Chapter three: The baby couple

-Zelo’s pov-

Jongup hyung and I talked about the movie all the time and lucky me, we just talked about the parts that I cared about during the movie.

”Did something funny happend?” Asked Youngjae and seemed a little irritated over every thing.

”Well I met a girl that was very funny” said Jongup with a smile and I felt my self get jealous again. He continued to talk about the girl so I tried to talk with the other hyungs but no one said any thing.

As soon as every one had finished eating Himchan and Youngjae went to do the dishes, probably to spend more time together, Yongguk went straight to the TV and the same did Jongup.

I really didn’t want to go with them so instead I snuck after Daehyun, who went into his now so-called ‘room’.

He didn’t discover me at first but then he turned around and gave me a weak smile. He sat down on one fo the beds and I plopped down next to him.

”Dae hyung ~”

”Mmm” He still looked down so I hugged him. He froze but then relaxed and hugged me back.

”Hyung why are you sad?” I tried to use a cute voice even though I wasn’t so good at it. Maybe that was why was with that girl instead of me, I shivered quickly by the thought since I knew that right now I couldn’t sit and feel sorry for my self.

”I’m not sad” He said with a bad laugh.

”Yes you are... Now tell the maknae what’s wrong” I poked his cheek a little and judging by the sigh he let out, he had given up.

”Well ehmm to make a long story short. I was evil to Himchan that’s why he almost left. I l.. I like Yongguk and he thinks that I am pathetic then yesterday he played with my feelings” Daehyun had started to cry and held me tighter. Slowly I stroked his back so he would calm down a little.

”Dae.. Don’t cry... I’m sure Yongguk likes you too. It’s just that he can be really stupid some times, okey?”

”No he doesn’t like me.. I can see it..” He was still sad but at least he had stopped crying.

”Do you want me to talk to him..?”

”No I’m okay with it to the end off the week. I just need to avoid him right now” Daehyun sighed at the last part and I started to think if there was any thing I could do to help both him and me.

”I got a idea” He looked a little worried at me but I just gave him a warm smile.

”Well I kind off have to make Jongup jealous so if I can spend some time with Yongguk-hyung, I can make Jongup jealous and Yongguk won’t bother you” He looked me in the eyes for a long moment before a smile crept up on his face.

”You like Jongup?” He asked and I was taken on the words.

”Ehmm Yeah I do” Finally I had said it and honestly speaking it was a big relife.

”But Daehyun don’t be jealous now! I said in a laugh and he smiled at me.

”Don’t worry I won’t be. But I hope you and Jongup will get it together” I smiled at him and he smiled back. He did, against the odds, still look a little sad so I hugged him again a little harder and he thanked me silently.


-Time skip-


The Hyungs and I sat in the TV sofa and watched Running Man. Daehyun sat furtherst out at the sofa, then me, Yongguk and then Jongup.

In the armchair we had Youngjae in HImchan’s lap while Himchan had his arms wrapped around him.

Right now I had decided to not care about Jongup’s attempts to talk to me but focused instead on making him jealous.

I noticed the looks that Yongguk gave Daehyun and Daehyun gave me looks that asked for help. I started to think through a plan and decided to distract Yongguk.

I leaned forward and took a little a popcorn and pushed them then against his mouth.

”Hyung say ahhhh” He looked a little unsure at me but opened his mouth and I gave him. I felt the gaze Jongup gave us two but I didn’t care about it that much right now.


-Yongguk’s pov-

First and last i don’t understand what Zelo is doing. He has been Jongup so much at this time so this was the first time in a week that he does this.

Some times I can feel Jongup’s gaze at me and I didn’t understand what it was with him.

Zelo sat in my lap so I wrapped my arms around him and my head on his shoulder.

I didn’t know what it was with him today, the last days he has been spending them with Jongup. Maybe he noticed it by him self and decided to hang with me again. It mattered what ever I did since Jongup kept looking at me with a sour look and some times Zelo would look over at him.

