Himchan Imagine

by iU-EQueenz
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Himchan Imagine :-

Himchan was out to get dinner since you were super lazy to prepared ~

When Himchan got home ,

You : Channie ~ What did you got for dinner?/looks at him/
Himchan : I went to the starbucks to get Americano ~ and I bought Fried rice for dinner :)
You : I thought you would buy Cheeseburger~
Himchan : Nah ~ Im quite tired of Cheese burger ~ /smiles/
You : /laugh/ You will get tired of Cheeseburger? but you look so happy eating it almost everyday
Himchan : Cheeseji burger is not tired of get eaten by me but Im tired of eating cheeseji burger ~ XD
You : Hahah! Cheesy boy ~ /smiles/
Himchan : /hug you/ If Im cheesy boy,thats make you a cheesy girl :)
You : No Im not ~
Himchan : Keke ~ I have make you into a cheesy girl :) so just admit it ♥ /kiss your forehead/
You : aishh~/pull away/ Im hungry~

Before you go and eat,Himchan pull you in and kiss you ~

Himchan : I will love you more than any food in the world ♥ I love you ♥


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himchanismylife () says about chapter 43:
Bap in my opinion would win

Nana14056 () says about chapter 45:
Yongguk cause hes deep. His songs touches my heart, his deep voice makes my heart beat, and to top it all his caring personality that just makes my heart melts.... After writing this i feel like i want to write a story about it.

AshesAngel () says about chapter 45:
Daehyun because of his voice and his aegyo~ *spazzing* XD

alianord97 () says about chapter 31:
I wake up next to Yongguk (again) on the sofa and remembered that last night we got insanely drunk then suddenly he said 'who are you?'

#i'm glad that wasn't Daehyun :D

alianord97 () says about chapter 30:
yongguk look me in the eyes and pinched my cheeks then he said 'get lost'

#what a sad ending XD

Helloim_fz () says about chapter 31:
I woke up next to Himchan on the roof and remembered last night we passionately kissed then suddenly, he said "Who are you?"

Ohh Himchan,then why did you kissed me in the first place? XD

ausername_ () says about chapter 45:
I don't know TT Himchan is my ultimate bias, but they're have their own specialties that makes me fell in love with all of them. Really, I can't choose just one of Them T^T

ausername_ () says about chapter 6:
Zeloo... aish.. Nakkeoya TvT

sonyongah () says about chapter 31:
i wake up next Yongguk on the park and remembered that last night we made love the suddenly he said "let's do it again" XD

KIM_MINAH_19 () says about chapter 30:
Daehyun wiped my tears and pulled me into his bear hug then he said "Never leave me". OMG wish he actually said that to me!!!

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