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L.Joe falls for Minsoo at first sight – falls for his shy smile as much for his lithe body, falls for his childish ‘mehrong’ as much for his perfectly kissable jaw line. The catch? He is supposed to be in love with Chunji. And Minsoo – Minsoo is head over heels for Niel. And L.Joe doesn’t want to stay in this dark place all by himself.


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howlette94 #1
Chapter 12: I really love this! Yes, it was painful but so beautiful. It's one of the best teen top fics i've read. Didn't think Ljoe and CAP tandem could work but i really enjoyed this! Awesome work authornim!
IHNFL14 #2
Chapter 12: Oh my god… the feelings in this story are too real. T_T I can't with life right now. This story made me cry and ah~ it was beautiful. I'm officially a Capjoe shipper. I really loved how L.Joe was in love with Chunji and Minsoo. Chunji was a familial love that was always there but not necessarily forever.

ANYWAY!! I really loved this. Thank you for writing something so great.
xxHeeLiamxx #3
Chapter 13: Omg. I love this. this is beautiful T.T
parkchimin #4
Chapter 13: Im a hardcore NAP & Chunjoe shipper but i liked how the story ended. It was a very nice and emotional story (For me, a chunjoe shipper xD)!! Good job ~ ^_^
TakeshimaTaki-desu #5
Chapter 12: I love it. :) Thank you for a wonderful treat! Although I was thinking, is L.Joe going to be the female now? kekekekeke
TakeshimaTaki-desu #6
Chapter 11: Squealing over this reunion. You know, I'm a hardcore N.A.P shipper but you made me squeal over this C.A.PJoe moment. That's just how good you are with words. Baksu Baksu. :)
TakeshimaTaki-desu #7
Chapter 6: OH.MY.GOD. So Minsoo also fell for L.Joe? How about Niel? Again, I love this chapter. I love your writing. It's poetic. It's beautiful. :)
TakeshimaTaki-desu #8
Chapter 2: Just started reading this and I wanna tell that from the first chapter, I am already a huge fan. Wow, you're writing skills are No Joke! It's Not Easy to find something as greatly-written as this here so I'm happy to have found your story. I'm no fun of angst and sad love stories but your writing style got me hooked. I'll be expecting more in the next chapters. Cheers. :)
lydia1991 #9
Chapter 13: OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is sooooooooo amazing! Like how did you even learn to write like this? So perfect! Oh my gosh!!! ^^ <333 Awesome job!
jeonjuly #10
Chapter 13: I read this in one go and omg its amazing! I had mixed feelings idk i wanted ljoe to end up with chunji as much as i wanted him to end up with minsoo! Either ways i'm happy and this story is amazing!