YOu should've called me to pick you up."

"It's alright." The woman looked at him. "I don't want to spoil your moment. Introduce me already."

Kibum scratched his head. "O....kay." He sighed. "This is Hyoyeon, who is clinging to me. And this is Sooyoung, the tallest. And the one beside Hyo and is wearing red headband is Tiffany. And beside Tiffany is cute Sunny."

He went to the woman. "And this is Glainne, my girlfriend."

"G-g-g-g-girlfriend? Girlfriend? Girlfriend?" Hyoyoen asked dumbfoundedly.

Glainne offered her hand. "Nice to meet you."

Tiffany reached Glainne's hand because Hyoyeon's still in shock. "Nice to meet you too."

"Nice to meet you." Sunny said with aegyoness.

"Is it alright if I borrow Kibum from you girls for a moment?"

"Oh, sure. Sure." Tiffany replied. "Take your time!"

Kibum and Glainne left them to discuss some personal matters.

Taeyeon Yuri and Seohyun approached them.

"Hey, who's the lady Kibum is with?" Yuri asked curiously. "She's beautiful."

Tiffany imitated Hyoyeon's hobby. She clattered her teeth at Hyoyeon. "She's Kibum's girlfriend."

"It's a good thing" Sooyoung nodded. "At least, Kibum's on good hands."

"Right!" Everyone shouted while laughing.

"Whatever guys. She's just a piece of snot." Hyoyoen said and was about to put her booger to Sooyoung.

"Gross!!" The girls shouted.

"Well, you just proved us that you're her snot." Tiffany yelled at her.

"Well, she can't do this." And Hyo did a pop and lock. Everyone was amazed.

Donghae, who wasn't that far from them saw what happened and approached the girls.

"Who was that?"

"Who was 'who was that?' " Sooyoung was such a dork.

"Whatever Sooyoung monster." He then faced Tiffany and he asked her.

Tiffany told him that it was Kibum's girl. He was shocked. He thought Kibum was every girl's guy. She even told him that he was just Jessica's cousin.

"Eh? Seriously?" He said. "Seriously serious?" He added

Tiffany nodded.



Bonfire Dancing is nearly approaching! look forward for it! ;)

Next chapter will be filled with Cute and Mushy moments. 


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