New Student

by Initium
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~Seoul University~

It was 4th period math class, you Junhyung and B2ST where sitting in the back of the classroom when Hyun Seung came in with a new student.

You knew Hyun Seung through B2ST. Junhyung doesn't like Hyun Seung very much because they had a dance competition a few years ago battling for $2,000 and title as the King Dancer. Hyun Seung and Junhyung were going against each other for 1st place (Kikwang didn't participate because he had a sprained ankle). Hyun Seung knew that Junhyung need the money at the time, but still went full force. Hyun Seung ended up winning. He tried to give the money to Junhyung, but Junhyung wouldn't take it because he doesn't like to owe anyone anything, especially $2,000.

Hyun Seung took the new student to the teacher they whispered a little and the teacher then said "Students we have a new student."

Everyone got quite and looked at the new student.

"Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Hyuna. Glad to meet all of you. Hope we can be good friends," she said doing a 90 degree bow.

You thought about the name Hyuna for a little while. It sounded to familiar. It then hit you. It was the girl that you ran into on the streets.

~Flash back~

You were riding your skate board bring food home for you and Junhyung when as of a sudden she came out of no where and you hit her. All the food spilled on her. You got off you skate board and tried to help her up.

"Ewww! Look at my new clothes it's all cover in this disgusting stuff!" she yelled as she got up and looked at her nice clothes. Heres what it looked like:  

"Mianhe. I'm so sorry. I was going fast. I just could-"


She slapped you and said, "I don't care you better pay me money or wash this!"

You couldn't believe she slapped you, you usually would hit someone back, but you held in and replied, "I told you I'm sorry. Why would I pay you if you hit me. I could hit you back or I could even sew you. You were the one no looking where you were going!"

"Look who's talking. Your the one that should have stopped!"

"Miss Hyuna! Where are you?" A man called, "Miss Hyuna what happend?" He asked as he ran towards you an her. 

"She spilled this gross stuff all over me,"

"I'm so sorry. I was going to fast and couldn't stop," you explained to the man.

"It's alright. Come on Hyuna your friend is waiting," the man told her.

"It's not-"

"It's fine. Let's go,"

They left and you were standing there. You from that  moment you hated that girl. I didn't do anything wrong. She was the one that came out of no where and ran in to me. You thought as you cleaned up.

~Flashback end~

"Yah! ~~~~~!" Junhyung whispered loudly.

You snapped out of your thoughs and asked, "What?"

"Raise your hand," he whispered.

"Wae?" You asked giving him a confused look.

"Just because," he said raising your arm.

"There she is. Go and sit next to her and Hyun Seung could sit next to you. Okay?" the teacher said.

"Okay. Gamsahabnida," Hyuna said. Hyun Seung led Hyuna to the back and took a seat next to you while he made her sit on his other side.

Thank god. I don't have to sit next to that brat. You thought.

She's hot. Hopefully I can make her my girlfriend.  Junhyung thought as Hyuna sat down.

I need to keep her away from Junhyung. Hyun Seung thought as Hyuna took a seat next to him.

The guys sitting next to that girl is hot. Wait that girl. Isn't she the one that ran into me. Oh I'm going to make her pay. Hyuna Thought as she sat down next to her childhood friend.


Hope you like.

Sorry if this chapter is a bit boring.

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xxRizuixx () says:
Lol this is my second reading this >.< still love it :)

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That was SO sweet :) I love your fanfics so much !!!

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Great story

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awesome fic! :)

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Aww loved both endings but prefer hyunseungs :)

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here I am after "My Life as His Fiancée" HWAITING <3

-redridinghood () says:
OMG after reading your fanfic of "My life as His Fiancée" I will read this! I love b2st so yeah, can't wait!

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This story is AWESOME!!!!

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