Relapse Part II

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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Baekhyun almost falls down from the stool he’s been sitting on when he hears your sudden shriek. By the drowsy look on his face, you dare to take a guess that he just fell asleep on top of his work desk when he was supposed to finish writing new lyrics for his self-composed song. Your husband has been working literally all night long, with SNSD’s music playing non-stop on the background (you almost swear that if you hear that song Gee one more time, you’re going to cut a ). He was still busy typing something to his laptop this morning so you shouldn’t be surprised to see him pass out in the middle of the afternoon like this.


“W-what?” he asks, voice hoarse and eyes red and heavy with sleep. He climbs down the stool and strolls his way down to the kitchen where you stand there, currently putting your groceries on the kitchen’s counter.


Your eyes are wide with excitement when you speak. “You won’t believe who I just met today!”


Baekhyun has a little pout forming on his lips, an indication that the poor baby is still lacking some sleep. “Was it someone famous?” he asks, slurring a little as he rubs his eyes like a child. “Han Ga In?”




“Song Hye Kyo?”


You shake your head. “Nuh-uh.”


Baekhyun’s eyes grow lazy. “Girl’s Day Yura, at least?”




“Then I’m not interested,” he says, already turning on his heels, wanting to get back to work (which probably means another hour of drooling on top of his unfinished music sheets). He stretches his arms widely like a cat, yawning in the way that isn’t supposed to be adorable, but damn it all to hell, he still looks adorable. You suddenly have the urge to dress him up in santa’s elf’s clothes and put some blush on his squishy cheeks.


“Hey Honey, did you get that pudding I wanted?” Baekhyun asks, taking a seat behind his work desk and start facing his line of music sheets again. His shoulders slump forward in weariness and you feel that tinge of sadness in your heart to see him working restlessly like that.


“Yep,” you answer, pulling a carton of milk out of the paper bag before you reach the small, green tea pudding cup. “Do you want it now or…?”


Another yawn, then, “No. Just put it inside the fridge for me, will you? I gotta finish my work first,” he finishes half-heartedly. “God, this isn’t supposed to sound like this.” He taps the end of his pencil to his lips repeatedly, still looking a bit sleepy but he forces his eyes to stay open until he’s done.


Though you feel sorry, the sight of your husband working diligently to his bones like that makes your heart flutter. It’s amazing how he has become so mature over the years and ready to take every responsibility for his action.


“My husband,” you mumble, smiling adoringly at his back before you close the distance and wrap your arms around his neck, back hugging him like a child. “So perfect.”


Baekhyun raises an eyebrow but says nothing as he lets you embrace him and lay your chin on his shoulder.


“Baek,” you call his name in your cutesy voice, pressing your lips against the soft skin of his cheek.


“No,” Baekhyun says, already knowing what you want to do.


You throw a small laugh, kissing his cheek again. “Baekgu~”


No,” he repeats, but the ends of his lips curve up slightly. “Sweetheart, stop bugging me.”


Baekguuuuuu~” You run a finger along the sensitive spot on his neck and he breaks into a laugh, feeling ticklish. You giggle when he tilts his head to face you with this half-sleepy but fully-gorgeous smile and he responds with a chuckle when you lean him and brush your lips against his.


“Still have a lot of work to do?” you ask and he sighs, closing his eyes momentarily as he leans back against your touch. He hums in agreement. “Then let’s take a break for a sec,” you suggest, placing a small peck on the skin below his ear. “Come on, Baekgu, I’ll even give you a massage.”


“I caaaaan’t~” he whines, words slurring. “I need to go finish this first—”


“No, you don’t,” you persuade him with a grin and a trail of innocent kisses to his jaw. “What you need is a quality time with your wife.”


“Sweetheart, I really can’t,” Baekhyun says, but he turns his seat around and pulls you closer until you find yourself sitting on his lap. “I really,” he says, kissing the side of your face, “really,” then your nose, “can’t,” and finally ending it on your lips.


You giggle, pressing his chest closer to yours by tangling your arms around his neck again. You can feel his body shiver slightly when you the soft hair on his nape.


“You’re so stiff,” you comment, hands going down to his shoulders and giving him a little massage there. He lets out a small moan, reeling in contentment as his face shows this blissful expression. “You’ve been pushing yourself too hard lately, Romeo.”


“Mmm,” he hums, embracing you and resting his chin on one of your shoulders. You reach up your hand to card your fingers soothingly in his fluffy hair before you massage his nape.


“I know your work is going well,” you say, rubbing comforting circles to his cheek after you lift his face and force him to face you with his lazy eyes. “But I don’t want to come home finding my husband lying dead on the floor from too much work and not enough sleep.”


“I can’t,” he grumbles cutely. “If we’re going to raise a baby, I have to get more money to save to pay for our expenses in the future and—”


“Hey,” you tilt his face up by the chin. Your face is dead serious even though your touch is gentle. “Baek, we don’t exactly have to have a child right now. Not if you don’t want to.”


He juts his lower lip out, looking sad. “But I know how much you want to.”


“It doesn’t matter—Baek, honey, look at me,” you silence his oncoming protest with a chaste kiss before you lock his gaze with yours and press your temple against his. “I only want to have a child if I’m sure that it’s what we both want. Okay? So if you’re not ready, I won’t—”


“No, I’m ready,” he says, cupping your cheek and sends you this beautiful, reassuring smile. “I want it to happen too.”


“You sure?” you blink your eyes in curiosity and Baekhyun chuckles lowly before he presses a peck to your nose.


“Yes,” he answers. You softly sigh when he cradles you in his arms, leaning your weight against his chest and just snuggle close to him. “Just give me a little more time. I’m still trying to figure out how to be an awesome dad to our child.” The tone he’s using right now gives you away that he’s still so nervous and unsure about everything. You really don’t want him to feel worried over things that are supposed to make him as happy and excited as you.


