Indecisive Part I

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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“Baekhyun,” you whispered, half-covering your mouth with your hand as the tears threatened to fall. “Honey, wake up…”


Your husband moved in his sleep, producing this small little moan of displeasure at the back of his throat. He only proceeded to opening his eyes after receiving a few nudges around his shoulder.


“What…?” he groaned, eyes squinting at the dim light that was coming from the round-shaped crystal table lamp beside your bed. “Sweetheart, it’s late. Go back to sleep—” but then he noticed the tears that were forming in your eyes and he immediately propped an elbow underneath him and sat up on the bed. “Hey, what’s wrong—are you okay?” he asked, one hand cupping your cheek while the other one lifted your face up by the chin to examine your expression.


“Y-yes, it’s just…” You sniffled and pressed your temple against his chest when Baekhyun gently d your hair. He didn’t detect any kind of pain and he was relieved a little for that, though his eyebrows were still knitted in concern.


“Did you have a nightmare?” he murmured and you laughed, pulling away from him. Because no, it wasn’t a nightmare. You were just having the sweetest dream and the Goddess of Fortune seemed to be taking your side because you were still living in it when you woke up.


“It’s positive…” you said before you cried even more, though your lips were curving up into a smile. “Baekhyun, it’s positive!”


“What—what is?” He still looked lost, his eyes moving back and forth searching yours. “Sweetheart, are you hurt anywhere? I—” His sentence was interrupted with a shake of your head.


You bit your lip, trying to contain the amount of joy you felt in your chest to yourself for now. You sobbed a little when you showed him your pregnancy strip test—a pale, white stick you’d been holding tightly with your trembling hand. Baekhyun looked caught off guard for a moment there and his eyes went wide when he noticed the red two lines appearing on the card which only indicated that you were—


Pregnant?” Baekhyun asked, his jaw hanging low on his face. And when you nodded, he immediately let out this breath he didn’t know he’d been holding and hugged you so tightly that you couldn’t even have the ability to properly breathe anymore, considering you were also sobbing and laughing at the same time.


“Oh my God,” Baekhyun said, still sounding like he didn’t believe that this was actually happening. “Oh my dear God.”


You broke out into another train of laughter when you lost your balance and fell back to the bed with Baekhyun hovering above you. His pupils were blown and he gazed at you as if you were the most eccentric creature living on earth.


“How…” You stopped for a breath, sniffling a little in between your sobs. You gently caressed the soft skin below his cheekbone. “How are you feeling?”


“Now?” Baekhyun asked, eyes still growing wide as he stared deep into your soul. His chest was heaving up and down as he tried to breathe properly during his shock. “Surprised and scared less, to be honest,” he continued, “I feel like I’m about to die. But somehow I’m also…” he sighed, pressing his temple against yours before he closed his eyes and smiled in the gentlest way possible. “Very happy.”


At times like this you remembered that one of the reasons why you fell so deeply and hopelessly in love with Byun Baekhyun was how amazing he looked when he smiled. The way his pouty lips curved up, the way his eyes turned into a pair of beautiful crescent moons; and the way you could see his perfect teeth with those two fangs he often showed proudly to tease you. And the way he just looked so young, and innocent, and just so captivating in every way.


And just like that, you were falling in love with him all over again.


“Honey,” you said when he embraced you again, sniffling a little against your shoulders. “Baek, you’re crushing me—”


“Oh!” He pulled away abruptly, his hands trembling. “, did I hurt the baby—did I—I’m sorry, I—”


You began to giggle a little, finding it funny that he was already over-protective about the baby’s well being. “No, it’s just…” You tilt your face upward to give him a peck on the corner of his lips to send his worry away. “I can’t breathe when you hold me like that.”


“Oh…” He nibbled at his bottom lip and you could see how his face was contorted in so much happiness. “I’ll try to hug you without crushing you this time, come here,” he said before he gathered you back into his arms. He sighed contently and kissed your shoulder once before he slipped his fingers around your hair.


“What’s up with you, Baek?” you asked, voice teasing. “You’re acting a bit weird—wait, are you crying?”


“No, of course not,” he said with a muffled voice as he buried his face deeper in the crook of your neck. “I just want to smell your hair. You smell ridiculous.”


You burst out laughing because you could tell that he was indeed crying—or maybe about to cry, and it was adorable. He could be so sassy and rude sometimes, but at some moments like this, he became so helpless and emotional like a teenage school girl. It was kind of endearing, especially when you realized that he could only become like this in front of you.


You’re ridiculous,” you said in return. The two of you laughed a little at that and you only stopped doing so when Baekhyun cupped your chin and met your lips in a passionate kiss.


“I love you,” he said, softly against your mouth. “I think I just fell in love with you even more today. And I thought that wasn’t possible but I did. God, I love you so much I think I’m about to die.”


Funny, you thought, because, as cliché as it sounds, that’s just how I feel right now about you too.


“I-it’s just me, Baek, not God,” you said, stuttering a bit at your joke because you were still basically sobbing like crazy. “But I love you too.” You kissed him again in hope that you’d be able to steal his beautiful smile and treasure it in your heart forever.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep again after this,” he said before he pressed a palm against his chest, feeling the rapid throb of his heart. “My heart just won’t stop beating. I think I’m going crazy.”


You giggled, caressing his face with you fingers. “You’ll be dead if your heart stops beating, Silly.”


“You know what I meant.” Baekhyun gave you a look and you brought him down to brush your lips against his again. You literally just couldn’t get enough of his kiss, of the warmth of his lips, of the taste that reminded you everything about him.


When he pulled away, he was breathing heavily even though the kiss wasn’t even that deep or hurried. “So we’re actually doing this?” he asked, sounding anxious as he swallowed his breath nervously. “Us? You and me? And a baby?”


