Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl Completed!

by themagiczebra
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Eunhyuk, Donghae, some original characters


Fifty-six years of friendship and counting...hopefully.


Longest effing one-shot this freak has written. Bear with me on this one.

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Daiana1 () says about chapter 1:
You made me look so weird in front of my mom, she thought I was having some type of break down lol this story had me balling in my car, I couldn't stop crying and my mom was asking me what was wrong but I ignored her. I have read a lot of fanfic but this will be forever my #1 favorite of all time. It was extremely well written and the small details you put in were just wow! Everything was just perfect, especially the flash backs. I don't know how to describe it but I really felt the emotion donghae and Eunhyuk were experiencing. Thank you for writing this amazing story because I had a wonderful time reading it !:)

cj1015 () says about chapter 1:
The tears won't stop coming I'm surprised i can even write..Beautiful story they spent their whole lives together and even in death they truly were together always! EunHae forever<3

bluedandelions () says about chapter 1:
That was a beautiful story. They both lived full lives, and were together even in death. I love how they loved each other. A truer bromance has never been written. I totally loved it. I repeat this is a beautiful story!!!!!!

mikimary () says about chapter 1:
the best story ever <3

Hae_is_SEXY_in_Red () says about chapter 1:
you've made me into a sobbing mess TT TT this story seriously tugged my heart strings. this was really well written and it written really beautifully as well.
the way that they actually love each other and how they kept their friendship for so many decades.
it serious got to me and warmly fuzzed my heart the moment hyukjae realised that donghae was living in pain as he kept his promise to live and not to leave him.

thankyou so much for writing and posting this up

pologirl0611 () says about chapter 1:
Just know that I read this and am crying...beautiful...but sad

faylieannlee () says about chapter 1:
. Sorry for the bad word but I'm really, REALLY busy crying my sorry out here.


kittyme () says about chapter 1:
i cried because of this story.. i really love this! eunhae forever and ever..

Azin1994 () says about chapter 1:
Wow,you are so talent and smart!this story is more than perfect!!

ohmandy () says:
Dear lord, this is sad. But lovely.

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