Clubrooms & Weirdos



It takes about five minutes for Jongin to get recruited into a club he's never heard of, five seconds for him to fall for a certain pair of intriguing wide eyes and quite possibly no time whatsoever for him to realize that this is most definitely not the reality he asked for.




pairings: kaisoo, hunhan, baekyeol

genre: fluff, humor, crack, college!au

warnings: a whoooooole lot of swearing 


I really don't know what to say about the humour in this fic tbh

Also if you're confused by any British spelling it's cause I'm Canadian aw yiss

Removed the character profiles because I have come to realize that everything I put down for that was explained in the fic anyway so it actually served no purpose whatsoever


Special thanks to desginer pixseouls from the dimpled unicorn poster shop for the story poster and an extra special tHANKS FOR THIS FAN-MADE POSTER BY SERENDIPITY AHDLSHLDFASD;JDLSFHLF THE FEELS CANNOT BE CONTAINED





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Chapter 21: Sad that it's over, but it was worth a day and a half of my life... and I'll definitely be reading it again. ^^ Have confidence in your writing, because you are 10x better than most writers I read from. And, your humor is spot on. ;) Good job.
Chapter 16: *claps hands (and Luhan after Baekhyun... and then four people running in a crowd), seriously, another golden chapter.
Chapter 15: Finally, a truly embarrassed Luhan. Hahahaha.
Chapter 11: Still can't stop laughing about this. I have a feeling Satan Soo might make an appearance.
Chapter 8: Seriously, Luhan is my favorite character in here. He's hilarious, even when he's being serious.
Chapter 7: All of them are freaking hilarious. Luhan is genius - violent - but genius, and hilarious... didn't I say that already? Lol. Pore Sehun... Always getting hurt.
__Panda__ #7
Chapter 19: "No," Jongin replies at once, throwing sehun off of him unceremoniously and leaping up with a huge smile, and you could practically see his tail wagging. "No, it is most definitely not weird."
Jong in and kyungsoo grasp onto each other's hands and stare at each other with big googly lover's eyes
Ahh the images I can't- so cute kya
Anyways this whole fic was funny and just perfect! I'm sad I'm nearing the end. Thank you for writing authornim :)
Chapter 21: this was so fun to read! the plot was entertaining and hilarious! i'm pretty sure i laughed at every chapter! thanks for this awesome fic!