The Rose That Never Withered




A story based on a true event when the person I once liked gave me a yellow flower and said to put it on my ear and hair except it wasn't a yellow rose like in the story it was a Helenium Autumnale.

A geeky yet shy boy (Minho Choi) falls in love with one of the popular girls (Sulli Choi).He always doubted himself and thought that his level was too low for Sulli and he wasn't good enough.On the day where a student must enroll themselves in a extra curricular activity he becomes late and all the groups he wanted to join are all filled.His last choices are the debating,ballet and 'gaming'team.Minho is forced into joining the 'gaming' team but he finds out it is more then just a 'gaming' team.When he joins the team he becomes closer to Sulli through the help of his newly made friends.Can the boy that was just another ordinary boy to Sulli grow into something much more?

Just a story of six average boys who form a team that help each other to get the girl of their dreams.They not might be your F4 but they can offer much more.

Follow the love story of not only Minho and Sulli but Kwon and Ga In,Jieun and Taemin,Sekyung and Jonghyun,Kai and Krystal and Chanyeol and Suzy.










Story Full credit to Choconomnom and main poster credit to Reveries Graphic Shop.Back ground image cr deviantart Scrap Bee

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MeLot_24 #1
Chapter 30: Update..keke excited for the MinSul m0mment.
sigiwima #2
Chapter 29: please update soon,and i like if you put taeun in the end
Chapter 29: Please update !!! I love this story a lot. Thank you
_usernameistaken_ #4
Chapter 25: I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are for writing this! UPDATE SOON~
affxtionluna #5
Chapter 24: I'm still waitin for Lunew moments and I need the crush (?) chapter soon!!!
kaistalminsulunew #6
Chapter 23: Hey please give some Kaistal and Lunew moments <3 :D
uglylovely #7
update soon..
affxtionluna #8
Chapter 19: Aww I thought there would be some couple moments here but at least you updated
affxtionluna #9
Chapter 18: Update update update update update
Chicken_xoxo #10