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Hae Day




Juli leaned her head against the cold frosty window of Donghae's car. Her head was getting cold but she didn't care. Donghae drummed his fingers against the wheel humming the tune playing from his radio. Yes I do...I can't stop loving you~ .

It had to be this song hmm? I am going to smash my head against the window if we don't arrive soon...Back in the shop...when me and Kyu exchanged glances...


Donghae interuppted Juli's thoughts as he parked his car. "We're here." He flashed his warm smile and went outside to open her door. Extending his arm, Juli ignored his gesture and got out herself leaving Donghae stunned. He rubbed the back of his neck and caught up with Juli who was already rushing towards the entrance. Pull yourself together Donghae. She's probably just cold, it has nothing to do with you...


The two payed for their ticket and proceeded to the gift shop. Juli ran her hands through the assorted headbands reaching to one particular one. A sparkly pink eared one.


"Let oppa get this for you arreso? No buts! Oppa is going to get it so it can match your outfit!" Kyuhyun grabbed the ears and placed it on the counter. Before paying he ran to grab one more for himself. After paying he ran to Juli placing the ears up on her head. "You look beautiful princess." He fixed her hair placing it around the ears so that it would frame her face well. He caressed her cheek and kissed it gently.


Juli held the ears in her hand. She had another pair identical at home, hiding in her closet along with other gifts from Kyuhyun. 


"Oh did you want tha...

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BrokenWinged #1
Chapter 60: Aw...nice story!
BrokenWinged #2
Chapter 53: Shi.....sorry for my language.
I cried a few tears and my mom got up and I almost dropped my tablet :O
BrokenWinged #3
Chapter 45: Skip beat was really good and my mom and I literally fought because I liked the antagonist better xD (Donghae). The ending wasn't satisfying enough. Good chappy!
BrokenWinged #4
Chapter 6: I'm such a pabo for not finding this story a little earlier xD
Good job author-nim! Wish I could read all night, but my mother and schedule is killing me...
Yuki99 #5
Chapter 33: I don't think that these chapters are boring...I'm excited to read,I want to read more and more. because I REALLY like this story :D
Yuki99 #6
Chapter 22: siwon's new girlfriend is bommie,isn't she? sure she is because she said "juli..I can explain.."
Yuki99 #7
Chapter 11: don't isn't boring,I like it!!
Ayakorea #8
Chapter 60: Thats a really great story even more than romeo &juliet
sincerly_me #9
Chapter 60: you have no idea how much i love this story good job !!!!
Eipoant #10
Chapter 60: Put me when you write new fanfics , OK?