Trying to wash his uncertainties away, you start teasing him. “What are you worrying about? You’re already so awesome~” You say, giggling slightly as you nuzzle the tip of your nose to his. When you say your next line, you use your aegyo voice again and pretend like you’re talking to your pet. “Who’s the cutest, coolest, prettiest little daddy? You are, yes, you are~” You pinch his cheeks and push and pull, making his face look weird in the most adorable way.


“Will you stop that? I’m not a dog!” Baekhyun takes both of your hands and drags them away so you won’t squeeze his cheeks again.


“But you’ll always be my white little puppy,” you utter, giggling childishly as you kiss his cheek. “But still, Baek, you shouldn’t work too hard,” you say again, lying your head on the crook of his neck and when he lowly laughs, you can feel his chest rumble.


“Fine, I’ll try my best to keep my wife company as often as I can,” he chuckles, burying his nose in your hair, breathing in your scent. “Mmm, you smell wonderful.”


“I used your shampoo this morning.”


“That is so hot.”


You laugh, playfully slapping him on the chest. “Shut up, you’re so gross.”


Baekhyun smiles again and takes your hand to press his lips against your fingertips. “But Sweetheart, are you sure you’re not pregnant yet?” he asks, snaking his other arm around your waist. “Cause damn girl, you’re heavy as .”


Jerk!” you complain, pushing him away by the shoulders and jump off his lap but Baekhyun laughs, catches you by the wrist, and tugs you back to sit on his thighs again. “Kidding, kidding~” he snickers, wrapping an arm behind your head and pulls you down to meet his lips for another kiss. The passionate smooch only lasts for so long until it gets to the sweet, cavity-inducing kiss you often share with him in your cuddling session before bed.


“Baek?” you call, laying your head in the crook of his neck again. Baekhyun lets out this faint exhale, feeling content as he presses his cheek against your hair. “Have you seen Chanyeol lately?” You notice how his body grows stiff for a second there after you mumble that question. But he soon forces himself to relax again.


“Nope,” he says, sounding tired and you start to wonder why. When you shape the question with your lips, Baekhyun only sadly huffs and murmurs. “Yeol’s been avoiding me for days.”


“Oh… Well, I haven’t really seen him too. Or his wife for that matter,” you admit, missing ‘The Idiot Couple’ so much. “I went to check his bar yesterday but it was closed.”


“Yeah, it’s been like that for two days.” That Baek pout appears again. “He won’t let me see him too in his apartment. Seems like I was putting my nose too far on his business and scared him off.”


“What?” you raise an eyebrow, pulling away and place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. “Is there something wrong with him? The drugs—is it another relapse?”


“No, I don’t—maybe, I mean, I don’t know,” Baekhyun answers with a heavy shrug. “When we got into a fight last week I sort of went to his apartment, wanting to stay the night. But then I realized his wife’s stuff isn’t there. And he’s been under a lot of stress lately so there’s a high possibility that he’s going back to consuming drugs like the old days.”


“What?” You demand, sounding startled. “Are you saying like they don’t live together anymore—”


“That’s what I want to know as well.” Baekhyun starts nibbling on his lower lip out of frustration. “But Chanyeol won’t tell me s about it.”


“Funny, I just got on the phone with his wife like two days ago,” you said, remembering the time when you spoke to your best friend over the phone. She sounded genuinely happy, just like the old days. And when you asked about her and Chanyeol trying to conceive a baby, she answered with that familiar lovesick giggle and said that they hadn’t had much luck on that department, but they were going to try again the second she got back from her tour. She even offered you to give further details about how she was going to do it with her husband and you replied her by making an overdramatic gagging sound. Not once in your life did you ever think of her as a liar, but if what Baekhyun said was true, then…


Well to think of it again, you’ve met her once or twice in these last two months but she was always alone. And when you asked her to meet at Chanyeol’s bar, she declined, saying that she didn’t want to distract her husband from his work (“If I go there, Yeollie will start stealing glances at me and the next thing you know, the bar will be set on fire. You know how stupid and clumsy he is.”). You only rolled your eyes at her back then, thinking that it would probably be true since the two of them used to be so clingy around each other (and she also dragged you to the cutest café in town that just opened a couple of days earlier, so why would you say no?).


“Oh…” You mumble when your mind starts making some worst scenarios in your head. “S-so… What happened—are they fighting or—”


“Yo, stop asking me. I’m about as clueless as you are, woman.” Baekhyun holds up a hand before he retracts it back and winds it around your waist once again. ”I tried to ask Yeol what happened but he tried to lie about it. He told me it wasn’t my business and well,” he shifts uneasily, “I may or may not have pestered him about it.”


“You forced him to speak of his problem, didn’t you?” you ask, already throwing a scolding look to your husband. “Baekhyun, how many times should I tell you? You know we can’t just pressure Chanyeol like that. Don’t you remember what happened in college? What if he starts to, you know, react again?”


Baekhyun doesn’t need to be reminded of the situation when he found out that the Happy Virus Chanyeol wasn’t all that happy on the inside. And how the tall man often injected himself with some drugs to keep himself at bay. Just having the thought of it cross his mind already aggravated Baekhyun to the point that his jaw starts to clench. That was the first time Baekhyun ever went so terribly angry at him that he actually lunged a punch to Chanyeol’s face, screaming, “Why the didn’t you tell me all about this?! I’m your best friend, aren’t I?! You have me and you know I would’ve helped you with all my strength if you told me but you resort to consuming drugs instead! Do you want to die, you ?!”


Nobody ever knew that Chanyeol had some kind of addiction to drugs. The first few years in college, it wasn’t so bad for him and he didn’t take much, almost none. But on his last year there, he went under a lot of stress from various reasons and he couldn’t take it anymore, so he secretly injected himself with painkillers to calm his nerves down. He went all dorky and cheery on the next day after he had his dose and strangely, that was what kept him alive. Until one day, his girlfriend found the bottles and the syringes he hid under his bed and that was when it all went to hell.