He was being so serious that you couldn’t help the joke that was flowing down your lips. “Sure,” you said, “Unless you want to sacrifice our first born child for eternal good looks then—”


Baekhyun rolled his eyes. It seemed like he could forget his anxiety for a moment there. “I love you, Sweetheart, but really? You're playing that joke on me?” he replied flatly. “If I wanted to sacrifice our baby, I would’ve done it for Kris’ hair. I want him bald and shiny.”


“But honey,” you said, rubbing your tummy. “This is Kris’ baby, not yours.”


“Oh holy hell,” Baekhyun shuddered in horror. “I think I’m much more afraid of that fact rather than not knowing how to raise a child,” he confessed. “Please take those words back right now.”


“Fine. It’s Chanyeol’s.”




“All right, all right, it’s yours~” Your face was lit up in amusement when Baekhyun pouted. “We’re really doing this, Baekgu. You, me, and our pretty baby together.”


Baekhyun exhaled, laying his forehead on top of yours and shut his eyes. “So I’m going to be a dad?”


“The coolest dad,” you corrected, nuzzling your nose with his and he chuckled once, though it still sounded like nothing but a nervous one.


“If I press my ear against your tummy right now,” Baekhyun asked, opening his eyes again just so he could gaze deep into yours. “Will I be able to feel the baby’s kick?”


You laughed, shaking your head. “Honey, it’s not even there yet.”


“You mean, she,” Baekhyun said and you raised an eyebrow.


“Oh, so you want to have a girl?” you asked, smiling sweetly at him. It was absolutely cute that even though he claimed that he was still scared in raising a baby together with you, he actually thought about it and wanted to have a baby girl too.


Baekhyun blushed a little when he answered, “M-maybe.”


“And what if I want to have a boy?” you smirked teasingly, pushing him away by the chest until he was lying on his back on the bed. “What if I want to have a little, cute, baby boy that will look a lot like his father?”


Your husband smiles, his hands moving to place themselves on your hips when you straddled him by the waist. “I think I’ll like that too,” he admitted.


“I’m glad you’re not freaking-out about this,” you said and Baekhyun sat up so he could trail comforting kisses down your jaw before you gave him more explanation. “I panicked a little bit before because I thought you were going to be upset about me being pregnant this soon. I mean, a few days ago you nearly ted your pants just from guessing that I went to the hospital for my pregnancy stuff. I really didn't, by the way.”


“I am freaking out, oh so terribly so,” he said in all honesty and you circled an arm around his neck for balance. “But I’m also feeling happy—much happier than I’ve ever been in my life so maybe that’s why I appear like I’m only freaking out by ten percent.”


You smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. “Maybe thirty,” you joked.


“Truthfully, eighty, but let’s not go there,” he said and you laughed into the kiss. Baekhyun was always passionate and usually hasty when it came to ual things like this, but tonight he kissed you like he was afraid of breaking you apart by it. Even when you tried to give him a hard smooch, he kept pulling back on the last second.


“Stop holding back,” you said, pressing another kiss against the corner of his mouth but this time you kept your eyes locked with his. “Kiss me like you want to tear me apart like you always do,” you seductively whispered against his ear and Baekhyun could feel your smirk grazing the skin of his earlobe.


“I don’t want to hurt the baby,” Baekhyun said, closing his eyes and almost lost himself under the soft treatment of your lips. You only laughed again before you lied down on the bed, pulled up the duvet and settled down in his arms, covering you both with the warm blanket.


“If you’re going to be extra caring and cautious of me,” you said, snuggling closer to him until Baekhyun opened his arm and let you lay your head on it. “I suggest you start by making me breakfast in bed tomorrow morning.”


He chuckled, brushing his lips against your hair. “Okay, Sweetheart. But don’t say I’m giving you prison food, okay? Burnt eggs and half-uncooked rice are my specialties. You’re going to wound my heart if you talk bad about them.”


“I see your sassy mouth is still working,” you sighed, smiling as you laid your head on his chest and closed your eyes. “I think I’m gonna stop worrying about the fact that you’re still so insecure about this whole baby thing. You seem to be doing just fine.”


“I’m still scared beyond belief, Honey,” he said, exhaling heavily. “But like I said, for now I just feel so happy.”




“Because I’m doing this together with you.”


You locked your gaze with his and you both stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds before you burst out laughing. Baekhyun’s face was flushed and you could practically see steam coming out from his ears for being so embarrassed over his own words.


“You’re so cheesy,” you teased.


“Shut up,” he mumbled, looking away and tried to stop his face from going even redder. “I was just saying how I really feel. You don’t need to joke about it.”

 “Just go to sleep, Baekgu,” you calmly said, although you could feel your heartbeat race faster from what he said. He wasn’t being a flirt; he was being honest. And you couldn’t ever be more grateful than that. “You being greasy like this is not good for the baby.”


Baekhyun softly laughed, tilting his head to the side and you could feel his warm breath on the skin of your temple.


“Good night, Sweetheart.”




“And that’s the reason why,” Baekhyun ends the story, yawning a little as he rubs the back of his head, “Joonmyun wore a woman underwear to school yesterday.”


Apparently, Mrs. Kim a.k.a Kim Joonmyun’s crazy wife told her husband to wear her to school on the next day to maintain the so-called-heat of their life. And the gullible Mr. Kim just happened to be dumb enough to think that things would be just fine with that and he, indeed, wore her underwear (a pink thong that probably did nothing to cover his junk, but let’s not talk about that) to school. Things were indeed fine—that was until he bent himself down to pick his student’s pencil from the floor and the whole class had to witness the most horrendous woman’s inside their elementary school’s teacher’s pants.


You shudder, making a face. “I don’t know if it’s cute that he’s sacrificing so much dignity for his wife like that or just plain disgusting.”


“I’d go with the latter.” Baekhyun lets go of your hand before he stretches his arms wide above his head, groaning a bit as he does so. “God, that feels good.”


