My Protector

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"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






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nikninafrawesome97 #2
king-jongin #3
Chapter 32: This whole thing was absolutely perfect, but these last chapters were so emotional and stressful. Lord you are a great writer and I've been crying for the last few chapters. Ugh I just. My heart hURTS. You made me feel so many things. Thank you for this story, author nim, to tell the truth, I started reading this when I found it (I think you had just posted chapter seven) in the TAORIS tag, and I read the first part, but I forgot to subscribe so I didn't think it got updated. I just Completely forgot about the story until recently, and I searched it up, realized what I did, and I marathoned this whole thing for two days and I regret nothing. Im so glad you made this story. I'm still crying, lord. It's like 2 am and I'm trying to not wake up my family. Okay I'm sorry for this hella long message. Thank you very much for this story, I'm very grateful for your hard work!
king-jongin #4
Chapter 32: /uncontrollable sobbing/
K-popLover234 #5
Chapter 32: This is my third time reading this fic. I love it so much!!!
yuni3010 #6
Chapter 32: So amazing ;n; my feels sklsbslslsksksjsj
exostands #7
Chapter 20: this story is jjang! *^_^*
Ramani #8
Chapter 32: I love the last chapter, each time reread it I can't help but cry. Thank you for writing such a simple but extremely heart warming story. Thanks sooooo much <3
MyStarryNight #9
Chapter 32: OMG I loved this story!!!!!!
Awww they loved each other now. Dude I swear I thiught Yifan was gonna harm Tao or something but it all turns out fine.
Love this story!!!!!!
Good job author-nim
mallowme #10
Chapter 32: I read the whole story in one go and it's now 3am here and I still have classes tomorrow but HOLY DAMN SMOKES!!!!!!! I AM INLOVE WITH YOU'RE STORY AUTHOR-NIM WHY DID I JUST FIND THIS OUT NOW? *hits head on the table THIS STORY LITERALLY HAD ME FEELING A WHIRLWIND OF EMOTIONS. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I CAN'T....... *cries becoz the story is too good I WOULD PRAISE YOU NON-STOP AUTHOR-NIM BUT IT WOULD ONLY MAKE MAKE MY COMMENT LONGER XDD I hope there's a *cough sequel *cough