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My Protector


"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






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devendra #1
Chapter 32: this was really beautiful :') im so happy i found this story it was so amazing to read
justpassinby53 #2
Chapter 32: OMG!!! i am crying so much how sweet :')
justpassinby53 #3
Chapter 9: loving it so far!!, still on chapter 9
Tixonery #4
Chapter 32: wow. I just finished and it seems I was in another whole world for 2/3 days. amazing. ^^ Thank you!
Tixonery #5
Chapter 6: this is a very interesting story O_O
mallowme #6
Chapter 32: I've already lost count to how many times I've read this story. This is just so damn perfect.
Honestly I will never get tired of this story. This is just too amazing.
magnolia24lu #7
Chapter 32: I could read this story 1788273927903 times! This is so beautifully written!! <3
Even though I think the ending is just perfect, do you have any thoughts of writing a sequel???
takowu #8
Chapter 32: when i found this, i surely hadn't expected it to be like this... this is my first supernatural taoris fanfic and i don't regret one minute of reading it, it's impossible to describe how well-written this was... thank you for an incredible experience!
Fluffydar #9
Chapter 32: Reading this again! Even though I have probably have read this a million times I have to say I LOVE IT! SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! AND MAKE ME CRY TT^TT This has to be on my Top 5 favourite fanfics of all time!
Alexandriastacy #10
Chapter 32: I'm honestly in love :]