She wasn’t mad at him. She only cried once in a while when she embraced him but she never let him go. She was the only one who was able to keep Chanyeol sane after all these years and the only person who knew about Chanyeol’s reason in taking those drugs and the troubles he had to face in life. She stayed for him, accompanying his days when he had to go to the rehabilitation centre, and said yes when Chanyeol asked her to marry him despite his parent’s hatred towards her. They were young and they only had each other. Their love became his drugs to stay alive.


And now it starts killing him from the inside too.


“I know I shouldn’t have pressured him like that, I just—” Baekhyun released this sharp, angry breath. “I just know there’s something going on with him right now but he just won’t tell me anything about it. I’m his best friend, Sweetheart. Perhaps the only one now. If he can’t tell me then who’s going to listen to him? Who’s going to help him?”


You can tell how disappointed Baekhyun is. Not with Chanyeol, but with himself. Your husband must be thinking that he’s lacking something as a friend so Chanyeol can’t trust him with his trouble.


Gently stroking his hair, you whisper, “I know, Baekhyun. I get it that you’re upset. To be honest, I’m just as mad as you are. My best friend lied straight to my face too, you know.” And you feel so terribly sad when you realize that you only know so little about your friend’s condition. And you dare call yourself her best friend, shame on you.


“Those es,” Baekhyun comments, making an overly annoyed (if not, y) face. “If they weren’t in such deep s right now, I would’ve confronted them about it.”


You smile, shaking your head in amusement at how your husband is even sassier than you. “You can’t force Yeollie to speak, though, Baek. I want to know what they’re up to as well, but you know it doesn’t work that way with Chanyeol.” You lean closer and place your head on his chest again. “And I can’t force his wife to talk too since I don’t know where she is. She’ll probably hang up on me if I try to ask her through the phone.”


“Bummer~” Baekhyun huffs, his fingers unconsciously start to fiddle with the end of your shirt. “Since when did our friends start to leave us like this? Minseok-Hyung already left to ing Europe with his wife. Lu Han’s in Seoul but he doesn’t have time to meet us. And I’m losing my best friend over something I can’t fix. This suuuuuucks~ ”


You nod understandingly, sitting a bit too relaxed on your husband’s lap. “Well everybody has their own problems. They just need time to focus on them for a moment. But you know what we should do?”


“Make a musical out of it?”


“We should try and help them through this. I’ll call her tonight and you should head to the bar and go meet Yeollie. If it’s closed, you can always visit his place.”


“I don’t know, Sweetheart. The last time I went to his apartment, he practically threw my out.” Baekhyun responds weakly, glancing at his unfinished music sheets. “And as much as I want to, I still have a lot of work to do. I won’t get paid if I don’t submit this tomorrow.”


“No, I mean, to just be there and keep him company. Don’t even ask about his problems, just…” You shrug, pushing Baekhyun’s hair out of his eyes. “Just be there for him, you know? If he wants to talk then he’ll talk. Just be your usual self in the meantime. That needs a friend.”


Though he looks like he’s contemplating his decision, you know that the answer has always been there all along. There’s no way Baekhyun would abandon his friend. “My usual self?” he asks, smirking a little. “You mean to be extremely fabulous and gorgeous?”


You throw a playful punch to his cheek. “I mean to be a sassy like you always are.” Baekhyun exaggerates a groan before he chuckles and kisses your knuckles with his cute little pouty lips.


“So you said you met someone today,” he begins, smoothly bringing another topic to the table. “Who was it?”


You pull back and give him an astonished look. “I thought you weren’t listening.”


Surprisingly, he still has the energy to roll his eyes like a spoiled brat. “Of course I was. I always listen to you.”


“If you listen to me, you’d close the toilet seat after you use it!” You snort, flicking his nose. Baekhyun retorts by making a mocking face at you before he smiles childishly and pulls you toward him for another heart-fluttering kiss. He sneaks his arms around your waist and suddenly, he lifts you off his lap and places you on top of his desk. You squeal from the sudden action but when Baekhyun parts your thighs and settles himself between them, that little girly yelp turns into a low moan of approval. Baekhyun swallows the voice you make with another hungry kiss (and you thought he was too tired to do this, silly you).


Do Kyungsoo,” you moan breathlessly into your husband’s mouth when he caresses the skin above your belt.


With a frown, Baekhyun abruptly breaks away from the kiss and sends you a look. “It’s Byun Baekhyun.”


“No, I mean—” You get interrupted by your own laughter. “I met him today.”


“What?” he demands and you laugh again, patting his cheek. Baekhyun looks like a bloated fish when he unconsciously puffs his cheek in anger like this.


“I said, I met Do Kyungsoo today,” you explain again though you know it was a rhetorical question.


Baekhyun leans even further away. “Do Kyungsoo,” he repeats, voice suddenly taunting. “As in your stupid-wide-eyed-ex-boyfriend who dresses like a dork Do Kyungsoo?”


“Hey, he’s not stupid!” You poke his stomach and he winces but doesn’t take the word back. “And I actually find his huge eyes to be adorable, thank you very much.”


Baekhyun scoffs and you dare to take a guess that he’s about to roll his eyes. “I’m sorry, but Kris, Yixing, and now Kyungsoo? What, are you opening like Hey-Come-Meet-My-Lovely-Ex-Boyfriends Theme Park or something?”


“Can you stop being snarky just for a day?” You grumble, pinching his cheek before he swats your hand away.


“Being snarky is part of my charm.”