“Still sore from last night?” you ask, smirking as you walk beside him on the empty street of Seoul at nine in the morning. There are only a few people strolling down the streets and even fewer cars there, considering how today is Sunday and Sundays usually mean lazy mornings that you should spend cuddling up on your bed. Baekhyun would agree to that, at least. Well, to be perfectly honest, everyday is a Lazy Morning Day according to him.


“Yeah,” Baekhyun answers your question, rubbing his wrist. You notice how there are long thin lines of bruises around them that are starting to look even redder on his white soft skin. “Remind me not to let you tie me to the headboard ever again, Sweetheart.”


It’s only been four days since you found out that you got a baby in your belly that you should be worrying and take care about. You’re slightly nervous sometimes, but over all, you don’t really feel any changes in your body. Well, at least not yet anyway. You haven’t suffered any morning sickness yet and you feel just as good as ever.


Baekhyun, though, that one dumb husband of yours, he had been freaking out (literally freaking-out, like he almost ran around the apartment with his hands in the air and his mouth shouting “I’M GONNA BE A DAD! I’M GOING TO BE A FREAKING DAD WITH AN ACTUAL BABY IN MY ARMS AND I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE WHOLE GODDAMN THING!”) for three days straight. He only tried to contain his anxiety when the doctor said that his behavior would only add more stress to your mind and it wouldn’t be good for the baby. That got him to shut up for most of the times—well at least, in front of you anyway. He never stopped yapping in front of Chanyeol and that poor giant was about to go deaf from having Baekhyun scream right to his ear every friggin morning.


When Baekhyun didn’t waste his days pacing back and forth in his living room with his front teeth nibbling at his thumb, he spent it by running to the supermarket across your apartment to buy what every mother needs: starchy carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes and bread, dairy foods such as soy milk and yoghurt, and various kinds of fruits and vegetables that you couldn’t even think of on the first place. He bought you many kinds of pregnancy books, oversized sweaters to keep you warm and flip flops so your feet wouldn’t get cold (either that or he would force the owner of the building to change the apartment’s marbled floors into carpeted ones).


He also couldn’t shut up about how he was going to handle it when the baby was born. Baekhyun always mumbled out loud for about two or three hours as he lied on the bed beside you every night.


“What if something goes wrong? What if our baby has six fingers in one hand? What if your water breaks before—no, what if Chanyeol gets into an accident and I have to take care of him while you’re going into labor? You know how stupid and careless he is—and OH MY GOD WHAT IF OUR BABY GROWS UP INTO A COMPLETE SCREW-UP WHO LIKES TO BANG HIS TEACHER TO GET AN A LIKE LU HAN?!” which you would only respond with a casual, “Honey, go to sleep or I’ll be forced to stuff my dirty socks into your mouth.” You didn’t have the heart to stuff actual dirty socks to his mouth, so you resorted to stuff his mouth with Hippie-The-Hippo’s fluffy .


Whenever you were working too hard, he would get upset and yell at you like a total mom for like three hours non-stop about how it would affect the baby and its health (which you would reply with a roll of your eyes and an exasperated sigh). And yesterday, after he took you to the doctor and asked so many embarrassing questions about women and pregnancy (the doctor even laughed and said to you, “It’s very cute to see how excited and supportive your husband is”), Baekhyun found out about how during pregnancy could help women to feel less emotionally distressed. And also, as Baekhyun found out from reading too many pregnancy and ual related books, during pregnancy would bring much more pleasure for the women and that was what he intended to do: bring you more pleasure.


So yeah, basically, . Not really a surprise when it comes to the Ex-Manwhore Byun ‘The Promiscuous’ Baekhyun, is it?


The was working well, yes, until he had to open his mouth and continuously asked about your condition during the best part (from the bearable “Are you okay? Am I moving too fast? Am I doing this too hard? Is it all right if I touch you here? Can I slip my finger there or will that hurt the baby?” to “Oh God, I feel like I’m doing it with our baby, this is SO awkward.” And “Sweetheart, I think I should stop. I’m afraid if my goes too far, it would bump the baby’s head.”). And you got so irritated that you ended up tying him to the headboard so you could take over the control and finally have your way with him.


“Not fair.” You snort loudly and Baekhyun sends you a disapproving look for being so unladylike. “You always tied me to the bed when we were dating back then in college too. You didn’t hear me complaining, did you?”


“Yeah, but that’s because I did it gently.”


“No, you didn’t. I always had bruises in the morning too.”


“Honey, are we seriously going to talk about this right here, right now?” Baekhyun asks, eyes glancing to the sight of two kids playing tag-you’re-it in front of a flower shop near you. “There are children here.”


“Aaw, since when is Byun Baekhyun being so considerate to other people?” you snicker and pinch the tip of his nose. “You’re cute.”


“First of all, ow,” he says, massaging his nose. “And second, I’m always cute.”


“So you’re not y anymore?”


“Oh, I am, when I want to be.” He smirks, raising one eyebrow at you. “You still remember that time when I dressed up as a vampire for you, don’t you? Soft lenses, mysterious demeanor,” he leans close to whisper the last bit of his line, “and fangs?”


You blush, face flaming red from ear-to-ear. “N-no,” you lie and God, you’d practically sell your own kidney to see him role-play as a vampire one more time. Those goddamn contact lenses, fangs, and those heavy eyeliners around his fierce-looking eyes combined with a sultry gaze are enough to fuel your ual fantasy for weeks.


Ah~” Baekhyun chuckles lowly and kisses your earlobe (in public, yes, what did he say about kids being there again? Jackass). “Do you need a refresher, Sweetheart?”


Yes, yes, God, yes!


 “No, and get off me,” you snap back instead because it’s really embarrassing to admit it out loud and you don’t want to boost his already high over the roof self-esteem. “I’m going to kick you in the nuts if you keep bothering me.”


“Huh…” Baekhyun says, stopping and standing with his arms folded in front of his chest. His lips are still curving up into this mischievous smirk. “This is bothering me. You don’t seem to grasp the concept of me being y yet.”


