My Mermaid Captive (Rated)
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**JaeJoong’s P.O.V**


I bit my lip as I watched YuRi’s open legs dangle over the arches, a disarranged piece of white cloth exposing delicious expanse of smooth skin... chiseled jaw line and neck... y collar bones… s full and rosy.

It was an absolute no-brainer, dispersing all fury that was present.

‘You know, YuRi-ah, I seldom take woman into my mouth… But now…’ I dropped a lingering kiss onto her neck, whispering into her delicate shell, my words so fine. ‘But now I feel like descending to what’s between your thighs, and claim them mine…’, I touched the precious pearl between her legs delicately, running my fingers over her secret mound again and again.

Her bitter chuckle now disrupted by her own gasp, followed by the bucking of her fleshy curvy hips, drawing fourth cries that made the house quake.

‘Feeling good? I bet you’d never get that back home.’ I trailed kisses over her neck, led on one earlobe, spurring another suppressed cry of pleasure from her throat.

Eyes fluttering open, she quickly made a move to push me away – and God knew that took a hell of a lot of willpower given my gorgeousness, ‘It’s not good! This is not good at all… I want… want to go home… I want to go home…’, those cries indeed hinted a genuine yearn for everything under the sea. But what do I care? I cared about the stack of cash she’d bring me.

‘Now if you lead me to your other mermaid sisters, I’ll let you go home.’

She averted her animated gaze into mine, slightly ridiculing, ‘You know well what I’m going to say, I won’t repeat myself again.’

And just as her pair of deep-set eyes began to drown me in a ridiculous passion, a luminous light of white glowed from her pair of long slender legs. Then they glowed aqua. And the next thing I knew, her tail was back.

My eyes dilated in horror, I thought… for once I thought I was going to take her into my mouth. What the heck happened to legs?

‘Sung YuRi, is this some kind of joke? Are you a costume performer or what!?’ I tugged her tail hard but nothing came out of it except for several guttural cries from the mermaid.

For once, I believed that my sight was betraying me, bending over to examine her tail. But never did I know her agitation was so intense that she’d swipe me across the face with her caudal fin.

Don’t you dare violate me again, I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t let you touch me ever again!’

‘Well I can violate you again if I want. Now come to think about it. If diesel could kill fishes, than maybe if I inject it into you, it could kill your tail and bring about a permanent change. Now how’s that sound?’ I wriggled my brows from hilarity, enjoying the fright that glistened her orbs. But obviously I wouldn’t do that, because even if he had a feud with the mermaid, I had no feud with $$$.

‘JaeJoong Hyung!!! JaeJoong hyung!!’ It was a familiar pair of squeaky voice coming from the window. I swore my heart stopped for a moment, seeing the smaller man standing by the aisle of the window outside, knocking bitterly against the glass panes.

‘Jaejoong hyung! Open up! Open now!’ He began his frantic knocking, knocking me out of my daze.

With the beating tempest in me, I unlatched the windows to invite the boy out of peril, ‘What were you ING thinking, Junsu-yah!? What the are you doing out there!?’

‘I was… I was just worried for YuRI. I didn’t see her in the pool anymore… I thought you were trying to kill her…’ Junsu’s eyes sparkled with innocence, and a certain something in it that when you look into it, you wouldn’t bear to remain angry.

I heaved a sigh, my gaze began to soften and my voice melted into a rich melodious saccharine for Junsu, ‘Why in the world, Su, would you be worried about Sung YuRI when she’s not your wife or anything?’

‘JaeJoong hyung! I hate to say this but why are you always thinking about expanding your line of business, when in this lifetime, you’ve got nothing else but a freaking huge stack of cash? You’re already filthy rich, what more do you want?

‘What more do I want, Su? My family have been in this line for so many generations, and what more do they want? They want prestige, they want power, and they want wealth, respect, and admiration, even fear. Yes that is want I want, and that is what I will precede from my father, who preceded all these from his father and the father before him!’

‘But why? Hyung-ah, why?’ I found myself staring into a fearful pool of bemusement. Junsu had allowed his misty stare to do the talking instead. All along I knew, that the only one I could call soul mate, and a genuine one at that, was Su. He was the kindest of all creatures, like a sweet angel who’d befallen from the sky because god knew I needed someone. Because god knew I am not what my surface portrays. Because god knew what my mother robbed me of when she died, he could give. And these words were care and compassion. He was the only one who could rouse my inner maternity for he always had those eyes of innocence and smiles- purity.

By now, Junsu was shielding the mermaid’s body with his small frame, his toned and masculine arms draped over hers.

‘Su, I don’t want to strain ties, just… let go of it, please. You’ve never interfered with my business before so why are you doing this right now?’

Junsu turned to look at me, the mermaid’s form still in his embrace, ‘Because I don’t want you to hurt her.’ Silently in a warm and rasping tenor, he spoke of words that sent pangs of mixed sensations down my throat.

There our gaze locked, and I knew he understood and he knew I did too. Ours had always been an understanding that needed no words. I trusted no one but I could always trust him, whether if I intently wanted it that way or not. Because my Su, can always read me like an open book.

‘You like her that way, don’t you?’ I managed an offhanded shrug – more an instinctive defense mechanism than a sign of indifference.

