No Ordinary Love


Falling inlove with the same is not easy especially when you fall for someone who is straight  and unbelievably mean. Can he tell him that he likes him? or he'll end up all beaten up because of revealing his true self? but the question is can love finds it way to make it work though it's not a very ordinary kind of love?

    Because he wants to get himself out of his current school, Lee Donghae decided to volunteer himself to be one of the exchange students that their school will bring to Seoul Imperial Academy; it’s the exact opposite of his current school. Seoul Imperial Academy is more lenient and have less rules, exactly what he wanted. But there is one more thing he wanted to run away from, a secret he’s been hiding for a very long time. Little did he know that entering Imperial High will be the greatest turning point of his life including the revelation of his secret and there’s no one to blame but Imperial High’s Lee Hyukjae.


..I always thought that my first love was when I was in grade school, because I always do force myself to believe that she was my first love, because in that way I am considered normal. But I was wrong, I met my first love when I entered my sophomore year in high school and what I felt  was love at first sight. That person was wearing the same uniform as I have, and when I say ‘the same’ it means we both wear a necktie and pants...


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steukheex3 #2
Chapter 32: Please update author-nim :(
niceeunhae #3
Chapter 32: Almost everyweek i checked for your update,but i just can sigh T_T
MyMonkeyHyukjae #4
Chapter 32: I'm begging you please update this story please please for the sake of 7jib :(
MeinAltire #5
Chapter 32: I miss this story....
kpopistheshizz #6
Chapter 32: Omg. Cryyyyy ;~;
miinah101315 #7
I really hope u have time to update soon :/
miinah101315 #8
Chapter 32: Wow I just found this story and caught up and I really like it <3 it really managed to control my feelings and get me sad and like giggle at the cute moments and now it's hurting a little BECUASE of the situation but I look forward to your update :)
chocoyuki0415 #9
Chapter 32: Please don't abandon this story ㅠㅠ authornim
chocoyuki0415 #10
Chapter 32: ㅠㅠ oh my god what happen with hyukjae .. i love this.. ♥♥
AnnabelleRaen #11
Chapter 32: I. Love. This. You've me got me hooked, author-nim