“Baek, seriously?” you throw one hand in the air. “We’re going to be late. Kyungsoo is waiting for us to—”


“No, no, let me break it down to you, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun says, taking his time as he tries to find the perfect metaphor to explain. “See, Honey, I’m like Batman.”


You roll your eyes. “Hereeeee he goes~”


“In the morning, I’d be like Bruce Wayne,” Baekhyun isn’t stopping with his stupid preach, “All handsome and elegant, looking undeniably smart and yes, quite possibly a little bit sarcastic at times but it’s okay because my sarcasm is top class and I’ll still sound more intelligent than you—”


“That line is so wrong on so many levels,” you comment, “and rude.”


“But at night, BAM!” Baekhyun claps his hand once but so loudly; it startles you. “I’m Batman. I’m hot. I’m badass. I’m y without having to wear my underwear outside like that dork Superman—”


“Actually Batman wears his underwear outside too, it’s just that the colour—”


“And girls ing love me, Sweetheart.” Seriously, is there any way to stop this guy? “Catwoman wants to get into my pants. And all the y mothers in town will want to spend the night and take a ride on my Batmobile.”


You stop near a standing pole with the “STOP” sign on top of it and literally knock your head against it three times. “He’s not my husband. He’s not my husband. He’s not my husband.”


“Hey!” Baekhyun pulls you back with a scowl on his face. “Stop it, you’re going to hurt the baby. And you haven’t even heard the best part yet.”


“How are you not embarrassed?” you ask. “Seriously, how?”


“It’s because I am that y,” he says it like it’s the truest thing to say in the world. “I can pull out the cheesiest pick up line ever like ‘Hey, babe, come into my lair and let me show you how bad I can be’ and girls will still want to bang me.” When he wiggles his eyebrows at you, you groan and cover your eyes with your fingers. “See what I did there, Sweetheart?”


“No, I’m ashamed of you—”


“I said bad because it sounds similar to bat and we’re talking about Batman, so—OW! OOOWWW!” He slaps you at the back of your hand when you start pinching his nose again and this time drag it forward. After he begs you to let go before you rip his nose from his face, he sniffs and rubs the tip that’s starting to go even redder.


“That’s not very Batman-y, if you ask me,” you comment, wrapping your left arm around his right one and slipping your fingers back between his again. “The way you shriek like a girl, I mean.”


“Oh, shut up.” He starts walking again with a pout and there are these cute angry stomps on his feet. “You’re being mean,” he continues, “I’m not going to put out for you tonight.”


“Fine, I’ll go home with Kyungsoo later then,” you reply casually and ignore him completely when he starts sending ice daggers to your direction. “Don’t be too upset when our baby comes out looking like him, Baek.”


He stops walking as he wonders, “How is that even possible?” but then he gasps loudly. “You take that back!


You purse your lips, trying to contain your laugh. “Only if you kiss me.”


“Ugh, you and your obsession with my pretty mouth,” Baekhyun says, making a big deal out of it but smiles endearingly when he presses his lips against yours. He playfully your bottom lip just so you’ll blush from offering too much PDA in a public place like this.


“Mmm,” he purrs, swiping his tongue along his lower lip in a way that is too seductive; it’s illegal. He should be in jail, really. “New lip-gloss?”


“Yeah, Kris said he likes this one better.”


Nooooooooo~” he whines in horror and you just shake your head, not knowing what to do with his idiocy and just tugs him forward to continue walking.


“You know, Baekgu,” you say, sending him a glance. “Since we’re going to a nursing home today, there’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask you.”


“No, Sweetheart, for the hundredth time, I am not going to touch anybody’s underwear other than yours,” he says, muttering, “Jesus Christ,” under his breath.


“Thanks, I’m flattered,” you respond flatly, “but no, that’s not what I wanted to ask.”


“Then what is it?” he asks in a more serious tone this time, considering how you sound like that as well.


“It’s just…” You shrug, sighing because you honestly don’t know how to start. “It’s just that we’re going to be all old and ugly one day, right? And, umm—”


“Oh, I know where this is going,” Baekhyun smoothly cuts in. “You’re going to ask me what would I do when you become fat, and crippled, and gross, and smelly, and you can no longer tell the differences between your booger and chocolate chips so you’ll end up eating the first one and—”


“Stop, stop, oh for the love of God,” you groan, stopping on your feet and burry your flustered face in your hands. “That wasn’t what I wanted to ask, but holy , those images you just put inside my head. You’re right. I’m going to be so gross—”


“Hey, hey, hey,” Baekhyun says, stepping forward so he can stand in front of you. He chuckles and pries your hands away from your face. “Relax, Sweetheart. If there’s anyone who’s gonna be eating their own boogers in the future that would be Chanyeol.”


“But I’m going to be so fat,” you say again, already horrified to the mental images you have in your mind. You, wearing a super big size shirt and pajamas’ pants and lying around on bed all day since you won’t be able to get up on your own considering your weight. And Baekhyun will be there, still looking as gorgeous, young, and as thin as always with an apron around his waist and he’ll smile, bringing you some alphabet soup for breakfast before he goes to your super hot neighbor in her kitchen counter. “Oh my God! You’re going to cheat on me, Baek! You’re going to sleep with that who likes to borrow sugar from our apartment!”


“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Baekhyun says sarcastically. “And nobody borrows sugar from us, Sweetheart, get real. It’s us who borrow things from our neighbors. Now let’s go, those kids are starting to look at us like we’re a bunch of freaks.”


“Ugh, I hope you get fat too,” you mumble and Baekhyun laughs a little.


“I honestly have no idea how your mind works sometimes but if it calms you down, sure,” he says with a casual shrug. “I’ll be fat too and we’re gonna be like the overweight version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Still y, but you know, fat.”


That actually earns a small smile from you. “You’re stupid.”


Stupidly in love with you,” he continues greasily and you giggle when he kisses your temple. “And what did you want to ask me anyway? You said this wasn’t what you wanted to know.”


