First Love and All That Crap

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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Dating Byun Baekhyun wasn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be.


Actually, it was really easy to be with him.


Perhaps it was because you had prepared yourself for the worst. You'd once concluded that being in a relationship with him was going to be a pain in the , considering how bad his personality was (but you couldn’t just leave him alone and go find another guy because despite how crazy he was, you liked him—perhaps way too much than you were supposed to). Or maybe, there was something else you didn’t know, happened along the way.


But whatever it was, it turned out that the real Byun Baekhyun was a complete angel.


Well, okay fine. That was a bit dramatic. But honestly? He wasn’t that bad at all!


It took a while for him to finally open himself completely to you. For the first couple of months, Baekhyun kept his guard up, even when you two were alone in your room. He often forcibly changed the topic whenever you asked something too personal about him, but after more hours and days passing by, he finally let his guard down.


The moment he opened himself to you—and for the love of God, he opened up so much that you started to think that maybe the guy had a split personality or something—he became this hopelessly romantic, cheesy, overly sweet, and constantly filled-with-aegyo kind of guy. Although, it wasn’t that obvious and not overly grossed like how Chanyeol behave around his girlfriend. No, that would be simply annoying. Even the thought of him acting like Chanyeol made you cringe.


Baekhyun was so, so adorable that you thought maybe his body was actually made from thousands of cute tiny plushies and unicorns. He smiled pretty often now (although yes, he still put on his trademark smirk once in a while—and you loved it every time he did that); he hugged you a lot; he liked to lace his fingers with yours whenever he thought nobody was looking (Lu Han actually did and he gagged quite obviously in front of you); and sometimes, instead of exchanging inappropriate touches like hormonal teenagers you both were, he just lay his head on your lap and listened wholeheartedly to your story—treating each and every one of them as a lullaby, escorting him to his dreamland.


Baekhyun was still being a tease and cocky as hell for most of the times, but the rate of him being greasy was actually higher than that. Since you two got together, he often called you by your name (not Sweetheart, but your actual real name), especially when you lay together with him in your bed after . And believe it or not, there was a time when he actually told you how beautiful you were and he kept on doing that once in a while and none too subtle either. It was hard to believe at first, considering his ego and how he usually thought that no one was better or even prettier than him. But he did—even if it took years for that to happen.


There were many moments where your expectation didn’t align with the reality.


You thought that dating Byun Baekhyun was going to be like throwing PDA all over the place, giving secret s under the table on your lunch hours or during classes, and perhaps even having in unexpected public areas, such as: behind the bleachers, an abandoned janitor room, or on top of that dusty piano he used to play in the studio. You didn’t think nor ever expect him to be one of those romantic, cavity-inducing sweet types of boyfriend who liked to watch his lover sleep all night long and other craps like that. No, you never took that into consideration.


But holy , you really should have thought of that.


What do you think you’re doing, Baek?” you asked when he circled his arms around your waist and pulled you back to bed, holding you close to his chest as the two of you rested together on your bed. It was eight in the morning, and you had stirred yourself out of the bed to get ready for your early dance class. You'd managed to unlock his arms from around your stomach when Baekhyun suddenly came around and woke up with a soft yawn and half-lidded eyes, heavy with sleep. Smiling drowsily, he had pinned you back to the bed, starting his next cuddle session with you.


“Baekhyun,” you called, giggling a bit when your boyfriend nuzzled his nose to a soft spot at the back of your neck. “Baek, I really need—stop it, that tickles!—I really need to get ready for my class.”


“No, you don’t,” he replied, voice sounding huskier than ever. “What you need—” he stopped to give you a warm, open mouthed kiss on your nape, “mmm—is to go back to sleep with me.”


You turned your body around so now you could see him face-to-face while still lying next to him.


Baekhyun smiled again, his eyes turning into beautiful pair of crescents. “Good morning,” he whispered, leaning in to give you a peck on the lips but you backed away the moment his soft lips met yours.


“Eew, morning breath! Morning breath!” you protested with a laugh, pushing his face away with one of your palms. “Brush your teeth first, you !”


“You haven’t done it either, right?” he retorted, grabbing your hand away from his face and grinned as he tipped his head forward again, doing his second attempt on kissing you.


“Yes, and that’s why you shouldn’t be kissing me right now!”


“I don’t care~”


Baek!” You were giggling again when Baekhyun shifted his weight so now he was hovering on top of you, grabbing both of your protesting hands in his and never letting them go as he placed small tickling kisses from your cheeks, to your nose, and to your jaw lines, until he mischievously landed a longer one on your mouth.


“I hate you,” you uttered, pouting but still closing your eyes when he bent his head down to kiss your lips again. He didn’t smell that bad—actually, he didn’t smell like anything. You just didn’t want him to kiss you because you were afraid that he’d get a whiff of your stank breath on the first thing in the morning.


“I hate you too,” Baekhyun replied nonchalantly, and you smiled back into the kiss as the flashback flew through your brain. You had done this kind of conversation with him before at the campus’ swimming pool, and you thought it was kind of cute for him to react similarly like this. Maybe he remembered it too.


Baekhyun was starting to part your lips with his when you whispered, “I hate you more.”


“And I hate you the—” he stopped abruptly and pulled back from the kiss. He scrunched up his nose when he looked at you and commented, “Damn girl, you do smell bad!”


You gasped, blushing madly. “!” You slapped a hand on his chest but he was too filled with joyful laughter to care what you were doing to him.


