We Got Married Completed!

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INFINITE, Kim Min-Jung (OC), others


Child actress Kim Min-Jung is getting married! According to her audition for the show, she is a big fan of famous boy band INFINITE. WGM has decided to give her a chance to marry an INFINITE member and have six brothers-in-law, but she has no idea who it is. How will she react to our choice? Will her fandom crumble down? Or will INFINITE keep it standing?



Kim Min-Jung 김민정 (12-07-1992)

Aspiring actress

Romance experience extends to drama roles and couple observations

Straightforward, pragmatic, but she wants a husband who would put in effort



I have no garauntees for regular update in this fic. I am already struggling with two other fics :/ But I will try my best to complete this.

I have to state that this is not a behind-the-scenes love story in progress kind of fic. This will pan as the reality show format, so what you see is what you get. It is for you to chase the development of this couple as you would for any of the WGM couples. Please do not ask for a BTS development. I will provide one if I think it's necessary.

As to the format, this is how it would run:

Normal Arial text would refer to their time together.

Bold Arial text would refer to individual interviews in the private black background.

Normal italics Arial text would refer to a flashback.

Normal Courier text would refer to the studio comments about the scene.

(Italics Courier) -bold or not- would refer to words on the screen.

Bold Courier text would refer to the studio comments about the interview.

A is the interviewer's questions or dialogue to the star.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. The female character's profile face is actually Sui of CHI CHI. I chose her because... the rookie group isn't that famous and I needed a good shot. I do not own INFINITE's photos either.

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nshafzam98 () says:
hye! can i ask? where'd you get the picture? which website?

thebestreader () says:

kashhsak () says about chapter 21:
You're so lucky!!! It must've been amazing to go to OGS!!!! XD Keep remembering everything and it's good that you recorded it somewhere so you can look back!!

kashhsak () says about chapter 20:
Totally agree with you on the SM-Woolim merge. What a sneak peek in youtr chapter though! I can seriously imagine everything like I'm watching it!

babyangel1317 () says about chapter 12:
I knew that prank wasn't going to work good job minjung

Thatcoolcupcakelover () says about chapter 30:
Don't worry, your stories amazing! I'll be waiting for the next update :)

Marijaxxx () says about chapter 12:
what did he said to her???

Marijaxxx () says about chapter 8:
i like the idea of the shirt

Marijaxxx () says about chapter 7:
i really like it, just as wgm awesome idea for a story

kashhsak () says about chapter 8:
Wow! The T-shirt idea is daebak author-nim! XD Good job!

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