You sigh and lay your head on his shoulder as Baekhyun wraps an arm around your shoulder and you forward again. “I wanted to know what would you do if we don’t…” you suddenly become a bit uneasy, glancing down to your feet, “I-if we don’t grow old together…”


Baekhyun has one eyebrow raised in annoyance. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”


“Like, I don’t know,” you unconsciously start to slip a finger behind your ear to push a strand of your hair. “What if I die before you? What if I die at young age while you still have, like, sixty more years to live?”


“You’re not going to die soon,” he says, patting your head like a child and you swat it away. “You’re going to be fat and gross and I’ll stick with you until I die from hypoxiation because you accidently hug me to tightly with your big flabby arms in my sleep.”


You unwrap his arm away from your shoulder and shove his chest. “Well, I could be!”


“Could be what, fat and gross?” he asks. “Yes, Sweetheart, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.”


Dead, you idiot!” you spit back, starting to glare at him a little bit for not taking this seriously. It’s already so embarrassing for you to finally pronounce this question out loud since it has been bugging you for a while. Baekhyun really doesn’t need to create more stupid jokes about it. “Baekhyun, I could die anytime. Maybe I’ll die tomorrow. Maybe I’ll die when I give birth to our baby—”


Baekhyun closes his ears with both hands. “No, you won’t—stop saying that!”


“It’s a possibility! Or maybe tonight something will happen to me and—mmph!”


Baekhyun quickly covers your mouth with one hand and at that moment you finally realize that he’s getting upset over the topic, but he’s not actually angry.


He’s just… afraid.


There’s a shimmer of fear being reflected in his eyes and your frantic movements stop abruptly when you notice it.


“You’re not going to die anytime soon,” he firmly says. The tone of his voice doesn’t allow any further objection. “We’re not going to talk about this. You and I are going to go old together as we watch our kids grow up into adults with remarkable manners and they are going to make us feel nothing but proud. And you’re gonna be with me, and love me, and stay with me until our last dying breath. Are my words clear enough for your dumb little brain to understand or should I repeat this whole thing all over again? Because I’ll do it!”


You slowly nod, a little bit dazed seeing how Baekhyun is out of breath from trying to convince you something that isn’t really happening. Baekhyun doesn’t have enough courage to talk about death or sad endings for your relationship, and it’s cute because this is him, running away from his problems once again and it feels somewhat nostalgic and familiar.


He eventually lets his hand go, grumbling under his breath as he fixes the collar of his flannel button-down shirt. “Stop saying nonsense, you’re starting to piss me off,” he says and you know that his rude mouth is his only defense mechanism when it comes to this topic.


It’s endearing that Baekhyun doesn’t even want to discuss this just because he doesn’t want to lose you.


“So…” you start, smiling to yourself as you scuttle close to his side again. You try to match his long strides with your smaller ones. “You want us to stay together that much, huh?”


“Shut up,” Baekhyun mutters, looking away as he takes one hand off his pants’ pocket and offer it to you. “Now take my hand before I get pissed off again and start ditching you here.”


You almost laugh at his childlike behavior but you agree and tangle your fingers with his. “We never know, though,” you say but with a smile as you start to walk beside him again. “I could really just die—”






“Not gonna happen.”




“If it takes me to put a duct tape over your mouth just to shut you up, I’ll do it right now, I swear to God, I will.”


“Okay fine, geez.” You stand on your toes and whisper in his ear. “I love you, Baekgu.”


Baekhyun keeps showing his pout though his cheeks redden a little. “You’re annoying.”


“But Baekhyun, I love you.”


“Like, seriously, who the hell asks somebody like that? For God’s sake, it’s—”


Baekhyun~” you call out his name again, waiting until he finally locks his eyes with yours again and replies, “Fine, Dumbo. I love you too.”


“There, it isn’t so hard, is it?” You giggle lightly, feeling immensely satisfied as you snuggle up to him even more, not minding all the single people who look at you with jealous eyes.


“Why are you so happy?” Baekhyun asks, wondering why you’re suddenly being all clingy.


“Because apparently, I’m the luckiest girl in the world with the dumbest husband a girl can ever have,” you answer and when he frowns, you tangle one arm around his neck and bring his face down so you can brush your lips against his. Baekhyun reciprocates the kiss but his eyebrows are still knitted together. “And I don’t mind if you go all crippled and eat your own booger someday, Baekhyun. I’ll still love you.”


“Like I said, that’s probably going to be Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says, finally mirroring your smile. “But that’s great to hear, I guess.”


“I don’t know what’s great about me eating my own booger,” a deep voice suddenly comes through your line of hearing and you almost jump when a big palm places itself on top of your head.


Chanyeol!” You turn around just to meet the 184cm tall giant with short dark brown hair and big round eyes. He grins widely, showcasing his perfectly aligned teeth as he raises one hand.


“Yo, Shortie!” Chanyeol’s deep voice reverberates through the air.


“You came! I thought you weren’t gonna show up today!” You jump giddily on your feet and tackle him with a friendly warm hug. “I miss you, Yeollie~”


Being in such close proximity with him, you can see the dark circles under his eyes. Though he looks healthy, Chanyeol is a lot thinner now than how he used to seem in college. His cheekbones are more prominent now and though his eyes are still wide open with excitement, you can always see the sadness he’s trying to hide behind them. They say someone’s eyes are the windows to their souls. If what’s hidden behind Chanyeol’s dark orbs is nothing but agony and longing for the love he used to have with his wife then maybe you’d much prefer closing the windows forever.


“Of course I’d show up,” Chanyeol says, returning your hug by wrapping his arms around your waist. “Uncle Yeol will always go where the little Baby Byun goes~”


You smile a little and laugh softly when he pats your head with his large palm. “Since when have you been here?” you ask.


He thinks about it. “I’ve been walking behind you two for like ten minutes by now.”


“Ten minutes?” you repeat, frowning before it turns into a scowl. “Baekhyun, did you know?”