‘Yes.’ With no tinge of reluctance in his voice, Junsu nodded.

For a second, I faltered in the eye contact, forcing a swallow of saliva, my throat suddenly running dry, the splinter of something that resembled denial in my deep orbs fading away. Why was it suddenly a difficult to breathe? The mermaid bit her lower lip at the splurge of this divine like secret, like she already knew he liked her because she could read minds.

‘Ok then, I understand.’ I was already heading for the exit, ‘Su, if you want her to become human, just inject this into her tail. And for longer periods of time, just inject it in larger doses.’ And the next thing he knew, a syringe was flying his way.

He caught it and our gaze locked again. I tried hard to fight the mixed sensations that were now threatening to take over. On one hand, I didn’t want to see Junsu in the mermaid’s arms; on the other hand, I didn’t want to see the mermaid in Junsu’s arms.

‘JaeJoong Hyung, I would never use that on her, never. I would never try to hurt her like… like that…’ a  sugary smile curved Su's lips as he grazed her cheek tenderly with his fingers.

‘Junsu ah…. You could not hurt her… but what about… what about me?’ Of course I never told him that, I was afraid that these words would be too repulsive for the strict Christian’s liking.

‘I… I think there’s some misunderstanding here, people.’ The mermaid’s voice came out a little too abrupt for the atmosphere.

‘No there’s no misunderstanding, YuRi-ah. None at all.’ Junsu’s affectionate orbs now reminded me of nothing but candies, balloons and sunshine. He was still the Junsu that could melt any woman, or man.


**YuRi’s P.O.V**


I could feel the prickles of heat in my cheek as Junsu stared down at me. Then he blinked, still as calm as the limitless ocean in this perfect weather, ‘No there’s no misunderstanding, YuRi-ah. None at all.’ He said.

My piercing glance was now staring through his soul, trying to read his mind. But why couldn’t I… couldn’t I read his mind anymore? What is happening? Did the human transformation rob me of my special ability? Will it one day rob me of my ability to even swim? What should I do? Things are getting so complicated, and my chances of ever going home is getting smaller and smaller… Though I couldn’t read minds anymore, I wasn’t dumb. I knew there was something going on between the 2 men, something unusual.

‘Oh so should Ryeo Wook come into the picture too? The more the merrier right?’ I attempted to crack a joke to pacify the tension, my laughter soon reduced to small puffs, smile slowly morphing into a full pout, big blue eyes turning to the unfazed Junsu and JaeJoong.

‘What? Is all this some kind of amusing joke to you? You stupid mermaid, it’s all your fault! Come with me!’ JaeJoong wrapped his arms around my waist, carrying me like a rolled up carpet despite Junsu’s protest.

‘JAEJOONG HYUNG! Where are you taking her!?’ Junsu shrieked.

‘Somewhere… somewhere over the rainbow where I could eat her up with teriyaki sauce!’

My eyes dilated in dramatically.

‘Oh remember to leave some for me!’ For a moment I believed that was Junsu, but there was HoDong Oppa, peeking in through the door slit. Wow, and I hope he doesn’t have a gay crush on JaeJoong, because then I’d freak out, like totally.

‘Well, I heard everything.’ HoDong Oppa’s voice sounded almost deafening in the lingering silence. Everyone was clueless of why all of these even happened. Yes, call us stupid or something, because we do look kind of stupid right now.

‘So? What’s the solution?’ JaeJoong questioned with me still like a rolled up carpet under his arms.

‘My solution is…’ HoDong Oppa popped a gummy bear into his mouth, ‘My solution is that JaeJoong can have the mermaid every Monday and Saturday. Junsu can have the mermaid every Tuesday and Sunday. And Jaejoong and Junsu can have each other every Wednesday and Friday.’

‘Wh…what kind of solution is this? And give me that thing!’ JaeJoong snatched the packet of gummy bear from HoDong Oppa.
‘Well at least it’s a solution, at least to me it is better than your senseless squabbling…’ HoDong Oppa snatched the packet of Haribo’s Gummy bears back.

‘We weren’t squabbling, HoDong Hyung! We were just…’ Junsu interrupted, but found himself a lost at words.

‘I’d accept the solution though. I think think HoDong Hyung makes the most perfect sense here since he’s an external party.’ JaeJoong shrugged.

‘Hey but what about me? I’m an innocent party being dragged into this chaotic typhoon too. I’m also considered an external party. Don’t I have a say too?’ I raised my hand eagerly; almost smiling with excitement I have no idea why. Like this was some upcoming event of the year or what.

‘NO!’ Both Junsu and JaeJoong chorused as they each flashed me a glare.

Yikes, scary people.

‘So Su, you… agree to this solution as well?’ asked JaeJoong, and I could sense him trying too hard to sound casual.

‘Well what else? Do you have a better solution, JaeJoong Hyung? But seriously, what would we do on Wednesdays and Fridays? I mean you’re a guy… and I’m a guy and we…’

My jaw hung open. My god Junsu! He still doesn’t get it does he?




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A/N:  I hope you're not confused! JaeJoong atually feels super comfortable with Junsu to an extent he feels like he is in love with him. Read on and stay tune to find out! Wanted to give you guys a little but of Action. Haha. Not too much though. The focus is sitll Yuri and JaeJoong. :P


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