Boyfriend Completed!

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L.Joe, C.A.P., Chunji, Niel



L.Joe falls for Minsoo at first sight – falls for his shy smile as much for his lithe body, falls for his childish ‘mehrong’ as much for his perfectly kissable jaw line. The catch? He is supposed to be in love with Chunji. And Minsoo – Minsoo is head over heels for Niel. And L.Joe doesn’t want to stay in this dark place all by himself.

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lydia1991 () says about chapter 13:
OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is sooooooooo amazing! Like how did you even learn to write like this? So perfect! Oh my gosh!!! ^^ <333 Awesome job!

jjangyeol () says about chapter 13:
I read this in one go and omg its amazing! I had mixed feelings idk i wanted ljoe to end up with chunji as much as i wanted him to end up with minsoo! Either ways i'm happy and this story is amazing!

AhnDaniel () says:
Amazng story! Never read this paring before, but it was definitely cute ^^ really well written!! I enjoyed it!

exzhile () says:
I love chunjoe but i also like capjoe; i just find their pairing adorable. Glad that they ended up together :)

xruru_jesterx () says about chapter 12:
I've never been so delighted and tense over a fanfiction hitherto. I've never cried over a fanfic either. But this. This story. It just .. wow, was I watching a movie instead of reading online?! By all means, this was overly emotional and truly beautiful. I shed tears on the very few last chapters so much, my heart was about to burst {emotional reader here xD} yet it was so worth it.. I can't even put it in words properly. If, at least, half of the fanfictions around were as realistic and overwhelming like this one - then be it - I would stare at the screen all day, all night, just to read. It has a strong impact on its readers and that's what makes it so incredible to just sink in.
Thank you so much author-nim for sharing this masterpiece with all the readers on here. Every drop of tear was worth it and the grand finale was to die for.
PS: You have a really developed vocabulary. Congrats on that! xD

CreateTheSound () says about chapter 12:
I have so many wild and rampant emotions for this story. Not just because it's Teen Top, or because of how much I adore your writing style, but because I know this. These emotions, the pain of loving someone you shouldn't, the agony of hurting the people you love, and then the time it takes to get over things -- I know it, and I know it well. It hurts to read, to know exactly what was going to happen even before it did, but I loved it.

I dated someone for 18 months after knowing them for nearly a decade, and only now, four long months after breaking up, am I finally moving on. I really connected with this story, and I loved it. It's one thing to know that things will be okay again eventually, but it's another to actually see that someone else believes it, too. Even if only for a story.

I loved this. I think I needed it, too. Thanks for sharing.

nosugar () says about chapter 12:
Thank you so much for this extremely amazing fic! Actually, I'm not an English speaker - to start off - and sometimes I couldn't understand many words, you know, sometimes I had to use a translator... but the atmosphere, all the words L.Joe and Minsoo said, all their suffers and thoughts were really clear and absolutely touching!
I cried so much, I smiled, like the characters did - I just got this stuff through my own heart. You know, it hurts a little. But I'm very thankful, so may be someday I'll make a translation in Russian... because I want others to read your work. With your permission, of course.

I'm very happy that I've found this fanfic on my favourite otp. And I really like the way you ended - the way they started all over again.
Thank you <з

Irrelevant () says about chapter 12:
My god.. Just wow. I just need to let everything I read sink in, then write a proper comment.

stillbroken () says:
I really like this story. Lately I've been reading a lot of fanfictions and they all started to sound the same, I was looking for something different and I found it! I really was into it and I enjoyed every bit of it.
Like you said the story's end is their new begging together and since I finished it before I can't stop thinking about them, how happy they'll be together and a lot of stuff, I think I'll remember this story for a long time and I'll probably read this twice.
Thanks you for writing it, really :3

hottest_kissme () says about chapter 12:
T.T so heartbreaking yet im so happy
capjoe <3 yaay they get back together~~ i knew they wouldnt just seperate and give up entirely...they just love eachother so muchh
chunji should have been like neil and just stay as friends...poor ljoe was suffering without chunji
keke i just love capjoeee <3 i just lovee your story so much!! ^^ really sad but omo so beautiful

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