“Yes, yes, I’m such a lucky wife. But to answer your question, you annoying brat—”


Kyungsoo’s an annoying brat—”


You pinch his nose so he’ll stop talking. “Kyungsoo originally comes from Seoul. I only met him back then in China because his parents were working there. I knew he went back here years ago but I didn’t think I’d met him today.” You suddenly have the urge to annoy him even more because Baekhyun being jealous is really entertaining to watch. “Oh and he looks SO amazing now! I mean, he’s shorter than I’ve imagined him to be but his hair looks nice.”


Baekhyun’s nose flares in irritation and he gives you a flat stare and a slow, emotionless clap. “Yes, Sweetheart, that’s cute and all but do I look like your gay friend to you or something? Are we actually going to talk about how great he looks? Do I need to play Spice Girls on the stereo so we can have a heart-to-heart talk and play fluffy pillow fight in our underwear while we’re at it?”


You try to contain your lips from breaking into a smile. God, he’s so cute. You cross your arms on your chest and fake an annoyed look on your face. “Are you done?”


“No. Kyungsoo is a .”


“Says the dude who wears eyeliner in college.”


“But you were attracted to me because of that, admit it.”


And that shuts you off because well, it’s partially true. Baekhyun throws on a winning smirk and actually wiggles his in front of you, doing his victory dance.


“You’re so embarrassing, Baek, stop shaking your like that—it’s gross.”


“You love me. And my .”


“Yeah, so about Kyungsoo—”


“UGH, GOD!” He dramatically drops to his knees, throwing himself on the floor. “No moreeeeeeee Do Kyungsoooooooo—”


“So I went to the hospital this morning.” You keep talking casually as if your husband isn’t sending you death glares from the other side. “I met him there by accident when—”


Hospital?” Baekhyun asks, raising an eyebrow. “Why did you go there?” then his eyes suddenly widen. “W-wait—are you—you’re not pregnant yet, are you?!”


And you pinch the bridge of his nose before he panics and starts screaming for the whole world to know. “No, I’m not so don’t your pants just yet, Baek. You almost make me think that you’re so eager to have me pregnant with your baby junior.” Of course that last line is filled with sarcasm. Baekhyun has agreed to have a baby with you but, like it was stated before, you can’t also deny the fact that he’s still not one hundred percent on board with the whole thing. He still tries to run away and cover his ears with his pillow (sometimes almost literally) whenever you try to bring the “Baby” topic to the table, although he doesn’t put up much of a fight when you persuade him to have with you with no protection (“Come to me, my darling, and make love to me. Oh Baekhyun! Make love to me all night and fill me with your warmth—”/”I will, if you stop looking at me like you’re a sick —”/”Hurry and come inside me and let your swim—”/”Shut up, for the love of God, SHUT UP!”)


Baekhyun exhales and calms his racing heart. “O-oh well… That means we’ll just have to try again, right?” he ends that lame sentence with an awkward grin and you respond to it with a playful punch to his abs —but it actually hurts him enough to make him notice how annoyed you are.


“So what’s up with Do Kyungsoo?” he asks when you jump down to your feet and move toward the refrigerator. He sounds like he’s talking about the most hated topic in the world but he still can’t keep his curiosity away.


“Nothing. We just talked, that’s all,” you answer, bending forward a little to snatch Baekhyun’s pudding away from the fridge before you close its door. “I was there to check on one of my students—Minjung. She’s been sick for three days and it’s my day off today so I thought I should go see her and keep her company for a while.”


“My wife, such an angel,” Baekhyun coos, and you squint your eyes in annoyance before you grab a spoon in one hand and start shoving an adequate amount of Baekhyun’s favorite pudding into your mouth.


“AH!” he shouts, gaping. “That’s my pudding!”


You stick your tongue out when he tries to snatch it away from your hand and both of you end up wrestling, and laughing, and screaming until Baekhyun tackles you to the ground. He straddles your waist with his hands pinning both of your wrists to the carpeted floor and kisses your mouth to taste the very last bit of his pudding.


“Eew! EEW!” You say, giggling when Baekhyun gives you a sloppy kiss and continues your bottom lip, the corner of your mouth, your chin and your cheek like a dog. “Bad puppy! Bad puppy!” Baekhyun chuckles childishly in return but he soon turns his kiss into a more slow, intimate one that can still make you curl your toes to this day.


“So I saw him there,” you say, sighing and circling your arms around his neck when Baekhyun trails a few y kisses down your throat. “He was singing some kind of a happy, children song to Minjung and—oh, have I told you how wonderful Kyungsoo’s voice sounds when he sings?”


Baekhyun sighs and stops himself from nipping at your collarbones. “Sweetheart, I can’t concentrate on making-out with my wife if you keep talking about your stupid ex-boyfriend.”


“He’s not stupid.” You pout, blinking your eyes cutely at him and Baekhyun averts his gaze away before he becomes fazed with your aegyo.


“Yeah, I know,” Baekhyun says grumpily. “He’s adorable, he has a great voice, and he’s a e who likes to keep children happy before he viciously murder them in their sleep. Anything else you wanna add?”


You answer with a kick to his stomach.


“So I asked him what he was doing,” you continue nonchalantly, picking yourself up from the floor while Baekhyun rolls to his side, grunting as he clutches his hand to his hurting, squishy tummy. “And Kyungsoo said that he volunteers there. Can you believe it? He helps them taking care of the children for free.”


“Children and Do Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun murmurs bitterly. “My two worst enemies.”


“You said your worst enemy was bugs.”


“Well, Kyungsoo is bug-eyed dude so he’s my worst enemy too.”


“You’re such a wonderful person.”


“Oh be quiet, you’ll make the angels cry from jealousy.” And he snickers when you groan in frustration. No one could beat Baekhyun when it comes to producing sassy remarks.


“So Kyungsoo actually spends his weekends doing charity job in the hospital, singing to children so they won’t get bored from staying in their hospital beds for too long.” You can even hear your voice filled with adoration toward your previous lover. “Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?”