“Kidding, kidding~” He snuggled back and gave a small trail of butterfly kisses down your neck to calm you down. He nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck and you chuckled because you enjoyed that kind of feeling that made your toes curled. You shivered when he took in your scent and hummed in delight afterwards, his sound vibrating straight to your ear.


“You smell nice,” he said, beaming at you as he looked glued his back with yours.


“Ugh, you’re so greasy.” You rolled your eyes and poked one of his cheeks with your index finger. “Remind me why I did I agree to date you again?”


One side of his mouth curved up. “Do you want me to tell you in alphabetical order or—”


“Oh, shut up.” You slammed a pillow against his face. “But seriously, everyday I’m asking myself: ‘why am I dating this ’?”


“Well, first of all,” he said, tossing the pillow away. “You can’t resist me because of how gorgeous I look.”


“Ah, yes, the beautiful face of Byun Baekhyun,” you said, putting a dramatic act. “How could I ever forget?”


“Aaw, you’re beautiful too, Sweetheart,” he sneered; giving you little kitten on the skin under your ear.


“Eew, stop! You’re gross!” You struggled to push him away and he tickled your stomach again in return. He was throwing one of his well-known eye smiles, grinning from ear-to-ear, and his laugh was crisp and heartwarming. “Baekhyun!You shouted between your own laughter, gasping from air because he wasn’t stopping. “Baek, my class starts in twenty minutes, so please stop!”


“Only because you begged,” he said, drawing his hands back. You thought he was really going to let you go this time, but then he climbed down your body until he could lie his head on your stomach. As soon as he did it, he closed his eyes and sighed contentedly.


“What the hell are you doing now?” you asked, propping yourself up with an elbow to take a proper look at him.


Baekhyun kissed your navel over your shirt without breaking his eye contact with yours, and he smirked as he placed the side of his face on your stomach and readied himself back to sleep. “Good night, Sweetheart~”




You complained loudly but you also knew that “what Baekhyun wants is what Baekhyun gets”. That was the basic rule. So, after letting out a loud, exasperated breath, you decided to just screw it all and skipped your morning class—because boy, he really did fall back to sleep with his head on your tummy and you didn’t have the heart to kick him right off the bed. Instead, you ran your hand along the strands of his hair. Unlike his snarky personality, Baekhyun’s hair was soft and fluffy, and you very much liked the way it curled around your fingers. It was being kind of a habit (or probably, a kink) for you to touch it whenever you get the chance (you also had a kink for his lean fingers, but seriously, who doesn’t? They look like they were personally sculpted by God Himself!).


Somewhere along the way, you got dragged away in your own dream, probably getting sleepy from counting his constant breath as he dozed off on top of you. Baekhyun was heavy, sure, but he wasn’t crushing you so it didn’t bother you a lot. Even though the first few minutes were a bit hard to go through because your heart was thrumming loudly against your ribcages from him being this close to you.



Speaking of dating Byun Baekhyun, you also thought that he was going to be a selfish, self-worshipping bastard kind of a guy when it came to relationships. You didn’t think that he was going to be all caring, sweet and loving over you.


But well, you were wrong once again.


“Baek, I’m seriously fine!” you said, whining noisily when he was covering you with a blanket until you were wrapped with it from your shoulders to your toes. You looked like a cocoon, to be honest, and you grimaced from the thought of how unattractive you looked to him right now.


After spending hours and hours practicing your choreography for The Spring’s Show, your body had reached your limit and you stumbled down into sickness for the last few days. For the first two days, you had felt like someone was hammering your head with a screwdriver and you had a crazy fever. You were so thankful Baekhyun was there to take care of you, but now that four days had passed, you were already feeling much better so you thought that you didn’t need any kind of special treatment from him anymore, but the boy just wouldn’t stop caring.


“I don’t want you to get cold,” Baekhyun said, tucking you properly under the blanket.


“Baekhyun,” you scolded, “it’s like two in the freaking afternoon. If anything, I’m going to be dead from the heat!”


He shook his head. “No can do.”


Baek!” You could actually feel a droplet of sweat rolling down your back. It was too hot to be wrapped in that goddamn blanket by now, and you grew desperate so you went to your last attempt. You weren’t proud of this plan, but it was your only resort.


You your lower lip and moaned, “Oppa~”


Baekhyun’s body went absolutely still and after a second passed by, he looked at you with a dangerous look glinting in his eyes.


You brought your eyes down to meet his in the most seductive way you could manage—well, you looking like an oversized cocoon killed most of it already but what the hell. Since Baekhyun always had a soft spot for being called ‘oppa’ by you, you kept on trying.


Just release me already~” You shifted your body a little, and you cursed under your breath. If you weren’t being tucked like this, you could have swooped him right off his feet with the y swaying of your hips, but damn it, that plan wouldn’t work now. “Come on, Baekhyun-oppa, if you let me out of here, I’ll let you take off my clothes completely~


Baekhyun gulped down nervously, looking a bit too tempted. “N-no.”


Oppa~" You blinked cutely and puckered your lips suggestively." Please~”


“No.” He sounded steadier this time.




Baekhyun shook his head, face dead serious. “No, no, Sweetheart. You do as I say.”


Remember the basic rule? “What Baekhyun wants is what Baekhyun gets”? Yep.


“I bet you were a heartless, annoying ahjumma in your previous life,” you blurted out without thinking as you did his command, and he just flicked your nose.


