My Protector Completed!

by BrightStar32
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"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."





EDIT (6/6/13) - I won the bid! :D Thank you for the congratulations, but please don't flood the comment box with them. Thank you!


EDIT (5/7/13) - Thank you to billapejic for the wonderful poster!

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hime-chan () says:
Gods... I think the ending was just about the end of me. THIS WAS SO PERFECT!

emilyschick () says about chapter 32:
OH MY LORD. THIS STORY — I HAVE NO WORDS, MAN. I stopped reading about a month & a half ago (I go through these funks where I don't read fanfic for a while, idk) but I stayed subscribed/bookmarked & this morning I was going through my lists & saw this story. I was on chapter 19 & just finished, THAT'S how quickly I became hooked again.This story is now added to one of my faaaavorite sroies eeever

ExoMsKungfuPandaTao () says about chapter 32:
WAHHHHH IT'S OVER?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO /crays for eternity/ Omf- this was such a sad ending. WHY MUST ALL GOOD STORIES END LIKE THIS FML. GAHHHHHHH /rages/ You should make a sequel about how Tao tries to win Yifan back cuz I'm like crying right now dude.

ExoMsKungfuPandaTao () says about chapter 9:
Wahhh DAEBAK AUTHOR NIM /dies/ I'm gunna sub after i finish reading. I cant stop! Hahahaha

babystep143 () says about chapter 32:
Woahhh! Daebak!

poisonyx () says about chapter 32:
Open ending...but- wae? -sobs-

FalconXx () says about chapter 32:
Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you :3

insert () says about chapter 32:
I feel like crawling in a hole and bawling my eyes to never appear in society again.
Oh gah, this was so goood ;^;
The paradox of time, oh gosh, makes me think so much. But ahh, I'm inarticulate right now---your story has stunned me. xD

ch3nya () says about chapter 32:
I'm so glad I clicked on this story! Ohmuhgosh the feels! I'm crying! I love this story so much! Thank you so much for writing this story!

LorenKeelly () says about chapter 32:
The ending... it's too... Wae?! Why are you like this?! T^T The ending is too short for me T^T I want more. Oh god, please make a sequel!

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