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The New Beginning


This is the continuation of kaistal's story "no chance to grow"

i'm really sorry but i can't make a sequel due to my business so i decide to make a oneshot about what happen in their wedding (since the last chapter is about a night before wedding).

thank you so much for your support! your comments make my days~

.less than three you all.



I promise freely from this day forward
To be worthy of your trust and deserving of your confidence;
To be generous with my time, my energy and my love;
To be patient with you and with myself,
To trust you;
To be devoted to you and our life together.
These things I pledge before you, our friends, and our family.


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bhesatiti #1
Chapter 1: so sweet :D cheesy jongin
JungKrystall #2
Chapter 1: maygod that just so beautiful :DDDDDDDD
kiehra #3
Chapter 1: thank you so so much for this!!!!!!
Dubu_blinger #4
Chapter 1: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This amaaazzziiinnnggg! Just soo amazing! I love it:D good work:D sooo author-nim ... We don't get to read what happens on the night of the wedding? ;)
Lisa_lp10 #5
I like this idea, update soon, neh? ^^
Dubu_blinger #6
Wohooooo~ a oneshot sequel:D thnxx author-nim:D