“Uh-huh.” Baekhyun starts putting on an act where he tries to sound super serious when he’s actually thinking about ridiculous craps in his head. “Should I or should I not go warn their parents about how he’s a two-faced bastard who likes to make videos in his free time?”


“And you know what’s even more awesome?” you continue nonetheless, blatantly ignoring him.


“He also sells drugs? Oh, oh! Is he one of those crack dealers who likes to sell people’s kidneys for—”


What is wrong with you?” You narrow your eyes menacingly and he just shrugs, muttering, “What? I was just guessing. You know how crazy people are these days.”


“Well, unlike you sassy bastard, Kyungsoo spends his week days taking care of the elderly from house to house.” You open the first drawer on the kitchen’s counter and retract your pink apron from there. “He’s a caregiver, and sometimes he spends his time helping at the nursing home as well. Isn’t he the kindest person ever?”


“Whoa, okay,” Baekhyun comments, his eyes following your moves as you try to tie your apron behind your back, “So not only is he a e, he also has some kind of a kink for sixty years old women with no teeth? What a great ex-boyfriend you have there.”


You point your spatula at his face. “I’m going to slap you with this.”


“Isn’t it still too early for us to start out routine?”


“Seriously, Baek.”


“Just kidding, Sweetheart.” Baekhyun chortles, standing up as well and ruffles your hair before he presses a sloppy, playful kiss on your forehead. “But honestly, though, this Do Kyungsoo dude sounds like he’s full of .”


“He’s not making things up, if that’s what you’re saying,” you say, folding your arms on your chest. “And you’re being such an to him, Baek. You haven’t even met him yet.”


“Good, cause I don’t wanna. Merong~” Baekhyun scrunches up his nose and stick his tongue out like a brat that he is. “And what are you talking about? This is the way I behave around your ex-boyfriends. You should already know how to deal with it by now.”


“Well, if you must know,” you say and he closes his ears with both hands, shouting, “I DON’T WANNA KNOW I DON’T WANNA KNOW” until you start poking his stomach mercilessly with a spoon. “Do Kyungsoo is nothing but a sweet, sweet guy who loves to do nothing but make everyone happy with his presence. You should learn a few things from him, Baek.”


He rolls his tongue. “Sure~”


“No, really,” you add with more pressure, facing him with your hands on each side of your hips. “You know, I’m planning to visit him again this weekend. We’re going to go to one of those nursing homes downtown. You should come with us.”


“Uh-huh,” Baekhyun comments, poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. “And what will I be doing, precisely? Changing their underwear?”


“One more sassy comment from you and I’m going to kill you for real.” You point a finger to his face and he mocks you by pretending to bite it off your hand. “Kyungsoo and I are going to cook some soups and cookies for them.”


“They don’t even have teeth, how can they eat those cookies?”


“Baek, I swear to God—” But Baekhyun steals a brief, sweet kiss from your lips before you can finish your protest and then he grins childishly as he holds your chin between your fingers.


“I’ll come,” he says, “I’ll be there for you.”


You can’t honestly say that you’re not surprised over his decision. Feeling a spark of joy in your heart, you unconsciously start to imitate his boyish smile, looking at him with bright, sparkly eyes. “Really? You’ll help them change their underwear? For me?”


“Hey! You said we were gonna—“


You cut him off with a similar kiss. “Kidding, honey. I’m glad you’ll come. Oh, we’re going to have so much fun!” You’re already jumping on your feet and Baekhyun takes a few steps back because you’re doing it with a knife on your right hand. “Easy there, Tinky-Winky, you’re going to stab someone with that.”


“I’ll stab you with my love instead, how about that?” you grin cheesily, mimicking his usual greasy punch line and Baekhyun smacks a hand to his own face.


“Yeah,” Baekhyun murmurs under his breath, “As long as I can get that bug-eyed dude away from you, I’ll be there.”




“Nothing, I love you.” He closes the distance and smacks your lips with his again. “So what’s we’re having for dinner?”


“Kimchi spaghetti,” you say, smiling to yourself. “Kyungsoo taught me how to make it. He brought a lunchbox with him today and, oh my God, Baek, he made the most delicious kimchi spaghetti ever—”


“Yes, yes, fascinating,” Baekhyun flatly replies, sending a kicked puppy look with a pair of pouty lips to your direction. “Now please stop making your husband feel bad since he already has so many insecurities about himself and go buy him another pudding to make him happy, you meanie.”


“You serious?” You protest, giving him a look. “I’m busy making dinner.”


“How about if I make dinner and eat my food off your body—”


“I am going to kill you.”


“You’ve been threatening to kill me for like five times today. I don’t think this will be good for our marriage.”


“Just go back to your work, Baek.”


“Big meanie.”




Giant meanie.”


You roll your eyes, shutting him up with a sudden kiss to the mouth before you take one more cup from the fridge and push it to his chest. “Here, go knock yourself out and leave me alone.”


“Yaaay! You bought me another one!” Baekhyun exclaimed giddily. “Oh and if you’re going to poison the food, don’t. Your kiss is deadly enough to imprison me under your—”




“Alright, alright, I’m going!”




“Hello, welcome to Nugget’s!” Chanyeol says with a sparkling smile before he even lifts his eyes off the drink he’s currently making for the lady on the side. “What would you like to order—“


The taller man’s words get cut off short when he notices Baekhyun taking a seat on a stool in front of him, wearing a small, almost shy smile.


“I’d like to order a glass of beer,” he answers, tapping his fingers to the bar’s table. “And a best friend on the side.”


