Reunite Part I

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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“You know what,” you say, puffing your cheeks in annoyance. “Let’s just go find another restaurant. Look, even a simple diner would be fine, really. I’m already so tired of waiting.”


Baekhyun has been biting his own fingers due to boredom. “Wait for five more minutes.”


“You said that an hour ago!” You complain, slapping his hand away from his face. “And stop that. You’re going to ruin your nail.” Baekhyun retaliates by glaring at you and poking your right cheek.


You glare at one of the staffs that’s busy taking names of people to put them down on the never-ending waiting list. “Damn it, why do they keep writing down names? There are already so many people waiting in lines for God’s sake!”


Baekhyun also grumbles on his feet, but though he looks just as irritated as you, he doesn’t move himself away from the line of people waiting to get a table to eat in one of the most extravagant restaurants in town. It’s an amazing place that occupies the top floor of one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Seoul. People are able to have luxury dining with their partners while they enjoy the breathtaking view of Seoul’s city lights and the beautiful performance of classical European music playing on the background. The décor will simply steal your breath away, and the ambiance of the restaurant is peaceful, just perfect for you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your husband. Even when you haven’t set a foot on this place, you’ve already heard so many great reviews about the great services they offer and the French cuisine they serve.


You honestly can’t wait to have a taste of champagne and their well-known Foei Gras on the tip of your tongue, but after waiting for almost forever, you start losing your appetite. “Baekgu~ Can we just go? I feel like I’m on the verge of killing myself.”


“But we’ve waited for almost an hour,” Baekhyun says, “And there are only like three more people in front of us. After that, we’ll get our table.”


You huff, wrapping his left arm with both hands and press your cheek against his shoulder. “I’m tired.”


Baekhyun smiles, gently pats your hair and kisses the top of your head. “Just wait a little bit more, Sweetheart.”


“And this dress is killing me.” You really just can’t stop complaining. “Sorry if I gross you out with this information, but you should know that my is sweating.”


Baekhyun laughs, giving you an incredulous look. “My wife. Always know how to in public.”


You bump your shoulder playfully against his. “No, but seriously. I’m sweating through every pore.”


He softly chuckles and slips his fingers through your hair, comforting you by stroking softly on the wavy strands. “See, I knew you should’ve chosen the ty one,” he comments. “But you just had to insist about buying this one because, quote, ‘it looks so high-class and elegant’. Though, I gotta say, this dress does make your look great.”


“Can we not talk about my at the moment?” you ask, pouting. “I don’t feel y right now.” Baekhyun starts poking your cheek again in a playful manner. “Baek, stop it! And you always say my look great, so your compliment doesn’t matter to me anymore.”


“Aaw, look how cute you are when you’re angry,” he coos as he pinches your cheek and you nearly slam the end of your stiletto down to his shoe. “You’re always y to me, Sweetheart. You know that.”


You snort loudly, not quite behaving like a lady. “You’re just saying that so I’ll let you off the dishes tonight.”


Baekhyun appears like a mischievous vixen with that naughty twinkle in his eyes. “So it’s working?” he asks, looking hopeful.




Baekhyun looks bums out, but not for long before he continues again. “Well, believe me when I say you’re the iest girl I’ve ever met.”




“And you’re so beautiful.”




“And amazing.”


“That’s great to hear.”


“And you’re good with your hands.”




“And you’re so dirty,” he sneers when you glare at him. “No, not that kind of dirty. You’re dirty as in—”


“I’m not scowling at you because I don’t get what you’re referring to, Baek. I’m glaring so you’ll stop being an embarrassing little sh—”


“And you make me the happiest man in the world.”


Hereeeee we go again,” you grumble, sighing. “Seriously, stop.”


He swoops his head down to press a playful kiss to your cheek. “And you’re cute and hot at the same time.”


“I’m going to punch you,” you say but smile when his lips start moving closer to your ear.


“And sultry,” he whispers those words straight to you in a breathy voice, tickling you with his breath and nudging your earlobe with the tip of his nose. “And very, very sensual,” he dramatically whispers again and you giggle, tilting your head to the side so his lips can finally reach yours.