“Stop protesting, and just go back to sleep. It’s for your own good,” Baekhyun said, placing a small, wet towel on your temple and you were grateful from the comforting cold. “Are you hungry?”


“Yes,” you admitted, “but I don’t want you to feed me again, so if you’re going to force me for it, I’d rather not eat!”


Baekhyun frowned, a bit offended. “Why?”


“Because you’re always sticking the spoon too far inside my mouth, it makes me want to gag!”


“I thought you didn’t have any gag reflexes.” Baekhyun grinned mischievously. “Because, you know, whenever you blow me and my dic—”


Stop! Just...” You wanted to bury your face in your hands. “Goodness, stop.”


Baekhyun chuckled and slipped a strand of your messy hair behind your ear. “What do you want to eat?”


“Mmm...” You would have tapped your chin if your hands weren’t stuck under the blanket. “Patbingsu...?”


“Are you kidding me? You’re having a cold!”


“But I’m not sick anymore!”






“I said ‘no’, and that is final!”


“Fine, Mom, whatever.” You rolled your eyes at him and he made a mocking face in return. After a moment, you hastily asked, “Can you make something for me, then? I want to eat something specially made by you.”


In rare moments like this, Baekhyun blushed quite obviously and you wanted to just burn the blanket to ashes so you could wrap your arms around him and placed playful but caring kisses on his cheeks because he was that adorable.


“I... I can, but...” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “But I don’t know how it’ll taste.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll eat it!”


“Well, okay. But if you die from eating it, I’m not going to take any responsibility for it.”


“My boyfriend, Ladies and Gentlemen,” you said, tantalizing him. “Always the responsible one.”


Baekhyun grew even redder. “Fine, go eat dirt, I don’t care!”


“I’m joking, sorry!” You were laughing at the embarrassed look on his face. “Please, Baek, make something for me? Pretty please with cherry on top?” You were actually batting your eyelashes at him.


“Ugh, okay, okay, fine. Stop being disgusting.” He groaned in defeat. “I’ll probably just make something simple anyway. Go back to sleep. I’ll be back in fifteen.”


“Okay, wifey~” You sang-song as he stood up from your bed. He scowled and you made kissy face at him in return.


It turned out that he went for two hours, for God’s sake, and honestly? The only thing he brought back with him was a homemade sandwich. And it wasn’t that special either. That piece of food was only consisted of cheese, some small pieces of bacon, mayonaisses, some tomato sauce (you preferred chili sauce, actually, but whatever), and a small part of fried eggs.


“Wow...” You commented when he handed you over the plastic-covered sandwich. He had given you permission to toss away the blanket for a small period of time. “This is...” You analyzed the poor-looking sandwich. “Wow.”


“Oh, shut up,” he retorted, a bit flushed. “This is what I can do in such short amount of time, okay? Deal with it.”


Short amount of time? Baekhyun,” you said, narrowing your eyes accusingly at him. “You went for two hours.”


“Well, unlike you lying here lazily in bed, I had to actually go to the mini store to buy the ingredients!”


“And where’s that mini store, if I may ask?”


Baekhyun pouted and looked away. “Across the campus.”


“Exactly! Which will only take you, maximum six minutes and thirty-two seconds by walking.”


“As if you actually counted that.”


“I actually did, yes. Some time before Christmas last year, thank you very much.” You just had nothing better to do at that time.


“What the—" Baekhyun shook his head. "Whatever. I had to do groceries. It already took a lot of time for that.”


“You only had to buy some cheese, eggs, and bacon! What the hell took you so long?”


“I had to get mayonnaise too, you know!”


“Oh okay, so you spent another hour trying to find that. Fantastic.”


“And the tomato sauce! Don’t forget the tomato sauce.”


You stared at him. “Yes, of course. Two hours for some tomato sauce. You’ve used your time efficiently, young man. Your mother would've been so proud.”


“Why, you little ungrateful—” Baekhyun pinched both of your cheeks and pulled at them until your face went weird and you struggled to speak properly.


“Gwet oeff oef mwe!” You protested and pinched his hands back so he would let go. He didn’t. “Baekhyun!”


It always went like that, really. Whenever you were with Baekhyun, you two always flirted at the beginning, got into a childish fight in the middle, and ended it with teasing grins and matching laughter before finally sealed your arguments with warm kisses on the lips. Baekhyun was the spontaneous type, always doing things without much thinking beforehand and his actions always managed to amuse you—or perhaps, irritated you a bit at some point but it was nothing too much for you to handle. It kept the relationship interesting.


“Woah, it’s good,” you said, munching a bite from his sandwich. “This is actually really good, that I’m starting to think maybe you just bought this sandwich in that mini store and just waited there for two hours, wandering around doing nothing, so I’d assume you made this by yourself.”


Yah! That’s mean!” Baekhyun rolled to his side, so he was now lying on the bed, facing you directly. “That’s not true at all! I made it by myself, you know.”


“Did you put all of your love for me in this baby?” you winked teasingly at him.


He sighed. “Just shut up and eat.”


“I’m sorry.” You chuckled back. “But seriously, this tastes great.”


And sometimes, at the cheesiest moments like this one, Baekhyun would do something similarly spontaneous, but seriously embarrassing act, that you just couldn’t help but to blush, mirroring the look on his face. The boy just grinned good-naturedly beside you before he leaned in and stole a bite from the sandwich you just gnawed. That part of the food hadn’t gone into your mouth just yet, so you could still feel his lips grazed yours as he snatched some of it away.