Chanyeol still fidgets a little on his feet, but then he tears his eyes away from the shorter male and flashes another heartwarming smile to the lady in the red dress. “Your drink, my lady,” he says, voice rumbling deep but his smile seems young and natural. When Baekhyun sees his fingers, he notices that the ring Chanyeol is wearing on his wedding finger isn’t his wedding ring. Baekhyun almost wants to slap himself at that moment for not realizing it sooner.


The lady throws a meaningful, almost over seductive glance and a flirty smirk to Chanyeol when their fingers brush against each other. But whether he notices or not, Chanyeol doesn’t reply her in the same way.


Without saying anything, Chanyeol busies himself with pouring beer to the big glass Baekhyun requested before he tosses it to the man. The shorter man catches the drink with both hands and wraps his slender fingers around it, tapping it a little bit nervously.


“So,” Baekhyun carefully starts, “How about that best friend I ordered? Is he still available on the house?”


Chanyeol tries to avoid him, he really does. He knows what Baekhyun wants to talk about and he doesn’t want to go into that hole. But the moment his eyes lift up to Baekhyun’s face and he catches that familiar pleading grin, Chanyeol huffs and surrenders.


“It’s not free, anymore,” the tall man says, mirroring his grin. “You have to actually pay for that beer.”


“Ah~” Baekhyun says, “But do I get a one hundred percent discount?”


Chanyeol gives him a look, pulling out his napkin and wipes the spilled beers on his bar’s table. “Fine, but this time only.”


Baekhyun does a giddy shake, muttering “Yehet!” in a cute way that would probably make you cringe. He takes a sip of the beer, “Aaaaah~” when the alcohol enters his system. “So, Yeol, I haven’t seen you in a while. I was going to get my daily dose of free beers from you yesterday but the bar was closed.”


“Yeah, I was out of town,” Chanyeol answers, voice airy enough.


Baekhyun doesn’t want to pinprick him with that topic right now, but he can’t hold himself from asking. “And doing what, exactly?”


Chanyeol freezes for half a second there and Baekhyun notices it. The 184cm tall man just smiles but his eyes grow tired and filled with anxiety. “Just taking care of some stuff,” he answers as if that explains everything.


Baekhyun decides to just stop asking about that matter for now. “Hey, my wife says hi,” he says, taking another sip of his drink. “She says she misses you like crazy.”


“I miss her too,” Chanyeol says, chuckling almost too politely it becomes uncomfortable in Baekhyun’s ears. “I’m sorry I’ve been busy for the last few days. Why didn’t she come here with you today, though?”


“She said it should be a boys’ night out or something,” Baekhyun throws a manly scoff. “Like we actually need that. We’re not girls. We don’t do boys’ night out, right?”


That eases the tension a little bit because Chanyeol laughs. “Well, she’s always special in some way.”


“Don’t call my wife special. She’s my special snowflakes, not yours.”


“Alright, alright, geez.” Chanyeol playfully rolls his eyes. “So how you’ve been feeling?”


“Cranky,” Baekhyun answers with a pout. “Milady forgot to put my eyeliner cap back on so now I’m the dude with the ugly, eyeliner-less eyes.”


“Your eyes are fine.” Chanyeol throws a friendly smile that seems familiar. He offers him a plate filled with cheese sticks. “Here, have some. It’s on the house.”


Baekhyun makes a face. “Eww, no, what are you doing, making me fat? Jesus.” But he actually takes a handful of the food and munches them down his throat with open mouth.


Chanyeol only shakes his head in amusement as he rests his elbows on the edge of the table. “So how’s the baby-making going?”


Baekhyun shrugs, swallowing down the food. “Not much progress. It’s not like I hump my wife everyday to make her pregnant or something, you know. It will take time.”


“Don’t say hump, Baek, you’re not a rabbit.”


“I might as well be, since I’m this cute it’s almost illegal.”


“You’re almost thirty, stop saying the word cute.”


“Oh no, dude, I’m making a deal with God. I ain’t gonna turn thirty.” Baekhyun wiggles his finger sassily and Chanyeol only sighs, holding back a laugh.


“So Yeol, there’s this dude,” Baekhyun starts randomly, knowing well that he shouldn’t sound too uptight because otherwise, he’ll make him nervous again. “He’s a giant with super huge ears and the creepiest smiles I’ve ever seen. But he used to be so happy and stupid and people actually love him for that. Crazy, right?”


Chanyeol snickers, pouring a drink for himself when he’s sure there’s no new customer entering the place. “I think I know the guy.”


“Yeah, and so that Yoda dude has a friend,” Baekhyun continues, fingers playing with the handle of the glass. “Which is like totally gorgeous, by the way. I mean if I were a chick, I would totally bang him.”


“Does that dude wear eyeliner around his eyes or…?”




“Ah, I see. Please continue.”


“’Kay, so one day,” Baekhyun presses his thumb to his lips and unconsciously starts biting it as he speaks. “The eyeliner dude came to Yoda’s apartment. And they hung around together, drinking, smoking, watching . You know what boys usually do in their own manly time.”


Chanyeol knows where this is going but he can’t help but to smile at his friend’s words.


“But then the eyeliner dude—the gorgeous one, mind you—started asking about personal matters and he didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut,” Baekhyun said, admitting with an apologetic smile. “You know what they say with people who have moles on top of their lips, right? They can be so talkative and whiny sometimes. So the gorgeous dude kind of pissed the other dude off because of that and they stopped talking for days after that.”


“I get it, Baek,” Chanyeol sighs, smile faltering. “I know what you’re trying to say.”


“Oh, but wait.” Baekhyun stops him with a finger. “Do you know that the manly, eyeliner dude feels like after that and wants to apologize for being such a nosy little to Mr. Yoda?”


