Hooked On You

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How do we keep things simple between us?

Call me when you need me... I'll call you when I need you...

That doesn't mean you're going to come...

Come on, I'm a doctor... I'm always on-call...





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Fatoom137 #1
Chapter 41: this is so beautiful .. I don't even remember how many times I've read this but everytime I do I just love it more and more <3
leeeunhye407 #2
And i suddenly missed the fic that i had to reread it. I miss kyumin and better yet i miss you author-nim! :)
--babystar #3
Chapter 41: Thank you for this awesome fic! I had been reading this since 5.30 am and now it's almost 12pm. /cries
All the feels are drowning me rn TT
Chapter 41: I just read this again! And I'm still loving this story so much!
It will always be one of my favorites, because it doesn't matter how often I read it, it still draws me in and I can still feel all the emotions and... and... UGH! Just still perfect!=D
shinsholic #5
Chapter 41: The Enddd~~~~~
i want a special chapterrrrrrrrrrr ~~~!!! hahahahaha
Wow, you wrote a really really good story! i really love it XD ! English also isn't my first language, so sorry about my broking English on all comments Y-Y. More than reading the story, i like reading at your 'talk' at the end of the chapter too. It makes me feel comfortable to comment on your fiction; i like the way you questioning us, asking us for the oppinion :).

And yayyyyyyyyy! Finally, the couple is back!!! XD Awwwww Dr.Lee was tooooooo much cute when he confessed all the truth ><. Another lovely point that i like is they were first met at the club, first talked at the parking lot, and now the story was ended at the same place ^^. Should i call them a parking lot couple? lolll. Just kidding :3. And now Kyuhyun can find his 'happily ever after' :D.

Actually, i am so sorry for finding this story out too late T-T. I should have found it sooner! However, Thanks for writting such a great fiction! Love you too! XD
shinsholic #6
Chapter 40: ohhh come onnnnnn! it's only one chapter left!!! Let them talkkkkkkkk lollllllll
shinsholic #7
Chapter 39: And now is what..? Siwon was in car crash?! seriously?! orzzzz
It's a few more chapters to the end of this story, but still the emergency seperated the couple away.. lol Plsssss, I hope they can talk in the next chapter! i don't wanna see Dr.Lee or DJ Cho suffering anymore T-T.

p.s. i just laughed out very loud reading 'Kyupeemin's reader were right' lolll. Yesss, everyone was right except Dr.Lee's stupid scare. orz
shinsholic #8
Chapter 38: OH MY GOD!!!! Ohhh noooooooooooo!!!!
I was just scared if Kyuhyun will appear when Sungmin is talking about that and He just did! Kyuhyun had just appeared! Oh no...