“You’re right,” he said, chewing at the food. His pink tongue went through his parted lips to on the corner of his mouth before he continued saying, “This does taste great.”


“Go die in a hole, Baek, you’re too embarrassing to watch.”




Considering his selfish, egoistic personality, it was normal for you to think that in your relationship with Mr. Byun, everything he would talk about was going to be all about him, him, and himself only. You didn’t think, not even for a second, that Baekhyun would spend his afternoon, lying beside you on the bed and listening to your story, taking every word into heart.


But well, that was what happening right now.


“What do you like to do other than dancing?” Baekhyun asked softly. He was lying on his side, facing you, and running his fingers on your finger pads as he looked intently at you.


“You.” You wiggled your eyebrows and winked at him.


“Congratulations,” Baekhyun flatly said, “you just turned my innocent question into a ed one.”


“Hey, I’m just trying to level up with you, honey.”


“Nice.” He pinched the bridge of your nose until you slapped his hand away. “But seriously,” he asked again, taking a hold of your left hand. “What do you like to do in your free time?”


You huffed to the air, lying on your back with your eyes on the ceiling. “I don’t know, maybe singing? But I’m a terrible singer, so...”


“I’ve never heard you sing,” he confessed, bringing one of your digits to his lips and he pressed a soft kiss there, making you turn your head to see him.


“Trust me,” you replied, “You don’t want to hear me sing.”


He closed his eyes and kissed another finger. “Try me.”


“No,” you stated firmly, but feeling warm and content on the inside when his soft lips grazed your skin once again. 


He stopped and let your fingers go to show you a mischievous smirk. “I still have my two wishes, remember? I can use one of them right now.”


Your jaw dropped low. You honestly had forgotten about the bet and how Baekhyun still had his two wishes left. “Don’t you dare—”


“I wish to hear you sing,” Baekhyun ordered, grinning with an excited look on his face. “Come on, Sweetheart, do your job.”


“Ugh, fine!” You grunted, scowling at him. “If you’re going deaf, don’t blame it on me.”


“Okay, okay~” He laughed, showing his two sharp canines that you grew to love.


The way his laughter rang through your ears, washed your anger and irritation away, and you just didn’t have any energy left to be mad at him. So you closed your eyes, willed yourself not to blush, and sang.


To make it brief, you were singing a child song (out of all the freaking songs in the world), and you forgot the lyrics halfway through your singing, and your voice cracked at the end of the song. Really, the word ‘horrible’ wasn’t even enough to describe how agonizing your singing was, but Baekhyun was smiling the whole time.


“If you’re trying to be all Romeo crap on me and tell me that I sounded good,” you said, threatening him with a glare, “I’m gonna slice your balls into two.”


“Honey,” Baekhyun chuckled, “They’re already two.”


“Fine, slice them into four, sixteen, whatever number you like.”


“Well, keeping my balls off topic, I think you sounded good—”


You raised a fist. “Baek, I swear—”


“—to a deaf person, that is,” he continued reassuringly and you nodded, deciding to lay off of him for a bit. “But at least you tried, Sweetheart. A for effort.”


“Ugh, remind me not to sing ever again,” you grumbled, covering your face with your hands until Baekhyun took a hold on each of them.


Baekhyun pulled them away and shifted his body so he was lying on top of you without really suffocating your from his weight. “It’s okay, I’ll do the singing,” he said, bringing his face down to meet yours. “And you’ll just do the dancing, how about that?”


“That sounds good,” you replied, smiling as he grazed his lips against yours.


The kiss—that was supposed to end just for maximum ten seconds—ended up lasting even longer than you thought.


“I thought you were—” you stopped yourself to reciprocate the kiss. “I thought you weren’t a big fan of kissing.”


Baekhyun chuckled lowly. “Says who?” he asked, speaking with his lips still in tact with yours. You exhaled softly against his mouth after he trailed his tongue on the outline of your lips, making your skin tingle.


“You’re—” Baekhyun cut you off with another kiss. This time he tugged on your lower lip before he smashed his mouth against yours and sneaked his tongue inside. He took his time exploring your mouth—from running his tongue along your teeth to the roof of your mouth—and he lightly on the tip of your tongue, leaving you breathless. You unconsciously brought your hand up to clutch desperately on one of his shoulders, before letting your fingers rest on his nape. He pulled back from the kiss; only after he pressed tiny feather light kisses on your lips and the corner of your mouth. That way, he gave you a stark contrast on how he could be so rough and demanding in the beginning, and soft and romantic at the end of the kiss. This boy’s plush lips always did wonder to your body.


“Yes, Sweetheart?” he asked, smirking and his bottom lip seductively with a satisfied look gleaming in his eyes.


Left completely dazed, you murmured what you had intended to say. “You’re such a good kisser.”


“Yeah, well, you’re not so bad yourself.” Baekhyun let out a small, airy laugh. “I like kissing you.”


You smiled, tilting your head to the side to give him a youthful, teasing look. “If I were you, I’d like kissing me too,” you commented.


He sent you a judging look.


“What?” you asked, shrugging. “I have soft, kissable lips, okay?”


He shook his head from side-to-side, feeling the secondhand embarrassment. “Did anybody ever tell you how cocky you really are?”


