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My Protector


"Don't worry. He will not hurt me."






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salmasmmsm365 #1
Chapter 32: This story should be a novel *_* very beautiful~ as much as I want more of this piece of art, the end is just perfect. Thank you for this fanfiction ^_^
ExoticKitty2000 #2
Chapter 32: Omfg im crying so much xD i was a little iffy around this (forward does wonders) but now im so glad i read this uwu such a beautiful fanfic! I need a sequel :3 of how they fall in love again, yes?
Thank you for writing this, love ❤❤❤❤ (although all of your fanfics are of such magnificance)
claireroxy102 #3
I need a sequel pleasepleasepleaseplease this is like my third time reading your story and it gets me everytime :') i love taoris so much
Chapter 32: This was one of my first TaoRis fanfic and one of the best!!! I LOVE YOU AURTHORNIM FOR WRITING THIS ;u;
beautifuljoongie #5
baejinki #6
awesome story
SuJueunhae98 #7
Chapter 32: if only i could show u my ugly cryin face right now,because im sobbing like an idiot thinking why is this over.ahhh man,my whole family is judgin me now but i cant bring myself to care when i finally finished reading this masterpiece
funkybastard #8
Chapter 32: This was great a adventure! Im glad everything ended well. Abit sorry for sulay tho.haha. Tysm for this, authornim :D
KyuWookELF #9
Chapter 32: Me cries a river of tears*
KyuWookELF #10
This is a really wonderful story. The plot and storyline was beautiful. Loved it <3333