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Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl


Fifty-six years of friendship and counting...hopefully.


Longest effing one-shot this freak has written. Bear with me on this one.


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Hikaloud #1
it's beautiful and sad story T.T
i'm crying hard now
this is one of the best fanfiction i've ever red
just love the story, really :'(
likehyukjae #2
Chapter 1: One of best eunhae fanfiction... reread this story and still crying...
SilentOne43 #3
Love this story.
EH_jewELFish #4
Chapter 1: Crying hard ㅠㅠㅠㅠ OMG,, eunhae is beautiful, that's it.

Thanu you for this awesome story
Chapter 1: It's touching and i crying now.. This is beautiful & Love... I hope eunhae is real in reality... They are so sweet and lovely....
chocoberrychoco #6
Chapter 1: Wow! This story is SO beautiful..Touching..I'm moved & crying reading this. I imagine thing what if this story really happen in their life..in their future.

Really sad beautiful story. Perfectly written.Awesome. <3
Mirthe #7
Chapter 1: This was.. incredibly beautiful..
I am just crying right now..

Thank you..
dh03sm #8
Chapter 1: oh !! im crying hardddd :'((((((
this story is beautiful... seriously... i cant even hold my tears :'(:'(:'(
eunhae :'((((
yanHae15 #9
Chapter 1: Gosh....no matter how many times i read this, i still cry a lot and become a mess...

Eunhae has such a big impact on me :((
little_girin #10
Chapter 1: so beautiful.... idk what to say anymore, cuz i'm crying right now. thank you so much