That I did not know,” Chanyeol says, calming down a little, looking at him with softer eyes. “Baek, it’s not like I’m mad at you because of that. I was just—”


“No, it’s okay.” This time, Baekhyun holds up a hand, stopping him before he can finish. “You’re right, Yeol. It wasn’t my business and I shouldn’t pester you about it. I just want you to know that you’re not alone, you know? Like, I’m always here if you want to talk. I’m practically unemployed. All I do is just writing songs and trying to put a baby in my wife’s belly. I think I still have a lot of time to spare for you, Yoda.”


Chanyeol purses his lips before they break out into a grin. “Yoda, huh? Haven’t heard that nickname for a while.”


“I haven’t worn my spandex in years too, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop wearing it in my house.”


“That’s too much information, Baek.”


“Then you probably don’t wanna know about my pink tutu.”


“No, I don’t think I do.” He sounds serious when he says it but when he catches Baekhyun wiggling his eyebrow, the handsome man croaks out another laugh.


“So Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says, sounding more sure and relaxed now that his friend looks a lot less tense. “It’s been bugging me a lot for a while so I just need to ask. Nugget’s? Your bar’s name is Nugget’s?”


Surprisingly, Chanyeol has this longing look and a shy smile when he tries to find the proper explanation to give. The way his lips curve up indicates happiness but his eyes droop down and filled with nothing but sadness and regret. Baekhyun wonders how the Happy Virus Chanyeol can still smile to live up to his name, but the feeling he emits from it is entirely different.


Chanyeol lets out this nervous chuckle, smiling faintly. “W-well, umm—” He raises one hand to rub the back of his head. “It was the name she gave me when we were still dating back then in college. She thought it was cute and told me that nuggets made her feel so happy by eating them. So she wanted everyone to feel that too—even though I don’t really sell nuggets here. It’s ridiculous, I know. I just find it to be cute…” He ends it with another awkward, embarrassed laugh but Baekhyun can’t hear it. In fact, the world seems to stop for him for a second there when he tries to focus his eyes to that particular spot on the inner side of Chanyeol’s wrist.


He’s distracted by the little scars—still looking red and fresh on the spot along his veins—and Baekhyun knows well from the sight of it that it was needles that prickled his skin.




Please pick up, please pick up, please pick up. You mumble softly under your breath as you press your cellphone against your right ear. The room is quiet and you can only hear the sound of your breath, counting every second that passes by. When the line is connected, you call your best friend’s name with too much excitement that you end up sounding like you’re squeaking.


H-hello?” Your friend asks from the other line, soft and beautiful voice. “Hey, what’s up with the sudden call? And why do you sound so weird?


“What, I can’t call my best friend when I want to?” You throw an awkward laugh, screaming inwardly to yourself because you suddenly feel nervous over nothing. “I miss you, you know.”


She produces this little sound that makes you imagine she’s currently smiling at you. “I miss you too. You know I do. What’s up?”


“Oh nothing, just the usual,” you reply and you almost exhale in relief because this time you manage to sound more casual. “You know, hanging around teaching ballet to kids, making out with Baek on the couch.”


Married for almost three years and still hasn’t run out of energy when it comes to ,” she comments, giggling. “You are unbelievable.”


“Well you know how Baek and I used to behave back in college so you shouldn’t be surprised.” You feel like this is the right time to slip in and get straight to the part where you want your curiosity to be answered. “You and Chanyeol used to be all lovey dovey too back then. I swear I threw up in my mouth for like two or three times when we had lunch together. You just couldn’t keep your hands off him.”


For a split second there, comes silence. And you feel uneasy because there shouldn’t be any silence. She should’ve been able to answer those lines with another lovesick giggle and a content sigh, like how she used to whenever she spoke of his lover.


But then she laughs and you almost cringe at the fakeness of the voice. “I’m sorry I’ve made you feel all grossed-out.”


“Hey, I’m not actually complaining,” you say, mimicking her distant laugh. “And you know, I kind of miss seeing it now. I haven’t seen you guys being gross to that level for a long time.”


“W-well, it’s—” She coughs and clears . “Chanyeol and I like to tone it down these days. We’ve both matured anyway. It’s not cute anymore when people our age act all clingy like that.”


“Still, though, I miss seeing you two acting that way around each other.” You add a pause so it seems like you’re thinking as you hum. “Hey, come to think of it. We’ve never really hung out together, have we? I mean like the four of us, with Baek and Yeol.”


“Yeah,” she fakes another chuckle. “I thought you didn’t like it when we went on a double date.”


“Says who? I thoroughly enjoyed it!”


“Oh, really?” This particular laugh sounds a bit more sincere than the other. “Well I miss it too, I suppose. Us doing a double date.”


“See?” you can’t help but to sound excited. “So can we? I’m free next weekend. Can we meet up?”


“I… I can’t.” The hesitation in her voice is so clear that it’s impossible for you to pretend like you didn’t hear it. “I mean, I’ll probably still be out of town by then.”


“Then the week after that?”


“No, I’m…” Her sigh is filled with tremble. “M-my friend is getting married and I’ve promised her I’d attend her wedding.”


“Oh…” The fact that Baekhyun’s words seem to be true scares you more than it’s supposed to. “When will you be able to meet up then? I mean, my schedule is less busy than yours so maybe I can—”


“You know what, I have to go,” she says it breathlessly. “I’m—my—I need to go practice for my—umm, concert…”


You can practically feel her lies on your tongue and it’s bitter and poisonous.


“I see,” you say, stopping her from creating another lie that she still isn’t ready to utter. Talking to her by the phone like this won’t work and it won’t make any difference other than hearing more nonsense from her lips. You can’t pretend that your heart isn’t hurting by the way she acts around you now. You trust and tell her about anything, so why can’t she do the same? “Well, if you have time, just ring me, okay?”


I will,” she says, almost sounding like she’s sighing in relief. “W-well I have to go. Umm… I’ll talk to you soon?”


You close your eyes, biting your lower lip worriedly as your heart sinks uneasily to your stomach. “Yes, of course.”