“Excuse me,” a female staff disturbs your greasy flirting moment with your husband and you blush a little even though you’re still giggling over Baekhyun’s previous actions. “I believe you’re waiting for a table under the name of…” she trails off as she runs her eyes down the list she’s holding. “Byun Baekhyun?”


“Yes,” Baekhyun says. “That’s moi.”


You cringe at your husband’s lame attempt in trying to sound French just because you’re going to have a dinner in a French restaurant. But then again, you should be used to it by now since you already knew he was an, as what the French says, imbécile since the beginning of time.


You swear that the waitress just sends him an irritated look for a millisecond there but she quickly covers it up with a bow and a smile. “Well, Sir. We deeply apologize for taking so much of your time. Thank you for your patience. Now if you’d allow me, I’d like to take you to your—”


A figure walks past by you, cutting your conversation short with the restaurant’s worker and just talks to her as if you and Baekhyun don’t exist. “Get my usual table ready,” the foreign figure says to the staff. You can’t see his face, but his deep voice and the way he talks remind you of something—or rather someone familiar, if not important.


“Hey!” Baekhyun says, scowling and glaring at the back of the man’s head. “Sorry, Mister, but you can’t just stand here and ask for a table. You gotta get on the line!”


When the figure turns around, your heart nearly stops.






The man turns around.


Kris Wu stands in front of you, all 187 centimeters of him, looking absolutely gorgeous in a white buttoned up shirt with folded sleeves. You can see how his shoulders have become so broad and how there are more visible veins along his wrist. The way he holds his blazer in one arm makes him look more casual than ever, but his eyebrows are still curved down into a frown—just like the usual look he used to have back in high school.


“Y-you…” His jaws hang slack on his face, eyes widening in surprise. “How—why are you…?”


It’s funny how you used to have nightmares about how he was walking away from your life, but now as you stare deep into his dark brown orbs once again, you start to feel so many things but anger. You realized you were supposed to feel this huge amount of hatred inside your heart, since he was your very first love and also the one who abandoned you without explanation whatsoever. But weirdly, what you feel toward him at the moment is just a simple feeling of longing for someone and pure joy from finally being able to see him again. Perhaps, this is the first time you become truly certain that you have truly moved on from him.


You just realized that you’ve missed Kris—even after all this time, even after everything, you really did miss him. Not as a lover, but a friend.


Oh my God, Kris!” You shout without even trying to hide your smile from appearing so widely on your face. You don’t even notice that you are now leaping into his arms, hugging him around the neck while your husband stands behind you, all wide eyes and gaping mouth.


Kris looks as if all the air is being taken forcefully from his lungs. The way his eyes shine is anything but sad or happy. He’s just too shocked to even put a proper expression. The way his hands just lay still beside his hips is a clear indication of how he’s just being too dazed at the moment.


“Kris, I can’t believe this!” You exclaim excitedly, now pulling back from your hug but still idly lay your hands around his neck. “You’re here! You’re actually here! In Seoul!”


“U-uh…” He blinks once, twice, thrice, until he splutters. “Y-yeah…”


“How long have you been in here?” You just can’t stop badgering him with questions. “I thought you were still in China! Oh God, I still can’t believe we’re actually in the same place right now! I’ve missed you!”


“What…” Kris is still somewhat speechless, and also turning a bit pink on the cheeks—though it’s probably just because of the light, you’re not sure. “W-what are you doing here?”


“That’s it? Just going straight to the point? No ‘I miss you too’ or ‘where have you been all this time’?” You playfully scrunch up your nose but he’s still too stiff to respond with another joke. “So typical of you, Kris Wu.”


“Well, I…” It’s really weird to see him losing his usual confidence and leader-like attitude like this. But then you remember how he used to fumble with his words when he was conversing with you back then. You thought it was cute because no matter how cold and serious he looked on the outside, when he was alone with you, he turned into that typical boy-next-door who fell in love desperately with his girl. Maybe it was one of the reasons why you used to love him so much too.


