Two Moons

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Prosperity High, a prestigious school with a lot of mysteries. People tell the wildest rumors about that school but no one knows exactly what's going on there. Only selected student get the honor to be invited to attend the school, one of them Han Siyeon.

"In our world there are only Masters and Warriors. Who do you belong to?"


Fortune Days

Between Two Points

We can make the World Stop

Warrior Concertino



(Trailer made by me)

(Trailer made by inspiritkpop)


(This is how the school looks like, just that you get an image of it:))



Hello, Hello everyone!

For you who don't know me, my name is Akacchiin, formerly Navi_7769, nice to meet you all :)

To make it short, I wrote this story before but I decided to re-write it again, because my writing changed a lot :)

The new story and the old story will be quite similar to each other but there will be changes of course :)

Since I still have another very big ongoing story, I will start updating this one here regularly when I finished the other one :)


Oh, before I forget, the story plays in an alternative, future world but there are still some relations to our world as well.


Rated for or violence and language.

Some scenes can be highly suggestive!

This is going to be a reversed harem story! I warned you beforehand! 


Do not repost this anywhere!

I won't allow any translations or anything similar to that, and don't even ask.

Do NOT plagiarize!


This story is going to be extremely long so for those who don't like long stories just don't read it, simple as that.


Have fun reading!

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nekochibi-chan 0 points #1
Chapter 5: Leaving impact first impression to ur roomate is important, i guess?
Angelz0715 #2
Chapter 186: This story is so amazing and I’m so glad that I found it.
Chapter 186: Hi hi~! It's been a while since I read this story and I forgot how much I enjoyed reading your author notes *hahahaha* they're as fun as your OCs and I love every single one of them...! Initially it was quite a headache for me unknown people were thrown in from everywhere and it did get confusing but over time.. because siyeon spends alot of time with the other OCs.. it gets easier to pinpoint who is who.. and initially, i didn't like how short the chapters were but looking back, some chapters definitely needed to be broken down as it is now because of how heavy they can get in terms of explanations.. so kudos to you for doing that.. other than that, i need a mao or pyr in my life.. where can I collect them? Hahaha
Chapter 186: Interesting story, hope to see more.
Mooncake12 #5
Chapter 186: Unlike many of the commenters here, this is the first time I am reading your story, "Two Moons". I love it! Not only is your writing style amazing ( I always love when authors use clever literary devices and explain details in a "show" way), but all of your OCs are phenomenal. They exude a "realness" that so often are lacking in other aff OCs. Every one seems to have a story that I want to learn more about. <3
I would love to read the ending of this story, but I also understand that you may have moved on to bigger and better things. I just wanted to leave my first aff comment here as this is just become one of my favorite stories.
melashnaw #6
Chapter 186: I just read this again and oh my god I just remembered how much I love this story and I think we all miss you, please come back soon ??
143 streak #7
I hope everythings going alright! I haven't seen you in a while :)
LuckyWatermelon #8
Chapter 186: Okay! So I am done reading this story~ And wow. I am speechless. First of all, DAMN. This universe is just amazing and your descriptions and the intricate history is mind blowing! Second of all, I love all of your OC's, and I don't mind at all, that the story revolves around them and not EXO. Third of all, I really hope you don't abandon this story. I know you probably just have a lot of things going on in your life, but I would love a message or something so that we know, if you're coming back to this story or not. I think it would be a shame to leave it here, but that is your choice, and your choice only.

Thank you for writing this. It's been a great escape for me, and it's nice to have finished it right before my midterms. My mind is at peace lol. But really, whenever I've been fed up with the world, it's been a lovely way to escape reality and just submerge myself in a universe of magic and mysteries. Thank you again.
Chapter 114: Hey there Marvels? Navi? Lol
I'm re-reading all of your stories right now because I miss your works :)
Even though TM isn't finished yet, I had "read" it for like a hundred times already lol hahahaha
And every time I do, I keep on falling in love with it because, like oh my gosh! How awesome are these!!! Like oh my gosh I can't even imagine how hard she work for all of this work and the OCs omg I love them all I really think TM would be different without all of those OCs, I love it so much that I can't contain myself anymore and made a comment :) because I'm usually a silent type of reader and person and I'm shy to comment at every chapter, BTW, Mao and Matsuda are my fav ❤ more than the exo boys actually lmao but anyways, yeah! Thanks for writing this awesome af story, and I'm always your silent supporter ❤
Hello author-nim, i just want to say that i feel thankful toward you because you give me this amazing story. I always come to reread the story from chapter 1 until now, because I enjoy every words, sentences, and conversation that you put in this story. I kind of wondering how is the end of the story, hopefully one day you can comeback and give us another new and exciting chapter.

With love
Your fans ?