Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl


Fifty-six years of friendship and counting...hopefully.


Longest effing one-shot this freak has written. Bear with me on this one.


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Shine15 #1
Chapter 1: It's so sad and beautiful...
It's so heartbreaking, I can't stop for crying T.T
Thanks for the amazing story
AnaRBee #2
Chapter 1: Thank you for writing this piece of art, I'm crying so much I can't even write properly. It felt so real that it broke my heart
onceuponkpop #3
Chapter 1: I'm crying like an idiot here.... Oh my god this was so beautiful I can't even... Ahhhh. Thank you.
Beebee #4
Still my all time favourite.
Motahareh #5
Chapter 1: I cried over it T^T it makes me sad every time I think about Eunahe in such old age
AisyaZainal #6
Chapter 1: HOLY this is divine and my eyes are so swollen. Thank you, author nim you did such a great job.
blazensaddles #7
Chapter 1: I knew where this was headed as soon as I started reading it but I couldn't stop myself ㅠㅠ this is so sad and beautiful honestly. But I can totally see the two actually being like this for years to come. It's so sad that Hyuk and Hae are the last members but at least they've met the others soon after
moongrl #8
Chapter 1: If I wasn't so dehydrated I would be crying nonstop at this! T.T
Chapter 1: Wow this story was so touching ;;;;; you've managed to make me feel happy and sad at the same time by the end of it. I loved the pacing and how you seamlessly mixed the present day with the flashbacks. It was just excellent! Thank you for the great read~
Chapter 1: thank you so much for writing this and sharing it. it was heartbreakingly beautiful.