“I missed you too,” Kris finally says and you furrow your eyebrows a little because those words seem to have much deeper meaning behind them. Or probably it’s not because of his words, but they way he’s staring at you. You used to have him looking at you like that whenever you woke up late in the morning and he was already smiling down at you while peppering gentle kisses on your shoulders. You remembered to way he chuckled and told you how much he loved waking up next to you and how badly he wanted to spend every morning of his life waking up in the same way. Well you two were young and naïve, and so wrapped desperately in love with one another. Back then you didn’t think everything would go wrong and you honestly thought that Kris was the one for you. Of course that thought went out the window when he suddenly disappeared without even saying goodbye.


Your heart jolts in a way that feels so wrong, so you decide to erase those memories away from your mind. There’s really no time to be awkward. It’s already in the past and none of you should bother with it anymore.


“I’m still wondering what you’re doing here, though,” Kris adds when he notices you become slightly uncomfortable. “Are you going to meet someone here or…”


“Well, if you must know, Mr. Wu. I’m having a dinner with my husband,” you say brightly, still amazes over the fact that Kris now looks much, much better with his golden brown hair.


Kris, with so much effort, finally averts his eyes to the side. He clears his throat and focuses his stare before he gives your husband onceover look, suddenly seeming unimpressed and uninterested. He just mumbles out a nonchalant, “Oh” and inwardly mocks about how cheap Baekhyun’s suit looks especially when being combined with those hideous pantofel shoes. It’s great that Kris can hold back his comment before it flows out of his mouth (“Oh, he’s your husband? I thought he was one of the waiters. I was wondering why he just stood there watching us. I was just about to give him a tip.”)


Baekhyun should be offended—no, he is offended by the look Kris is giving him. And he should be a little bit pissed off with the way you still have your arms around him. But your husband is too busy gaping—over the fact that, damn, your ex-boyfriend is tall; And damn, he has nice hair; And oh holy crap, Kris is going to make somebody cry with how thick his wallet is—to actually put a reaction on it.


But no, Baekhyun isn’t impressed of him. So what if the dude has the most perfect nose in the world? Baekhyun could just punch him on the face and break it and then he’s going to look ugly. Except maybe he can’t, since he’s not even sure he can even reach Kris’ ears without tiptoeing. That man is a giant!


And who cares if Kris gets escorted from country to country by his own private jet while Baekhyun has to walk until he gets his all sweaty just to get a cup of ramen from the nearest Seven Eleven? Walking is healthy. Walking makes your legs look better because it’s like—oh who is he kidding. A private jet sounds hella nice and Baekhyun could really use a private jet! He can totally imagine himself sitting there on one of those expensive seats, drinking some champagne, and having nice conversations about the weather with the love of his life while they gaze into each other eyes before he undresses her and moves her to his lap and—whoa okay, well that escalated quickly. He should stop right there. Popping a for your wife in front of her ex-boyfriend isn’t exactly going to work well on his image.


Back to the point here. Is Baekhyun jealous of Kris? No, of course he’s not jealous. What’s there to be jealous of? 187 centimeters of height? Nah. Big- hands that look so manly but somehow also look so soft? Get real. Three ing Ferraris probably parked in his garage? Please.


No, seriously. Yes, please.


But does he feel insecure? Pfft, what does being insecure even mean? That he’s afraid about losing his wife to a super rich businessman with perfect smiles and hair like a God? Nooooooo, of course not. Baekhyun is sure that his wife is more into cute, perhaps a bit short guys with eyeliner-rimmed eyes who can do wonder in bed a.k.a a guy like him. This Kris dude doesn’t stand a chance against him. Yeah, that’s right. Not even in the slightest.


So to sum up: Kris Wu is just a normal guy. Byun Baekhyun is fabulous. And Kris does not rendered Baekhyun speechless with his close-up awesomeness.


Baekhyun squints his eyes when he sees his wife laughing and placing a casual hand on Kris’ arm, as if they were best friends. It irks him, of course, because what if she finds out that Kris’ arm is all toned and perfect while Baekhyun is more like… on the squishy side? Damn it, he should’ve gone to gym.