“You know it’s true, though.” You shrugged and he responded back by kissing you again. This time, he took a few seconds to bite gently at your lower lip.


“That’s your kink, isn’t it?” you said, suppressing your moan.


“Hmm?” he hummed, nibbling and at it until it bruised.


“Biting when you’re kissing someone. That’s your kink, right?” you asked, your way through his mouth and sighed contentedly when his probing tongue met yours.


“I don’t know,” Baekhyun said, chuckling between the kiss as he nipped at your lower lip again. This time he tugged at it, and grazed his teeth across it once again before he finally let it go. “Maybe.”


Well there you go, at least you were right about him once.




You had thought that the most favorite thing Baekhyun loved in this whole freaking universe was . , as in ing girls to oblivion with so many strange positions he probably had invented himself along the way. So yeah, you thought that if there was one soulmate for Mr. Byun in this world, then that would be . Not you, not any girl, but just purely .


But then, you were wrong. Again.


Apparently, there was one thing Baekhyun enjoyed more than .


“Why do you like to cuddle so much?” you asked, shifting your body a little on the bed to get comfortable in his arms. Baekhyun had been wrapping his limbs all over your body and pressed your back against his chest, humming happily as he took in your scent and buried his face in the crook of your neck.


“I don’t know,” he answered, and you shivered as his warm breath spread across your skin. “I’ve never gotten the chance to cuddle before. And now that I have, I like it.”


You wanted to roll your eyes when he actually giggled a little while kissing your neck in the most playful way. “Have I told you how embarrassing you are when you’re like this?” you asked, biting your lip to hold back a moan when he on a particular spot of your skin, leaving a mark to remember by tomorrow.


“Plenty of times, thank you very much,” he replied, snuggling even closer. “Have I told you how much I like the new perfume you’re wearing?”


“I’m not wearing anything now.”


“Well...” He chuckled and pressed another lingering kiss on the part where your neck met your shoulder. “Then maybe I just like you.”


“Oh my God,” you groaned, covering your face with your hands. “If being a cheeseball is a crime, you’d be sentenced to death by now.”


“Glad it isn’t, then.” He sneered back and you could feel how his lips curved up into a smile against the skin of your neck. “And give me a break, will you?” Baekhyun asked, sounding content and possibly a bit sleepy. “I’ve never actually had a girlfriend before.”


You blinked twice. “Really?”


“Really,” he answered, a bit too quite so you could imagine him blushing behind you.


Snickering, you shifted your body around so now you were facing him, with your hands pressed against his warm, thumping chest, and with his arms still lingering on your waist. You grinned lightheartedly at him, showcasing your teeth.


“W-what?” Baekhyun asked uneasily. His cheeks were tinted with pink.


“Nothing.” You grinned even wider, almost as wide as the poodle-haired kid. “I just like being called as your first girlfriend.”


“Oh, shut up.” Baekhyun broke the hug and flipped to his side, giving you his back to stare.


You giggled and mirrored his previous action, wrapping your arms around his waist. You leaned in and whispered close to his ear. “Am I your first love, too, Baekhyunnie?”


“I said, shut up!” Even though you couldn’t see it, you just knew he was pouting at that point. The tip of his ear—the one that was visible and not hidden between his head and the pillow—was starting to go red and you nipped at it out of nowhere. Baekhyun gave out a girly yelp and immediately sat up straight, untangling himself from your hold. “Stop that!” he cussed out, blushing madly.


You laughed at the sight at first but then started to shout uncontrollably, trying to stop Baekhyun from tickling you to death.



Although yes, the eyeliner boy liked cuddling more than having , talking about Baekhyun won’t be complete if we don’t include the topic—because other than the fact he was practically on legs, Baekhyun still quite enjoyed spending time to do ual activities with you.


And you were much more than grateful to comply.


The was different now, though. When you two were ‘ buddies’, he didn’t care if he was being too rough with you. He didn’t spend most of his times trying to please you with and just basically went to the main course, which was ing you hard to the mattress. He’d never shared intimate, lingering kisses with you before. He’d also never tried to maintain eye contact as he of you. He’d never murmured sweet nothings to your ear when he was finished, and to be honest, the boy had never really stayed for more than ten minutes afterwards. Plus, the two of you tended to get it on like dogs in heat whenever you guys met, so it didn’t make the ual moment feel special to any of you.


But wow, now that you were dating him, everything suddenly changed.


Nowadays, Baekhyun didn’t always ask you to have with him whenever he visited you in your room. Sometimes he only wanted to talk, or in rare occasions, he asked you to go grab some dinner with him (and whenever you mocked him for asking you out on a date, he would reply with “This is not a date, all right? I just wanted to get out of my room because apparently Lu Han thinks it’s a good idea to bring some inside and turn it into a ing playroom”).


But when he did have the initiation to have , Baekhyun would do it as subtle as possible. He wouldn’t just suddenly jump on you and pin you down to the bed like before. He would start with a nice, simple conversation like, “I watched you dance today. Was that a new song?” or “Thanks for helping me with my English paper the other day.” Then, the boy would swoop in smoothly when you put your full concentration to the conversation. He would smile greasily, and maybe run his fingers along the back of your hands, and when you were finished articulating every topic in your mind, he would casually lean in to pepper small kisses along your cheekbones. He would breathe in your scent and slightly purred like a satisfied cat, telling you how nice you smell today, before he’d finally close the gap by pressing his lips against yours.


