My Protector


"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






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izzadipatuan #2
Nice one :)
Sugar-and-Salt #3
Chapter 32: This story kept me occupied in all my free-time the last 2 days. Even though I tend to stay away from Taoris stories, I regret nothing! This was sooo beautiful. My favourite side character was the phoenix Chanyeol ♡
The final twist of the meaning of "He will not harm me" from Tao to Kris was really what made everything complete.
Everything was really nice and I'll male sure to look out for other stories from you.
Thank for writing all of this ♥︎
junmoneyo #4
I love this story. You are the best!
I have read this almost ten times.<3
gottalovedaboys #5
Chapter 32: I seriously think I'm going to start crying right now, that was the most beautifully written story I've ever ridden, and believe me when I say I've read my fair share. The details, the characters, THE PLOTLINE. This was truly a fantastic tale, I think you should submit it to a publishing company. Goodness, the tears are coming now. Once in a while, an incredible author comes along and managed to capture the hearts of the readers, and you're that author. I wish I could be as fantastic an author as you. You are officially my role model.

I was skeptical to read this at first. No description stories have often turned out horrid in my opinion, yet I do it with my fics all the time hehe. After looking through the most recent comments, I decided to read just for the fun of it. I am so glad I did. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece of art!
the last word really makes me cry. them feels.. this story is so beautiful i can't stop crying T.T
i really miss taoris moment right now..

you're so talented in writing, your use of word is skillfully beautiful. adore you so much!
dingbons #7
this is sooooo good! ^^
yy0608 #8
Em so I read the whole story in one go (like, 4 hours in one sitting!). Wow. I can't breathe... This story was so beautifully written and the plot was wonderful. The whole thing just took my breath away tbh <3 This is actually my first time reading an Exo fanfic and ohmygosh I'm so glad I started with this one! Thank you so much for writing this, I loved it (even though the last few chapters made me shed quite a few tears T^T)! I hope I don't sound greedy, but a sequel to this fanfiction, or even an epilogue would be amazing! Pweeaasee considerr itttt~ :3 but thank you SO SO much for this amazing read, ilyyyy! <3
sanjana3 #9
Chapter 32: That was so freaking amazing it deserve a short and sweet squeal please oh please !
kaisoo22 #10
Chapter 32: omg im crying.....can you please make a sequal to this so i wont start freaking out about heart must see the true end
ViolaWard #11
Love it!! :D