Fading scars

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This is a Soovin (even though the Soovin only happens towards the ending) I wrote to my friend Sheepishly. She was the one to beta read it too.

Rated M for self-harm.

Hope you all like it! Please let me know in the comments what you liked and what you didn't like about it, so I can improve. ^^ This is my first fanfiction on AFF and I'm not a native speaker of English, so your help is really important for me.

This story is 1488 words long.


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JazzieLeeChaeWoo #1
Chapter 1: Ahhhh...... i wish idols werent forced to be so "perfect" all the time. Like, nobody is perfect. They are human beings to. Everyone has flaws. I may not no any of their flaws, but i'm sure whatever they are; it wouldn't change my opinion or love for them. At all. <3
Loved this story, btw. <3
Nitronova #2
Chapter 1: This is so nice!!! And I feel like maybe this does happen to some idols. They're always forced to be so perfect and I guess it just gets to them. You are so beautiful (o^^o)
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 1: why were you gesitating to upload? Your writing is beautiful! This made me cry ;A; and it gave me SooVin feels.. and I don't ship.them..Anyway. Thank you and I hope you'll upload more!