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Tao has two faces: his I’m-a-good-boy-and-weak-son and -off-peasants side. He does different things his father never thought he could do. Now that he’s changing school, his different shenanigans will be a lot difficult to do or maybe not.


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immaninja13 #1
Chapter 34: Woogyu lol
Asianstufflover #2
Chapter 34: Pls! Pls, update soon I love this fanfic. :)
QianRenXin #3
Chapter 34: *gasp*
My baby unicorn!O.O
I'm not complaining though..xDD Give it up to him,Junmyeon!LOL..
*cheering while dragging Woogyu away*
nindanadrah13 #4
I will wait till u update....no worries ;)
eunnahaela #5
keke.. i'll stay to read your updates soon.
DeadKilleR #6
do u mean me ?? =)
kekkeke I would love too I can wait until the last chap see u soon <3
Tonyj111 #7
I'm definitely staying. This is a great story and I want to see it through till the end.
QianRenXin #8
Rest assured that I would still be here at the end of the day..^.^
tang_swim26 #9
immmm still here! lol dont worry about the hiatus-- its better to do well at school/work and be healthy right? i had to take a hiatus cause of sports/school too... anyways good luck with everything! (^ー^)ノ