This went on like that until it was commercial in the show and I had had enough of this. I rose so fast Zelo fell down to the floor and gave out a sound from the pain he was put in form the fall.

The others looked at me surprised and Jongup was quickly at Zelo’s side to help him up form the floor.

”Why did you do that?” Jongup asked me sourly and Zelo put his hand over the place on his back that he hit when he fell. I didn’t care about answering him as I grabbed both’s wrists and dragged them with me to my room. They followed me without a word and I could hear Himchan and Youngjae talk.

They wondered what I would do but I didn’t have the energy to explain it to them. One thing I knew for sure was that something was going on between Jongup and Zelo which I wanted to sor out as fast as possible so I could go back to make Daehyun understand that I liked him.


As soon as we were inside I slammed the door shut and both did immediatily look terrified. They looked unsure at each other and then down at the ground, like two kids that was about to get scolded from their mother.

”What is going on between you two?” I asked in a stern voice which made both jump slightly and look up at me. I had rarely ever been forced to use that voice and it seemed as if Zelo was panicing from it.

”Nothing” said Jongup and a big sorrow could be seen in Zelo’s eyes.

”What is going on? I can see that it is something... All of the sudden Zelo starts hanging out with me again and you look like you want to kill him” I said in a louder voice Jongup looked sourly at Zelo.

”There was something but not any more” He then said and crossed his arms. Just as he said that Zelo’s facial expression changed in a blink of an eye. Never do I believe any one in the group seen him this heartbroken, the tears ran quickly down from his eyes. It was difficult to see it but there defenetly anger underneath the sorrow and that became a factum when he pushed Jongup so he fell down to the ground hard. Jongup looked up and met Zelo’s gaze, honestly I thought it was going to be a big fight but instead he rose up and embraced Zelo. I could see how much Zelo tried to push him away but Jongup was much stronger and it didn’t seem as if eh had any thought about letting him go soon. I pushed my self away from the door and over to them.

”Now tell me what’s going on” I said and Zelo who was still embraced by Jongup answered.

”Yesterday I woke Jongup up from a dream where he was moaning my name and then he confessed and I was unsure of my feelings so we said we would give it a week and then I started to think off it and I got more and more attached to him and then when we went to the movie he met a girl and didn’t give a about me and he’s been only talking about her... And I’m sorry hyung but I wanted to make him jealous and I talked to Dae and I promised him to distract you from him” When he finally had stopped talking he took a deep breath since he had been talking really fast without any paus. Jongup finally realised him and looked down in shame.

”I just wanted to act normally. That’s why I kept on talking about her. I didn’t want to be too cheesy” said Jongup and looked up at Zelo who was still crying.

”Now you two don’t cry. It’s just a missunderstanding so make up” I tried to sound so happy and supporting as possible even though all I could think about was Daehyun. They looked into each other’s eyes and said quickly that they were sorry. Right now I could just smile of their cuteness, both blushed. Zelo looked up at Jongup and gave him a quick kiss before he hid his face against Jongup’s chest. It was really cute and awkward to watch especially when Jongup didn’t know what to do but just stroked his fingers through Zelo’s hair.

”I love you” Jongup said finally and kissed Zelo’s forehead.

”I love you too” Zelo answered and looked up with happiness shining in his eyes. I coughed a little to ge their attention, they looked at me and blushed quickly. Jongup started to drag Zelo with him out from my room but just as they was out through the door, Zelo turned to me.

”Hyung, show him that you love him” with that they walked out and closed the door. Zelo was right but how was I going to that to Dae was going to be a BIG challenge. I sat down at Daehyun’s bed and felt the madress go down. I laid down so I could feel his smell. *What was it now that he liked.. Cheesecake(ostkaka) and ehmm.... Me........* Frustrated I ruffled my hair and tried to think of something more but I didn’t come up with something. I walked over to my computer and started to search on different things that I thought Daehyun would like.


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