She notices the sadness and the disappointment in your voice, you know she does. But the fact that she doesn’t even bother to do anything about it hurts you the most. “Okay then, goodb—”


“Y-you know,” you say before you can even prepare yourself. You just go with what your heart tells you to. “I’m here, okay? If there’s anything, anything you ever want to talk to me about, I’ll be just a call away. I will be there for you, you hear me?”


Another silence and it’s funny how you feel like something thundering against your ears when there is no sound at all.


Thank you.” Then the line is disconnected. You should probably be upset over her bland response but you can’t.


Because the last thing you hear before she goes is the sound of her muffled sob.




When Baekhyun comes home that night, he smells like smoke, alcohol, and the night breeze. But you don’t bother to ask or scold him about it. You just circle your arms around his neck and sink into his embrace.


Baekhyun leans his back against the front door, doesn’t even have the time to take off his shoes before you tackle him with a hug. He’s probably a little confused but he doesn’t speak about it. Instead, he lifts up one hand and your hair.


“What’s wrong?” he asks and you just bury your face deeper to the crook of his neck.


“You’ll tell me, right?” you say, voice sounding heavy to your own ears. “Whenever you have something in your mind, whenever I’ve done something wrong, you’ll be honest and talk to me about it, right, Baekhyun?”


Baekhyun stays mute for a moment, just carding his fingers comfortingly through your hair. And then he takes a deep breath and says, “I’m not ready to be a father.”


Your heart seems to freeze for a second there before you pull back and look him in the eyes. “What?”


“I’m not—” He takes a breath, looking uncomfortable. “I’m not ready yet because I don’t know how. I grew up without having one to teach me things and my mom left before I could understand her reason. I’m… scared of children because I don’t know how to be around them. I’m sorry I haven’t been clear to you, but that’s how I really feel. It’s not the money I’m worried about, it’s… It’s me.”


You slowly pull back from his embrace with a frown but it soon disappears when you see the sorrow in his eyes. Baekhyun seems so vulnerable at the moment and you know how big this means to him. How hard it is for him to be honest and tell you about how he truly feels about all of this.


“I’m sorry,” he murmurs softly, eyes drooping down and you feel your heart twitches uneasily behind your chest. “I’m sorry, please don’t hate me.”


“Hey, it’s okay,” you say, smiling tenderly as you cup his cheek. “Why do you look so sad? It’s not—oh honey, come here.” You bring his face down while you lean forward, tipping on your toes and kiss his forehead. “I’m not mad at you. Look, I’m really glad you tell me, okay? I know it’s not easy for you to admit that so thank you. Thank you for trusting me enough.”


“But you’re disappointed with me,” he slowly said, looking down to his feet. “Aren’t you?”


“Why would I be?” You lift his face up by placing your fingers around his chin. “Baek, look at me. You’re perfect. I know you’re scared and that’s okay but I want you to know that I will never be disappointed with you. I will never hate you—it’s impossible for me to fall out of love when it comes to you, Byun Baekhyun.”


“Really?” he softly asks, eyes blinking slowly like a sleepy child.


“Of course,” you assure him with a sweet, tender kiss against his pouty lips. “We’ll work this out together, okay? I mean, I don’t know the first thing about babies either but I’m willing to learn and if you’re there with me, no matter how cheesy this is going to sound, I actually think I can get through this with no problem.”


Baekhyun mirrors your smile with his lips but not with his eyes. “I know, but what if our baby ends up hating me?” The unspoken words are clear: just like how I hate my father so much.


“You’ll be fine and do you know why?” you ask, caressing his cheek as he waits for your answer. “Because unlike your father who left you, I know you won’t abandon them. You’ll stay and try to make them love you. Just like how you did to me once.”


You can practically see the flashback in his eyes—that moment when he proposed and you said no and how he came back to prove his love to you.


“And our child is going to love you so much,” you say and grin when Baekhyun leans his temple against yours. “To the point that I have to start making lame mommy jokes just to steal their attention away from you.”


Baekhyun smiles in the way the stars couldn’t match its beauty. “Why do you always know the right thing to say to me?” he asks and you only manage to answer it with another content smile before he presses his lips against yours. “I love you.”


“I love you too,” you reply, giggling when he kisses your nose. “And come on, Baek, our kids will be charmed with your stupid eye-smiles so you don’t have anything to worry about, really.”


“Just like how it worked on their mother?”


“Oh shut up.” You push a palm against his chest when his chuckle rumbles through the air. “I called her earlier, by the way.” You take his hand and lead him further inside the apartment and Baekhyun squeezes yours when he senses how worried your are. “My guess was right. She didn’t want to talk about it.”


Baekhyun takes his jacket off before he takes a seat beside you on the couch, throwing his head back and sighs. “Well, I got Chanyeol to tell me something today. It wasn’t much, but it’s a start. I know the reason why his bar was closed that time. He was out of town.”


You slide down and lay your head on his shoulder, hugging his arm with both hands. “For what?” You don’t expect that there will be a shiver running through your spine when you hear his answer.


“Signing their divorce papers.”



LOOK! LOOK! I'm keeping my promise! Here's another update from me! Hehehehe now don't expect me to update soon, because I'm going to write for Luhan's side story now (who's curious about Sehun's probleeeeeeeem because I'll probably going to answer it on the next chapter). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the update. I know this probably hasn't answered your questions yet ("WHAT IS HAPPENING TO CHANYEOL AND HIS WIFE? DID SHE LEAVE HIM? WHY WHY WHY WAEGURAEEEEEE???") but be patient, my dear. I'll reveal it soon when Chanyeol is ready to tell Baek the truth hahaha. Let's focus back on Baek and his own trouble for now, shall we? Kyungsoo will probably appear on the next chapter but whoooooo knoooooowwssss hahahaha

adios my sweetie-pies! <3333

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