Her Not-So Princely Oppas Completed!

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You & B1A4!


A seventeen year old high schooler living with a single mom. How much more boring could life get? Suddenly, you are told by your mom that you'll be getting not one, not two, but FIVE stepbrothers?! Of course, you are stun...

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  Hey readers!   Muzikmaster is here with another story to please you all! Hope you enjoy it! ^^     Her Not-So Princely Oppas By muzikmaster   Main Characters

You (The Reader):


You are the bubbly and cute main character! Your cheerful personality makes you easy to approach and befriend. Be careful, though. If someone gets on your bad side, you will get back at them too. You live with your bright and cheerful single mother that usually does things on an impulse. Sometimes, you think that you're the mother and she's the daughter!



Real Name: Jung Jinyoung

Your Nickname For Him: Mr. Pretty Boy

Jinyoung is the most leader-like out of all your stepbrothers and he's the only one that didn't want to change his last name to your family's last name, "Park". He's the easiest one to talk to, but he's also the hardest one to understand. Your first impression of him is a complete pretty boy and a life-like anime ch...

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exoticviplyf () says about chapter 11:
omg baro <3

EXOticINSPIRIT127 () says about chapter 43:
THIS IS THE CUTEST FANFIC EVER WRITTEN! thank you for giving me B1A4 feels again :)

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you all so much<3

SaranghaeMelody () says about chapter 43:

yuxuan () says about chapter 43:
If only this has sequel then it is more fun

EIBBB_KPOP () says about chapter 43:
I thought she would end up with Baro but this ending is awesome as well!

PerfectlyImperfectxX () says about chapter 43:
Throughought my reading, like I've said and acted oh so dramatically, my poor hear.. uggh.. my heart! Stahp! No! Yes? The cuteness and all the love is just so asdfgxhkk- so much xD And her Mum is such a genius! O_O also caring & supportive :) Love your story author-nim!

Alessia26 () says:
Such a nice story. I like it a lot :-)

haewifey () says about chapter 43:
awwww such a sweet story <3

Blehlala () says about chapter 43:
Tsk, couldn't she choose one???? -3- other than that, good story:)

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