He also kissed you differently now. It was never rushed, and the kiss never made you feel like you were just an object for him to use to please himself. He kissed you languidly, savoring the moment, and really taking in the way you taste. He always noticed whenever you changed your lip-gloss and he would snicker, telling you that the strawberry flavor suited your personality better, but the cherry one didn’t taste so bad either.


Baekhyun liked to take it slow this time—slow enough for you to enjoy it, but not the kind of slow that made you feel frustrated. Especially, the lazy morning you two did every once in a while. This kind was your favorite, because he made you feel like you had all the time in the world to be with him. That he wouldn’t leave you after —that he wouldn’t leave you. Period.


At the end of your love-making (you secretly—and cheesily—called it like that now), Baekhyun wouldn’t just pull out, put back his clothes on and leave you staring at the ceiling alone in your bed. No, he didn’t do that now. In fact, now, after the two of you just reached that mind-blowing in like seven in the morning, Baekhyun smiled tenderly and left another lingering kiss on your lips. You were panting, reeling in your post- stress, but you still answered his kiss with passion.


“You look like you just had the best of your life,” he commented, grinning. You only pushed his face away with your hand, rolling your eyes at him even though you knew he was right, because well, that was one of the best you’d ever had in your life.


He slightly laughed and kissed your palm once, twice, until he landed his lips to the inside part of your wrist, feeling the blood coursing through your veins. “Can we stay in bed until noon?”, he asked, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the skin.


“I don’t think I can go on for another round, Baek,” you said, exhaling in exhaustion.


He chuckled and shook his head. “No, I mean like, we can do something else.” He wiggled himself out of you and you moaned at the sudden loss of his warmth inside you. He moved until he was settled on top of you without crushing you to the bed. He showered you with small, unbelievably soft kisses from your navel to your chin as if he was worshipping every part of your body.


“Like what?” you asked and softly sighed as Baekhyun rested his warm lips on the bottom side of your neck, just above your collarbones.


Baekhyun didn’t answer right away. Instead, he at the spot before he sank his teeth in lightly and .


You let out a small whimper and ran your fingers through his hair. “Baekhyun...”


He continued what he was doing for another good couple of seconds before he pulled back and smirked satisfyingly at the mark he just made on your skin.


“You’re gonna need to wear another turtleneck today, Sweetheart,” he playfully commented, even wolf-whistling at you at the end. You responded by tugging his hair until he grunted, “Yah!”


“You know I hate wearing turtlenecks,” you said, glowering at him.


He scratched the back of his head, trying to convince himself that some of his hair was still there. “If I’m going bald after this, you’re going down with me.”


You rolled your eyes again, but then pulled him back for another kiss. You honestly couldn’t stop kissing him. You absolutely loved the way he tasted and how beautifully shaped his lips were. That tiny mole he had on top of his upper lip made him look even more gorgeous and you always spent a little of your time to graze your lips against that part. Honestly, you could kiss him all day long, and even then you still wouldn’t get bored.


“So,” you said between kisses, “what do you want to do today?”


“I don’t know, mmm...” He slightly groaned when you parted his lips, and swiftly entered his mouth with your tongue. “I’m thinking we could watch a movie together or something?”


The sides of your lips curved up and you pulled back from the kiss. “My God, who are you and what did you do to that Byun Baekhyun who only knew about and how to leave girls in endless despair?”


He pouted, unconsciously putting up his aegyo again before he shifted his weight until he finally had his back pressed against the headboard with you sitting on his lap. He covered both of your bodies with the soft, white bedcover and you lay your head against his chest, listening to his rhythmic heartbeat.


“I have a question,” you said, closing your eyes and drawing a smile on your face.


“I thought you said you were too tired to go for another round.”


“It’s not about that, you .” You slapped a hand on his bare chest, and he chuckled in response. “Although it does have something to do with it.”


“Okay, shoot.”


“I want to know your fantasy.”


“Was that an order or a question?”




Baekhyun wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you even closer. “Promise me you won’t laugh?” he asked.


“I promise,” you said, but you knotted your fingers, telling God that no, you didn’t promise him that with your heart.


“I...” Baekhyun hesitated, and you waited patiently. “I don’t really have any fantasy, to be honest, but there’s one thing that keeps appearing in my mind since we got, you know, together.”


“Oh?” you raised an eyebrow seductively, backing away a little just so you could look at him in the eyes. “Do you want me to dress up and do roleplay for you?”


“What—” Baekhyun narrowed his eyes incredulously. “No! That’s not it.”


“What then?”


“Well...” He was starting to blush and went a bit awkward. He looked everywhere but you when he said, “I always want to, uhh, see you in one of my shirts.”


You blinked, clearly didn’t see that coming. “Sorry, what?”


His blush went darker and he glared at you. “Don’t make me say it again!”


“You want me to wear your shirt? That’s it?” You laughed. “Oh my God, Baek, I thought you were gonna ask me to dress as Princess Leia or something!”


“Well, sorry for not being a Star Wars nerd,” he spat back and he shoved you away from his lap. “Whatever, I’m going back to sleep.”


He was upset and embarrassed, that was clear for you to see. You had promised him not to laugh at him but you did—and you did it a lot—so it wasn’t much of a surprise when he scowled and covered himself up with the blanket as he lay on his side, completely ignoring you.


Still smiling, you thought that hey, it wasn’t that hard to fulfill his fantasy, so why not?


