My Protector


"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






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HetaliaTiff #2
Chapter 32: God I cries so much when I was reading the last chapter TT.TT this is one of the best stories I have read and I'm sad it was over so soon. Sequel ~ PLS~ taking place after this and Tao trying to get kris to fall in love with him again?
iane91 #3
Chapter 32: PDF please authornim???
exolovesme #4
Chapter 32: wow... love this story
This story was absolutely beautiful. The last sentence through me into a fit of waterfalls :"( it was beautiful Author-nim good job :D
Babydontcry3 #6
Chapter 32: Please, please can I have a sequelm or at least a story abouy baekyeol and how that happened? A one shot about taoris new life together? PLEASE, ANYTHING, JUST MORE!
nikninafrawesome97 #7
king-jongin #8
Chapter 32: This whole thing was absolutely perfect, but these last chapters were so emotional and stressful. Lord you are a great writer and I've been crying for the last few chapters. Ugh I just. My heart hURTS. You made me feel so many things. Thank you for this story, author nim, to tell the truth, I started reading this when I found it (I think you had just posted chapter seven) in the TAORIS tag, and I read the first part, but I forgot to subscribe so I didn't think it got updated. I just Completely forgot about the story until recently, and I searched it up, realized what I did, and I marathoned this whole thing for two days and I regret nothing. Im so glad you made this story. I'm still crying, lord. It's like 2 am and I'm trying to not wake up my family. Okay I'm sorry for this hella long message. Thank you very much for this story, I'm very grateful for your hard work!
king-jongin #9
Chapter 32: /uncontrollable sobbing/
K-popLover234 #10
Chapter 32: This is my third time reading this fic. I love it so much!!!