My Protector Completed!

by BrightStar32
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"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."





EDIT (6/6/13) - I won the bid! :D Thank you for the congratulations, but please don't flood the comment box with them. Thank you!


EDIT (5/7/13) - Thank you to billapejic for the wonderful poster!

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MyStarryNight () says about chapter 32:
OMG I loved this story!!!!!!
Awww they loved each other now. Dude I swear I thiught Yifan was gonna harm Tao or something but it all turns out fine.
Love this story!!!!!!
Good job author-nim

mallowme () says about chapter 32:
I read the whole story in one go and it's now 3am here and I still have classes tomorrow but HOLY DAMN SMOKES!!!!!!! I AM INLOVE WITH YOU'RE STORY AUTHOR-NIM WHY DID I JUST FIND THIS OUT NOW? *hits head on the table THIS STORY LITERALLY HAD ME FEELING A WHIRLWIND OF EMOTIONS. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I CAN'T....... *cries becoz the story is too good I WOULD PRAISE YOU NON-STOP AUTHOR-NIM BUT IT WOULD ONLY MAKE MAKE MY COMMENT LONGER XDD I hope there's a *cough sequel *cough

MCMLLTM () says about chapter 32:
*hunhan (I forgot to put it in)

MCMLLTM () says about chapter 32:
I was just wondering, how about will they never have met too?

HongKiLoverForever () says about chapter 32:
Argh... My feels... isn't Yifan supposed to remember how to love Tao after Tao showed Yifan the memories?

yura_cchii () says about chapter 32:
I nevef cry over a fantasy story before.. but but but... this... aarggghh you make me cry like a baby :'(
You must-have to-should (?) write the sequel!!!!! Hiikzzzzz~

right_queen () says about chapter 32:
Amazing~ all the feels, ups and downs

chanyeolcape () says about chapter 32:
I just finished reading this story for like the third time & im still crying. OMG T.T Wil you make a sequel about kris falling in love all over agin?

Midknightwalker () says about chapter 32:
This was beautiful, I loved it ~3~ not to mention my three favourite ships Taoris, Baekyeol and SuLay ermahgerd XDD and the plot was gorgeous 0.0 DRAGON KRIS IS SO HOT AHAHAHAHA but his love for Tao was beautiful ;_; I can't say I expected the ending (or hoped for it) but I was strangely content with it, even though they weren't actually"confirmed." AND BBY YIXING KILLING KRIS WAS SO UNEXPECTED BUT I ACTUALLY LOVED IT VERY MUCH!!! thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful fic!!!!

ParkSungRin () says about chapter 32:
Sweetheart, honey, baby, cupcake, dear authornim.
This is just so beautiful. I was engrossed. The climax was just amazing. I like your writing. And I love how you describe Tao's feelings.
I thought this story would end with an angst/sad end. But it turned out to be beautiful. Yay for happy ending!
Two thumbs up-unless I have more than two thumbs, I'd willingly give you all. Great job on mixing my feelings! I hope you'll write more!

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