You climbed down the bed and looked around for your underwear, but you couldn’t find them and didn’t actually have the patient to keep looking for them so you decided to just not wear any. Thankfully, when you searched for Baekhyun’s white shirt, you found it quite easily (it was thrown under the bed). You put it on and you realized that the shirt was probably three sizes bigger than your usual ones, so it covered you up until the top of your thighs. You buttoned the shirt, but left the first three buttons open, showing your cleavage every time you bend yourself forward. That, being combined with your hair and Baekhyun's special made hickies along your neck, made you look like a high school but what the hell, it was his fantasy, not yours.


“Baekhyun~” you called, voice teasing as you crawled to his side. You went closer until you straddled him by the hips. “Baek, are you still mad?”


Baekhyun was covering himself up to his face with the blanket. “I don’t want to talk to you. You laughed at me.”


“I’m sorry.” You giggled. Honestly, how could he be so cute? “Stop covering yourself up and look at me.”


“No,” he replied coldly. “I don’t want to. You’re mean.”


“You don’t want to? Really?” You leaned in to whisper against his ear—that was also covered by the sheet, by the way. “Not even if I’m wearing your shirt right now?”


With a speed of light, Baekhyun pulled the bedcover away from his face and looked at you with wide, expecting eyes. When he glued his eyes to your body, you smirked and tossed your hair back with a swift move from your neck. His eyes flickered to every part of your body, stopping for a second longer on your chest, and taking everything he saw to his deepest memory and you felt the satisfaction closing in you.


You sat back on his lap and slouched forward to whisper, “Just so you know...” you stopped to give a quick, hard smooch on his lips. “I’m still not wearing anything underneath.”


Baekhyun’s face was practically burning. He suddenly turned around, pressing his chest to the bed and made your body stumbled out off his lap in the process. He covered himself up with the bedcover once again, hiding his very existence.


“Baekhyun?” you asked, lying beside him and propped your head up with an elbow. “Are you okay?”


“You look ridiculous!” he shouted, his voice muffled by the sheets. “It turns me off and I hate you for ruining my fantasy!”


You pressed a hand to your mouth so you could hold back your laughter. You recalled one of the most important things you knew about Byun Baekhyun: whenever he was feeling embarrassed because of you, he would say the opposite things he felt about you at the moment.


So if you translate those words...


You look beautiful, it turns me on and I love you for living up my fantasy.




And last but not least, you thought that in your love relationship with Mr. Byun, you would be the one who’d play the role of the constantly jealous lover, 24/7. Because even though you wouldn’t admit it outside, you realized that damn, Baekhyun was like way hotter than you. Or at least, way much more attractive than you (because being attractive doesn’t always mean in a physical way). This reminded you to the time when you were dating Kris, that handsome Chinese guy who would steal everyone’s attention whenever he was walking together with you in public places.


But then again, your expectation always got proven wrong whenever it came to Mr. Byun.


“Who the hell is that guy?” Baekhyun snapped, right after you approached him on the corner of the dance studio. Without being so subtle anymore, Baekhyun always came to your dance practices whenever he didn’t have any classes to go to. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but you could see how much he enjoyed watching you dance when your eyes secretly flickered to see him analyzing your movements from the side of the room. Your dance partners never really complained about him being there—if anything, you could honestly hear some girls saying, “OMG you guys, don’t look right away, but there’s like, a really cute guy at the back of the room. I think he’s watching me! OMG OMG OMG~” and you would roll your eyes at that but didn’t hold back a satisfied smile from appearing on your lips because that cute guy happened to be your boyfriend and he was there to watch you.


After your dance instructor, Mrs. Jung, had given you and the rest of the dancers ten minutes of break time, you'd grabbed a fresh bottle of water from your bag and had walked happily to greet your boyfriend. But before you had gotten the chance to say hi—or even smile, really—Baekhyun had already thrown a glare at your direction, with his hands folded neatly in front of his chest.


“What?” you asked, frowning.


“I'm asking you,” he said, breathing heavily as he tried to contain his anger. “Who the hell is that guy?”


He pointed somewhere across the room and you followed the direction of his index finger, until it finally landed to a boy with tanned skin and glorious hair. You recognized him quickly as Kim Jongin, the new dance teacher in your class. He just came in to teach this year, so he still hadn’t gotten his own classes to teach but he was there as Mrs. Jung’s assistant.


Considering that you were about in the same age as him, it was easy for you to get friendly with each other. Jongin had been shy and nervous when he got in to this class to be the assistant of the much older dance instructor, and you tried to get close to him so he’d enjoy the atmosphere in the room. He was handsome—too handsome to merely be a dance assistant, really—and girls were all over him (even some boys, to be honest), so he often shied away from the group. He was grateful for your presence there because you were probably the only one in the room who wasn’t trying to molest him with your eyes.


So, yes, maybe you were a bit too friendly with him. But you were just friends!


“He’s Kim Jongin,” you said, reaching to hold Baekhyun’s hand to calm him down.


Baekhyun snorted loudly. “More like Kim , if you ask me.”


You sighed and gripped his hand tightly to assure him. “He’s just a friend, Baek.”


“Really?” Baekhyun asked in a sarcastic tone. “Because friends don’t touch another friend like that, Sweetheart.”