Your husband yawns without closing his mouth (because that’s just how Bruce Wayne he is). “Yeah,” he answers simply.


You pull back a little from Chanyeol’s embrace but still keep your hands on his shoulders. “And you didn’t think about, oh I don’t know, greeting him or at least telling me about it?”


When you glower at him, he does it too and sends it to you right back. “Oh I’m sorry,” Baekhyun says, “I must have been distracted with our lovely conversations regarding you being fat versus you dying at young age because you can’t handle my awesomeness.”


“Chanyeol, let me go so I can knee my husband on the crotch.” But Chanyeol replies with a childish, “No can do~ Teddy Yeol still misses you~”, and you let out a small yelp when he suddenly lifts you up until your feet can no longer touch the ground and spins you around.


“Sweetheart, we’re in public and that means no ing about my crotch, and hey, don’t get too comfy there, Yeol!” Baekhyun grumbles, slapping the back of Chanyeol’s hand repeatedly until the taller man takes his arms away from you with a wince. “Just because I asked you to come along with us doesn’t mean you can get all touchy with my wife, you giant !”


“But why? It’s not like she’s disturbed by it,” the younger man complains before he slides his eyes away to meet yours. “I’m not bothering you, am I?”


“Nope.” You shake your head. “Like I said, you’re like my personal giant teddy bear. It’s totally okay if you get all cuddly. I find it to be cute.”


“See?” Chanyeol asks, flashing his stupid grin again to your husband. “She finds me to be cuuuuuuuuteeeee~”


“Not so cute now, Yeol, but okay,” you comment, huffing a bit.


“Well she,” Baekhyun states, pointing a finger and a glare to your direction, “just loves making her husband jealous.”


“That I do.” You nod in approval while Chanyeol gasps dramatically.


“Oh my, I get a feeling that I’m being totally used right now.” He presses a hand against his chest. “You’re using me for your entertainment, aren’t you?”


Baekhyun only smirks and pats him on the back. “I’ve been taking advantage of you since junior high, Yeol, you should get used to it by now.” And when your husband catches you throwing a weird look at him (which probably sends a message like ‘ah, so that’s why you boys bought matching underwear in high school’), Baekhyun quickly adds, “Not ually, of course! Dear God, woman, control your ed mind.”


“Says the dude who can’t stop ogling at my s,” you mock back.


“I’m your husband,” he smugly states. “That title kind of gives me the privilege to stare at your s anytime I want.”


“Yeah, and you have great s too so—”


“Shut up, Yeol.”




“Kyungsoo!” You shout, waving a hand in the air with a bright smile on your face. “Kyungpoo, over here!” The said man tilts his head, his ears following the source of your voice.  When the round-eyed young man sees you, he throws a similar joyful smile and waves back.


Kyungpoo?” Baekhyun snorts loudly over the nickname, crossing his arms over his chest. “You really do love making me jealous, don’t you?”


“Maybe,” you answer, grinning widely when he pouts even more. “It’s cute that you admit you’re jealous.”


“Huh…” Chanyeol leans closer to examine Baekhyun’s face. “He does look kind of funny when he’s jealous. His nose just won’t stop flaring and—”


“I’m—I’m not jealous! And it doesn’t flare!” Your husband goes flustered, scrambling for words as he covers his nose with both hands. “Go do something with your stupid ears and leave me alone!” he shoves Chanyeol by the chest and the taller man only laughs, calling him short and adorable. Baekhyun finally wins his argument with a kick to Chanyeol’s shin and you shake your head, scolding him, “Baekhyun, that’s not nice,” but he simply resorts to being the usual Copy Machine and imitates you word by word with a childish mock. When he sees Do Kyungsoo approaching you with open arms, his eyes quickly turns into another glare and he threatens, “Do not hug him. Do not hug—”


“Kyungpoo!” You shout happily, jumping into the other man’s arms and circle your limbs around his neck. It’s very different than the time you were hugging Chanyeol because Kyungsoo is a bit lacking on height but the warmth that radiates from his body makes up for that part. His arms immediately wrap themselves around your waist in reflex and he chuckles in your ears. “How are you, Kyungie? I’m glad you’re here!”


“Great. I’m so sorry for being late,” Kyungsoo says, his cheeks look a bit red from the morning breeze (or because you suddenly used that old nickname on him again?). “Did I make you guys wait long?”


Baekhyun responds with “Yeah, we’ve been waiting for like forever!” while you and Chanyeol say, “No, we just got here,” at the same time. The youngest man of the gang looks confused for a second there.


“Thanks for inviting us to come with you today,” you utter, grinning and before you can say anything, Baekhyun already pulls you back by the collar of your coat.


“Okay, that’s enough, wifey,” he says, dragging you back to him and unconsciously puffing his cheeks in annoyance. When you’re close enough, he lowly whispers in your ear. “You’re going to pay me back for that hug later tonight, you know that right?” And you can tell he probably means that he will demand a shoulder massage from you, but you just can’t help not to .


“I know,” you say, pecking him on the side of his jaw. “I’ll get the tie ready.”


Chanyeol makes a face and a gagging sound. “Okay now that is just plain disturbing.”


Kyungsoo blinks once, looking fairly innocent. “What are you guys talking about?” he asks, gathering the attention back to him.


“You don’t wanna know, trust me,” Chanyeol assures him.


“Oh, right!” You realize you haven’t properly introduced your husband and Chanyeol to your friend (and it’s probably better if you change the topic right away because Baekhyun’s sassy mouth is about to come up with another smartass remark to that question). “Kyungsoo-yah, I haven’t introduced you to my friends—”


Baekhyun fakes a cough. “Husband.


Kyungsoo might not have heard that but you did so you fix a deadly glare to Baekhyun’s direction before you change your attention to the tallest guy in the gang. “This is Park Chanyeol,” you say and Chanyeol waves at the other man with his trademark childish grin. “He may appear like a giant but he’s a five year old kid at heart.”


