Two Moons

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Prosperity High, a prestigious school with a lot of mysteries. People tell the wildest rumors about that school but no one knows exactly what's going on there. Only selected student get the honor to be invited to attend the school, one of them Han Siyeon.

"In our world there are only Masters and Warriors. Who do you belong to?"


Fortune Days

Between Two Points

We can make the World Stop

Warrior Concertino



(Trailer made by me)

(Trailer made by inspiritkpop)


(This is how the school looks like, just that you get an image of it:))



Hello, Hello everyone!

For you who don't know me, my name is Akacchiin, formerly Navi_7769, nice to meet you all :)

To make it short, I wrote this story before but I decided to re-write it again, because my writing changed a lot :)

The new story and the old story will be quite similar to each other but there will be changes of course :)

Since I still have another very big ongoing story, I will start updating this one here regularly when I finished the other one :)


Oh, before I forget, the story plays in an alternative, future world but there are still some relations to our world as well.


Rated for or violence and language.

Some scenes can be highly suggestive!

This is going to be a reversed harem story! I warned you beforehand! 


Do not repost this anywhere!

I won't allow any translations or anything similar to that, and don't even ask.

Do NOT plagiarize!


This story is going to be extremely long so for those who don't like long stories just don't read it, simple as that.


Have fun reading!

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Eunsmoon 49 streak #1
Chapter 2: I always think it is intresting how the cherry blossoms are near both of their houses. It means they live close by to each other which is weird considering their differences regarding social ranking.
Woooohpeasants342 #2
Chapter 186: I really enjoy this story from the OCs, the character development, the plot and the writing. I hope to see a new chaoter soon. -a faithful reader
Eunsmoon 49 streak #3
Chapter 1: I'm always amazed at your ability to write intro chapters. The chapter does everything the chapter is supposed to. It catches my attention, introuduces the main character, and foreshadows towards the future. It even showcased some background knowlege! You have such a talented writing style :D
seobcoups #4
Chapter 186: After a long ride, I finally finished reading this story! I've got to say from the very beginning I have no problem with your OCs because I always read something for the plot and not for the characters. Also, for someone who always imagined how the characters looks like, I can't relate with peoples who can't. Reading your A/N also tell me how much you deal with people who keep asking stupid questions haha
Tbh my fav ship is KinjiXSiyeon idk either I ship them romantically or just because I love their interaction xD idk when will you comeback since it's been a while you last updated but I hope you do have intention to continue this masterpiece of yours since it will be such a sad thing to leave it hanging :(
seobcoups #5
Chapter 102: I was going to leave my comment on chapter 100 but I guess I got carried away lol okay first of all, I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITEEEE <3
I read too much life-related story(is that what u call it??) and decided to read some fantasy! Oh I love how the story developed in a slow pace so I can understand the story better, I don't want to admit it but I preferred a long story rather than a short one so I'm more than happy when you said it will not end very soon hehe for the character, I like it how Siyeon isn't a character that I can guess immediately, her character develop in a very nice way, I can somehow relate her struggle. Lastly, I'm sorry if I'm typing nonsense bcs I'm so sleepy rn but I just want to show my gratitude towards you <3
Eunsmoon 49 streak #6
Anyome contemplating reading this, it's definitely worth the read. I've read this four timrs since last december and am about to read it again. I often think about aspects of this story like the beautiful descriptions that almost transport you into the world and the behaviors of my favorite characters (Pyre and Mao). In this story the OCs are much more important then EXO, infact EXOs not seen to much after the first arc. However, tgis is so well written that me, and avid Aeri, don't even care that EXO are not that important in it. This is NOT your typical EXO fanfic, so if your looking for the general and generic EXO fanfics, this isn't for you. But if your looking for a amazingly well-written fantasy adventure then this is the perfect book. Would recommend to non EXO-ls (and have done so. They loved it)
claiechannie #7
Chapter 145: Oh my god. I am your silent reader but when you mentioned Natsu and Lucy.. and the rest of FT ships, I almost throw my phone out of so much feels. Ya don't know how I sail NaLu, girl! They are definitely the CANNONEST! I swear. I salute you.
Chapter 186: When I was on my work today, I remembered the word Mao and instantly think about your story. I hope you make an update in the future. Will wait for it. ?