Two Moons

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Prosperity High, a prestigious school with a lot of mysteries. People tell the wildest rumors about that school but no one knows exactly what's going on there. Only selected student get the honor to be invited to attend the school, one of them Han Siyeon.

"In our world there are only Masters and Warriors. Who do you belong to?"


Fortune Days

Between Two Points

We can make the World Stop

Warrior Concertino



(Trailer made by me)

(Trailer made by inspiritkpop)


(This is how the school looks like, just that you get an image of it:))



Hello, Hello everyone!

For you who don't know me, my name is Akacchiin, formerly Navi_7769, nice to meet you all :)

To make it short, I wrote this story before but I decided to re-write it again, because my writing changed a lot :)

The new story and the old story will be quite similar to each other but there will be changes of course :)

Since I still have another very big ongoing story, I will start updating this one here regularly when I finished the other one :)


Oh, before I forget, the story plays in an alternative, future world but there are still some relations to our world as well.


Rated for or violence and language.

Some scenes can be highly suggestive!

This is going to be a reversed harem story! I warned you beforehand! 


Do not repost this anywhere!

I won't allow any translations or anything similar to that, and don't even ask.

Do NOT plagiarize!


This story is going to be extremely long so for those who don't like long stories just don't read it, simple as that.


Have fun reading!

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Chapter 186: I finally finished reading this and looking forward for the next update. Though I never thought mao and siyeon will be in a relationship first. I just feel that more to come. I mean with the boys haha author will wait for your update. Hehe
Giu-noona #2
Chapter 186: Just finished reading all this loooooooooong fanfic and I have to admit.... I NEED MOOOORE. PLEASE UPDATE IT AUTHOR-NIM
dhimpz214 #3
please update your story its amazing but i hope more romance i like mao and siyeon
I feel like reading a novel which has cliffhanger ending.. oTL
When I found TM, I feel so intrigued yet pessimistic, I mean, wow 100+ chapter, I'm not sure I can stay that long to finish it esp w all those what if n my ability to get distracted with other things so much, kk But then, here I am finishing it til the latest chapter n I must say woooaaaahh.. Even I'm amazed w myself, kk Awesome story n it'll be great to know more of it.... Thanks..!! ^^
Chapter 186: I really love your story, I've been staying up to late every night for the past 4 days just to finish off. I love the fact that this is a long story as well because it allows people to get a better view on on the character of Siyeon and she has grew on me immensely. I am super excited for the next chapter, but take your time and don't stress out about. Keep up the good work.
I also want to thank you for writing this story even more because you are not writing on your native language which is really impressive and makes me feel even more impressed by how real ypu make this story appear.
Chapter 62: Hakenden is like my life, omg its so rare to find another person who has watched it.
Suga_swag_03 #7
Chapter 186: please update soon this story is super good i can't stop reading it.
angeliesyy_ #8
Hello, I'm Angel from Indonesia and I'm your new fans. I love this story and I just know this story last week. I search "EXO Fanfic Recommendation" (in Indonesian) and the blog suggests 3 of your stories (The Misfits, The Misfits: Lost King, and Two Moons) but I go with Two Moons because the description of this story in that blog, somehow, takes my attention, so yeah I decided to read it. I read it with almost a week (just finished it now) with everyday staying up until past midnight because my curiousness of this story. I'm sorry for reading your 186 chaps without giving any comment, but that's because I though it will looks weird If I comment one by one or make any careless statement or prejudice of your next chapter of this story beause the next chapter was done already. So yeah, I decided to give a comment (that such a veryy long comment. I know you like it cause you ever said that in one of your Author's note) in the last chapter that I read (which means chapter 186). I'm sorry if you don't like this though but I hope you to understand :).

By the way, I love this stroy! Soooooooo much in lovee. I love many of your characters (because, well, I don't really like Jooyeon, Kyungsoo's mother, Kimjun, and Marco-he is a married man but, yeah-). But that doesn't mean that I hate you for making a casts like them, because those type of casts are make this story more exciting. I FALL IN LOVE WITH MATSUDA, much to my surprise because at the beginning of the story I would like to say Sehun or Kai, because they are my favorit in EXO. But this is story anyway, and I love read novels and this story just came up soo well like I'm reading a novel, makes my imagination play by its own. Thank you for making a nice character like him xD. So I read that there're some people doesn't like EXO as a side cast, I though it also because at first you make Siyeon close with them and as the story goes, Siyeon more likely to close with the others. But, I don't really mind it just like I said before. Your OCs are soooo cool that I hope there's someone that I know that has eyes like Pyr or Kinji. But I also curious with Todd, he is so strange and I really want to know why you make Todd to be one of your cast because his still "blurry" for me.
But I'm kinda sad because Siyeon time with the girls (Ara, Hikari, Iori) doesn't as much as the time she has with the boys. I know this is a harem story, but a girl-friendship-thing is so nice consider how the girls care to Siyeon. But, this is your story anyway, and that just my feeling.

I love the story as well, it just flow like a river. Sometimes it calm, but often times it makes the big ripples. I love that finally you make Siyeon with Mao because, actually, that just like my imagination, so I love it! And I am shivering in almost every time Mao flirting with her. They look good together. I hope you won't make them break up. But yeah, once again this is your story so I have no rights to interfere it (but it my imagination's play. So I hope you understand it xD). I can't wait to read the next story of her life, because every chapter is makes me more curious. I barely can describe how I love this story because, I don't know, you are a good writer. I really hope that someday, I can write a mystery-like and action fanfic (or story) like this :)

As much as my curiousness, I really can't wait this next chapter. I don't know what happen to you because I just know you last week. But I hope things get better for you now. And congratulations for everything that you have been accomplished! ((next chapter very soon please, hehehehehehe))

Oh, I want to say this one. I'm sorry if you don't like this statement. I love your OCs (I really mean this). And I don't mind every description that you have gave to them because as I said before, I love it because that's them. But, as I love Pyr character, sometimes I felt uncomfortable to read some of his words. No, not because his way-too-often-of cussing, because it's him. But, sorry for saying this, I don't like him to say "Jesus Christ" together with his cussing. I know maybe there're a lot of people like that in there (america or europe) but not all of the people like that or like to hear/read those words. I know this is just a part of the story, the part of his character. But as a Christian, there's something called "The Ten Commandments" it is a commandments God has given to Moses in Mount Sinai. Which the 3rd commandment said "You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain."
I know you are not Christian, but I really hope you to understand this :). (But if you don't want, it is just me or the other who doesn't like that to "simply" ignore that, right?:))

So yeahh, thank you for making such a good story! Keep going! I support you. Loves from Indonesia. God bless:)



I'm curious about The members of council's Master-Warior thing xD

(sorry for the bad grammar)
kpopaegyoo #9
Chapter 186: Girl, let me just tell you.. this story is amazing!! Just so amazing! It's really good and I can't wait until the next update!! But don't stress yourself and take the time you need. And btw, I Love Siyeon as a caracter soooo much. What I also like is that it is a long story and that give us the time to get to know her and the other caracters more and deeper, but slow and steady