“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Chanyeol asks you before he smiles to Kyungsoo again and takes his hand in a friendly handshake. “Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Chanyeol.”


“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Chanyeol-sshi. I’m Do Kyungsoo,” the man politely says and Baekhyun rolls his eyes in the background.


You unconsciously place one hand on Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “You can call him ‘Kyungpoo’ too. His best friends have been calling him that way back since junior high.” And the said man gives you a sheepish look before you two laugh at one another.


Baekhyun loudly scoffs. “That’s too long. How about just Poo for short?”


“And that,” you sigh, taking your arm off Kyungsoo’s shoulder to rub your own temple. “That guy right there is my dearest husband, Byun Baekhyun. He likes watching Running Man, looveees to dance to SNSD’s songs in the shower—I Got A Boy is his latest obsession, and the amount of love he has for green tea puddings equals the amount of hatred he has for gym and work-out sessions—which probably explains why his tummy is all squishy.”


Chanyeol pokes his best friend on the abs. “Haha!” The tall man laughs. “You’re right! It’s like I’m dipping my finger in a bowl of jelly!” But when Baekhyun sends dagger to him with his cold eyes, Chanyeol clears his throat and adds, “Which is perfectly fine because jelly is like so popular these days. Girls love jelly, yes, no abs, j-just jelly-like tummy.”


You sigh, wanting to rub your temple with your fingers but continue nonetheless. “Baekhyun’s a bit snarky but you’ll get used to it soon. Or if you can’t, just pinch his nose. It’s like his manual off button; that’ll shut him up.”


“Aaw, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun throws you a fake sweet smile. “What did I do to be introduced in such lovely way?”


“Yeah,” Chanyeol joins in as well to add more ‘happiness’. “And he once seduced an old lady just to get more soup.” Apparently, the giant does not understand the point of sarcasm.


“Ah, so you’re Byun Baekhyun?” Kyungsoo asks, putting on a genuine smile that doesn’t affect Baekhyun more than just adding more fuel to his jealousy. His heart-shaped smile kind of freaks him out. When Kyungsoo’s eyes meet Baekhyun’s, he’s replied by one of the infamous Byun Baekhyun’s glares but that doesn’t stop the man from acting polite. “I’ve been dying to know the lucky guy who gets to spend the rest of his life with my best friend. So happy to finally be able to meet you, Baekhyun-sshi.”


Dying, huh?” Baekhyun repeats as he takes the man’s hand in a formal shake and you exhale in relief because your husband manages to not crush the other man’s hand while doing so. “Is that figuratively speaking or are you actually dying, like suffering from cancer or something?”


“What?” Chanyeol asks, eyes widening when he stares at Kyungsoo. “Oh, dude, please don’t say you’re dying. You look like a really nice person!”


Kyungsoo frowns and you sigh, palming your face. “Just ignore them, please,” you say and Kyungsoo looks at you with even more questioning eyes.


“Yes, of course,” Baekhyun says, smiling sweetly at you one more time. “Because ignoring someone is a start to a every healthy relationship.”


“Ah,” Kyungsoo says understandingly, smiling a little as he nods his head. “I think I can understand why you said he was a bit snarky.”


“Snarky? I’m not snarky.” Baekhyun scoffs, waving a hand nonchalantly in the air. “It’s just that people tend to have intelligence levels below mine and that upsets me. Please consider the words that come from my mouth as my defense mechanism against people’s stupidity.”


“Baekhyun, oh my God!” You yell, elbowing him hard on the side of his stomach.


You’re afraid that Kyungsoo will get aggravated because of that previous insult, but instead of dropping low, his mood is actually getting better.


The short man laughs, like really laughs at Baekhyun’s words and pats your husband’s shoulder. “You’re such an interesting guy. And you look way better than how I’d imagined you to be. I mean, your hair. It’s like, so in style right now.”


Baekhyun looks a bit stunned with the sudden praise but he immediately narrows his eyes to show that no matter what Kyungsoo says, he will still hate him because well… His wife used to date him.


“Oh, I see what’s going on around here,” Baekhyun says, sporting his cocky smirk. “You’re gay now, aren’t you?”


Kyungsoo’s eyes shine in disbelief. “E-excuse me?”


“Pinch his nose, Chanyeol,” you say, moving to the giant’s side. “Pinch his nose before he says something even more stupid.”


“No, of course not,” Kyungsoo says, his tone is still friendly and that only irks Baekhyun more. “I only said your hair looked great because it does look that way. I’ve tried to style my hair many times before but it never worked out well so I know how hard it is to have that look.”


Baekhyun snorts. “Yep, definitely gay. The first time you had , you probably went like ‘Oh wow, that’s how looks like, okay eew, I’m done’. And so you’re gay.”


“Pinch it right now, Yeol!”


“I can’t! Baekhyun will Brazilian kick me if I do!”


Despite what you think he’ll do, Kyungsoo laughs again. It’s a bit unbelievable, but he actually does and this time it’s Baekhyun’s turn to stare in amazement.


“Oh God, you’re so funny,” Kyungsoo says which makes Baekhyun gapes a little. Kyungsoo’s face is looking a bit red from how hard he has laughed earlier. “I think we’re going to be best friends, Byun Baekhyun. We have similar sense of humor.”


You don’t know what kind of sense of humor did Kyungsoo mean by that but you don’t care. Kyungsoo probably just wants to be polite and tries to avoid awkward situations with Baekhyun considering he’s your husband and it would be awful if Baekhyun keeps on hating him. Do Kyungsoo is just too nice of a person. He could’ve been mean if he wanted too, really. He could’ve said something like, “The first time I had with a girl, it was with your wife and I remembered well how she was continuously my name, not getting enough of me even after the first round,” but he didn’t. He could’ve but he didn’t. Maybe he was trying to keep himself away from embarrassing you in front of your husband and friend.