You tried to understand what Baekhyun was referring to, until it knocked you straight on the head. Jongin was trying to teach you how to do the Stag Turn—a movement where your supporting knee is slightly bent and the other leg is up in the air and bent behind your body. To prevent you from falling, Jongin had one of his arms circled around your waist, stabilizing your body, while the other one was intertwined with your right hand, holding it high in the air to give the correct example.


You laughed at your boyfriend for being jealous over something like that. “Honestly, Baek, he was just teaching me a new dance move. It was necessary.”


Baekhyun slapped your hand away and back to folding his arms in front of his chest. “Well, I don’t like it!”


“What do you want me to do? Protest to the Instructor and ask you to dance with me instead?” You taunted, but still grinning and stood up on your toes to ruffle his hair. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous~” You exclaimed before giving him a quick peck on the cheek, leaving him all flushed and sputtered.


“I’m not jealous!” He retorted, pinching each one of your hands so you would stop touching him like he was a five year-old boy who just lost his cookies.


“Of course, you’re not~” You hugged him around the waist. “Come on, Baek, I’ve endured watching girls talking about how y you are without being upset. Can’t you just do this for me?”


“Well, you don’t see me touching them, do you?” he snapped, voice rising a bit louder. “You’re being too careless—do you know how many boys have been watching you with dirty looks from the beginning of this class?”


“Huh?” That actually caught you off guard. You didn’t think you could gain that kind of attention from people in this room.


“Honestly?!” Baekhyun was fuming at that point. “Do you even know how hot you look right now?”


You slapped a hand around your mouth to hide your grin. “No, why don’t you tell me how hot I am?” you , raising one of your eyebrows in attempt of being y.


“You—” He almost blurted out his opinion but decided to drop it because of his own ego. “Oh shut up, you’re not that hot.”


You laughed a little and then puckered your lips playfully. “Can I get my kiss now, Baekkie?”


“No.” Baekhyun looked away with a huff, jutting out his lower lip in the most adorable way.


“Aaw, are you still mad?” You sang song, pinching his right cheek before he batted your fingers away.


“Of course, I am!” he shouted but unfolding his arms and threw them on the air. “He’s touching you and I don’t like that at all!”


You chuckled and moved your body closer to his until he shut up and couldn’t help but to stare at you and how your chest was pressed against his. You were wearing a tight black tank top, and you were sweating a bit from the first half of dance practice you just did. The combination of those two was already a deathly weapon to go up against your boyfriend, without you shoving your cleavage to his face.


“He doesn’t touch me in the way that you do, though,” you whispered, your lower lip suggestively and his eyes danced in sync with the movement of your tongue.


“But I...” Baekhyun gulped, blinking hard to stop being dazed with your flirting attempt. “Whatever, I’m still upset!”


“Are you going to be upset forever?”




“Even if I tell you ‘I’m sorry’?”


He shook his head, still protruding his lower lip out.


You reached up and played with the soft hair on the back of his neck. “Not even a kiss can’t fix it?”


“No,” he sternly said again.


“Ugh, fine!” You sighed loudly, rolling your eyes in exasperation and shoved him away by the shoulders. Baekhyun could just be so irritably childish sometimes. “Whatever, Baek! You can just go grumbling forever. See if I care!” You turned back on your heels and stomped away, wanting to leave him alone until he notices that he was being a brat and came crawling back to you.


But in a split second, Baekhyun pulled you back by wrapping his fingers around your wrist and forced you to face him. He didn’t say anything, but his action meant a lot more than any word could form.


Pushing you back against the wall, he leaned in to give you a hard, breathless smooch on your lips that left you weak on the knees and your heart banging against your ribcages. He was eagerly dominating the kiss and parted your lips without permission (although you’d give him one on the next second anyway), and he kept on bruising your lips with his until you whimpered against his mouth.


You wanted to push him away—because wow, he was literally shoving his tongue down your throat for everyone to see—but for the love of God, Baekhyun was just unstoppable right now.


He let out a small, y-as-hell grunt from the back of his throat as he tugged your chin down with his fingers, serving him more access into your mouth. At that point, you were hanging desperately to his leather jacket and you were grateful because he still had his arms splayed around your hips to seize you up—although you kept wincing every now and then from how hard and desperate his hold was.


When he let go, he gazed at you with demanding eyes while running his thumb over your slick, swollen lower lip. “You’re mine.”


You were about to give an incoherent answer so you just shut your mouth and nodded, still partly dazed from the kiss.


Say it.


“I’m—" You swallowed, still completely breathless.  "I'm yours.”


Then he smirked satisfyingly, murmuring softly, “That’s right, Sweetheart,” before he smashed his mouth against yours again.


“Not wanting to ruin the heated moment, Mr. Byun,” a voice that sounded too similar to Mrs. Jung’s came in to interrupt. “But could you please let go of my student for the time being? We have a practice to do.”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Baekhyun stiffly said, clearing his throat awkwardly while he set you down quickly. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, hurriedly combing your tangled hair with your fingers and smoothened down your tank top.


“Meet me after practice,” Mrs. Jung said, glaring at you before she walked away, clapping her hands to gain back people’s attention in the room. “Come on, people! Show’s over! Get back to your places!”


You grimaced at the thought of what kind of detention you were going to get from her. “Baekhyun,” you said, exhaling heavily while throwing daggers at him with your eyes. “You’re gonna pay for this later.”


Baekhyun only smirked and folded his arms back. “Should I prepare the handcuffs, Sweetheart?” he questioned, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Are you gonna spank me later?”


He added a naughty wink as your face grew redder.






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