Ice Prince & Ice Princess Palace


I decide to make this as story collection! About 3 - 5 chapter long story?

It's all about YulSic couple as main dish, with TaeNy YoonHyun SooSun HyoNic as side dish!

And before you guys pondering, there will be no Gender Bender on my collection!! So, some of my dear reader rest assure and enjoy the dish!




Italic + Center paragraph = Song lyrics

Red = Memory or Flashback

Red + Italic = Memory of Memory or Flashback

Italic = thought


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Jungkwonyulsic #1
Chapter 75: yull.. why do you hate Jessica so much?:(( hope yul will eventually fall in love with Sica in the end..
Kaka_Borneo #2
Chapter 75: Dang!! This story is interesting!! It's crazy amazing~
So many questions make me can't wait for more~
Thank you~~
Chapter 75: I wonder why Yuri hates Jessica so much. And hopefully there's nothing wrong Sica's health condition. Thanks for the update! Finally you're back!
mochick #4
Chapter 75: O.O Jessica has a boyfriend/girlfriend? But she still go after Yuri ... i really dont get it
Yuri have OLD "girlfriend" the madam ock .... OH My oh my
What happen next XD please update soon Author-nim
Chapter 75: Yuri really hates jess O.O
Puppy? Omo
Jess is girlfriend of CL's boss? I thought she & yul ??
Aishhhh just update the next chap otor i can't wait kkk....Excited for the next chap :D
sone_marg14 #6
Chapter 75: authornim what happen to yuri why she change
supercookies #7
Chapter 75: This story is very interesting. You never lose your touch as author. I hope you will update often. Two or more chapters in a week is good. lol
But i don't mind with one chaptef in a week.

Kwon Yuri and Jessica Jung. Kwon Yuri hates Jessica Jung. Jessica still has guts to call Yuri casually when Yuri almost losing her control. I wonder what Jungs did in the past that made Yuri hate them.
Who is Madam Ock? Acting like she is the owner of Almighty Kwon Yuri.
foreveryoung1205 #8
Chapter 75: Very intriguing.
So many questions as well and I hope to see more of you from now on.
Welcome back and congrats!!Great job. :DD
seominpark #9
Congrats on the feature!
I started reading this and it definately deserved the feature!
siitamyul #10
Chapter 75: wow just wow
Yuri swing to older women *0*
kenapa banged Yuri benci ampe mendarah daging ke Jessica yak!! pak Chris mudah2an rajin update Hehehe..