“And so we shall be best friends!” Chanyeol cheerfully says. “I think I’m going to start calling you ‘Kyungpoo’ too because that’s how best friends work, right? Calling each other with silly nicknames? My friends used to call me Park Dobi because of my ears. Can you tell?” His laughter is loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear and Kyungsoo nods along with him. And it’s a great thing, really, to have Chanyeol looking so happy like this even if it’s only momentarily. You wanted to take his mind off the divorce problems he’s been dealing with his wife and the plan is working pretty good so far. You just hope that you could do the same thing for his wife, but seeing that now she’s trying to distance herself away from you (since she’s sure that you know about her situation), the only thing you can do is just wait and try to understand her position.


“Err…” Baekhyun stares (read: glares) at Kyungsoo’s hand that’s becoming too casual on his shoulder and he shakes it off. “Thanks, but no thanks. It takes more than a stupid heart-shaped smile to be my best friend, Do Kyungsoo. And you’re creepy.”


“Ah, such a shame,” Kyungsoo responds, a timid smile plastered on his lips. “You seem like you’re a really cool guy. Your wife told me that you’re a composer?”


Baekhyun seems uneasy. “Y-yeah.”


“Well, that’s great! I envy you, really,” Kyungsoo says in such friendly tone that makes Baekhyun feel a bit out of place for constantly glaring at him like this. “I like to sing and write songs on my own as well, but I’m not brave enough to actually make a profession out of it.”


You suddenly have a great idea and you unconsciously clap your hand once while saying, “Aha! I know what we should do! We should make a little performance for the elderly. I bet they’re bored from just sitting around there, so let’s just you know, sing something for them.”


Kyungsoo’s eyes and smile brighten even more. “That actually sounds like a really great idea!”


“I’m in! I’m in!” Chanyeol exclaims. “I can accompany you guys with my guitar. Wait, is there a guitar there?”


“I’m sure I’ll be able to find one,” Kyungsoo answers and Chanyeol throws an excited grin in return. “And what do you say, Baekhyun-sshi? We can sing one of your songs, if you want. I bet they sound amazing.”


Kyungsoo’s question catches Baekhyun off guard even though he’s probably seen it coming. “Umm, sure…” he fumbles with his words and you stare at him in amusement. “But there’s—there’s no need to continuously praising me like that—You’re not going to get on my good side anytime soon, Do Kyungsoo, so lay off me, all right? Jesus Christ.”


Kyungsoo only chuckles, raising his hands in the air. “Okay, okay. But the four of us are going to be together for the rest of the day, so forgive me if I can’t keep my distance away from you. Now, let’s go. We have to be there before lunch.”


“Are we going to cook something?” Chanyeol asks, already walking first beside Kyungsoo without waiting for you and your husband to follow. “I’m so excited! This will be the first time I’m visiting a nursing home.” And the two of them chirp happily about what they’re going to do for the elderly and you just let them move first before you take Baekhyun’s hand in yours again and tug him forward as well.


“Getting a little bit charmed over there,” you say, throwing a teasing look at your husband, “aren’t you, Baekgu?”


“Oh, shut up,” Baekhyun groans, rolling his eyes. “The dude is hella creepy, okay? He’s like continuously throwing this positive energy all around me that I can’t think over something bad to say to him.”


“Oh my God,” you gasp dramatically, a hand splayed on your chest. “You’re not having a crush on him, are you?”




“I mean, I’m totally okay with it, but what about Kris? Oh, he’s going to be so brokenhearted when he knows his little fanboy Baekhyunnie is—mmph!


“This is fun for you, isn’t it?” Baekhyun asks, already pinching both of your cheeks to keep you from speaking. “It’s fun teasing your husband like this, isn’t it, Sweetheart?”


You his palm until he jumps back and throws a disgusted face at you. “Maybe,” you say, smirking. “But seriously, though. Don’t be too rude. Kyungsoo is an angel.”


“You did not just say that about another man in front of me,” he barks.


“What, he is!” You argue, “I don’t see you wasting your weekends doing wonderful things for the elderly!”


Baekhyun’s face goes red. “That’s because I’m not a who has a kink for sixty year old women!”


“Are you guys coming or…?” Kyungsoo asks, already shouting from across the street. Chanyeol is waving his hand excitedly, shouting, “Come on, hurry up, I want to bake cookies!”


“Coming!” You shout back, throwing him a smile but when you turn back to see Baekhyun, you point a finger at your husband and glare at him. “Behave.”


Behave,” Baekhyun mocks you in his girly voice and childishly pretends to bite your finger.


“Baekhyun, we’re trying to keep Chanyeol happy with this, please don’t screw this up,” you plead and Baekhyun finally exhales loudly, shouting, “Okay, okay! Geez! But you have to know that I’m doing this for Yeol and not for those old people.”


“That is so rude, I seriously don’t know why I married you,” you say before you smirk and playfully bump your shoulder with his. “And what, you’re not doing this for me?”


“Not when you’re annoying like this.”


“I’m carrying your baby, Baek, you should worship me.”


“Oh dear God, now I’m questioning myself why I married you.”


Yoo-hooo~ I'm back. Anyway please read this author note below because there's something important I want to say:

First, I will only update this story once in a month. Yes, you read that right, and it's probably going to be crappy as well so go on and hate me. It won't matter. My love for you will never end. *gives you sloppy kisses*

Second, to some people who had requested me to make a pdf version of this story, rest assure, I'm working on it! I'm still trying to fix some grammatical errors and typos so please give me more time to work on them. I have a job now and I can't write or edit my story as often as I want. Please understand, my lovelies~

Last but not least, someone has told me that they found somebody on twitter who printed out my fic without my permission. It makes me feel so happy and proud that you appreciated my story that much but on the other hand, I'm also a bit dissappointed as well. It's okay, I suppose, if you don't make money out of it and credit me for my work but maybe next time it's better to tell me about it first, okay? :)

Anyway I'm sorry for too much failed!fluff in this story. I wrote this in a rush but I hope you'll still like it! :D

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