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My Protector


"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






Thank you to billapejic for the wonderful poster!


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Geminiatheart #1
Chapter 32: This is quite honestly the 5th time that I have read this masterpiece, and I can safely say it has changed my life. The quality of your writing, the genius of your ideas, and the way you have taken these real people and created the most beautiful characters brings me to tears every single time I finish reading the final chapter. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for writing this magnificent story. I will forever be a lifelong fan.

PS: I heard "I See Fire", by Ed Sheeran, after a recommendation from bbe1989, and immediately thought of this fic. We discussed it and she agreed wholeheartedly.
kaisoo22 #2
Chapter 32: I've read this sleep many times and now im just gonna go fall into a pit of despair and depression
BeYangster21 #3
This is the very first fanfic I've ever read and this gave me such a good impression on EXO bc I was still new to them and this made me love EXO so much and yeah basically ur story really moved and inspired me. Thank you and ur awesome. Your other stories are great too!
inlovewithtop #4
I love this so much!<3
KimDelilahEunmi #5
Chapter 32: I read for 3 times because I love story >|||||<
Jayluvskpop #6
Chapter 32: This story was just amazing... Wow... I'm unsure whether I'm crying tears of sadness from the last chapter still or if I have moved on to tears of happiness from the ending... My emotions are all just... Yeah. I have much love for this story, thank you for this... I mean really, I applaud this work! <3
mrsportgasdace #7
Chapter 32: Author you're an amazing person and thank you, I needs to see more fluff of this tbh, Tao is just too flawless.
im-an-exol #8
Chapter 32: I swear I love this fanfic♡
bless you author.
MelanieMarsh #9
Chapter 32: This story is really beautiful. You've written really well ^^