Baekhyun gulps and tries to find a flaw on this perfection called Kris mothereffing Wu. Perhaps he has a scar? Or maybe he’s secretly missing a tooth? Oh! Oh! Maybe he has an ugly mole under his armpits? Or maybe, just maybe, Kris is actually dying, like he has brain cancer or something and then he’s going to be bald and—yes, yes, Baekhyun likes where this is going. He likes it very, very much.


Except that Kris isn’t bald and he definitely has better hair than him and the dude is starting to flash even more blinding smile to his wife and now Baekhyun feels like he’s about to throw up.


“Oh!” You shout when you remember something and Kris looks at you as if he longs to see that excited expression on your face. “I haven’t introduced you two properly yet! How rude of me,” you say, bringing Baekhyun closer by wrapping an arm around his. “This is my husband, Baekhyun.”


Ah, yes, I’m her husband, Baekhyun thinks, already beginning to recollect his smug and sassy attitudes back after having his confidence crushed by his own thoughts a few seconds ago. That’s your biggest flaw, Kris. You don’t have the most perfect thing on earth. That one belongs to me.


Kris furrows his eyebrows in disapproval when he looks at the arm you have wrapped around your husband’s just for a millisecond before he brings his serious, extravagant demeanor back.


“I believe we haven’t met before,” Kris says, offering a hand and a dashing smile to your husband. “Wu. Kris Wu.


Baekhyun scrunches his nose as if he’s on the verge of blurting something outrageous, but you elbow him lightly to remind him to be in his best behavior.


Byun,” Baekhyun says, imitating Kris and takes his hand. Even if you don’t see it, you can actually hear the smugness on his smirk. “Baekhyun Byun.”


The men shake hands and although their lips are smiling, they are obviously trying to wipe each other’s existence from earth by their glares.


“I’m her husband,” Baekhyun adds, smirking arrogantly. You bite the inside of your cheek so you won’t roll your eyes.


“I’ve noticed,” Kris says, smiling a bit more professionally than Baekhyun, but you know he’s being so fake at the moment as well.


“She’s my wife,” Baekhyun says again, just to be more precise and you want to bash his head with a rock. He’s going to embarrass the out of you. You can already figure it out that much.


“Yes,” Kris says, nodding. “I believe you’re just rephrasing your words now.”


“Oh, I just want to make it clear,” Baekhyun replies airily. “So we won’t make our own assumptions and forget where we stand.”


Baek,” you call threateningly, wanting him to drop the topic.


Kris definitely looks bizarre and agitated, especially when Baekhyun is being as childish as always and squeezes Kris’ hand too hard to the point that taller man is about to wince in pain.


Kris takes back his hand as if he just got shocked by a small amount of electricity. “It’s… such a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Byun,” he says, putting on his diplomatic smile.


Baekhyun simply mirrors him. “Pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Wu.”


Oh God, just kill me now, you moan inside your head. “Okay!” You shout, grinning awkwardly as you clap your hands. “Now that we’ve known each other, why don’t we move on to the next topic, yeah?”


The two men don’t even share a glance at you; they’re too busy sending death glares to each other. It’s when the restaurant’s manager arrives at your spot that the two of them finally break their eye contacts. You have never been this grateful toward an employee before.


“Sir?” the manager says and bows his head to Kris before he speaks again. “Your table is ready.”


Baekhyun makes a complaining sound. “But the dude just got here—oof!” You silence him with a mean jab directed to the side of his stomach.


“Be quiet,” you hiss and he responds with a grunt.


“Yes, thank you,” Kris says to the manager. He doesn’t seem like he heard your small bickering with your husband. When Kris turns to face you again, his eyes are soft and you can’t help but to feel warm over the familiar sight. He used to look at you with those eyes for so long that you always tried to ask yourself how could you still be alive under that beautiful gaze.


“Well,” Kris says, smiling. “It’s my sign to go. Unless, you want to join me? No, I insist. Let me buy you a dinner. Allow me to express how grateful I am to be able to reunite with you,” he gives a disinterested look at Baekhyun’s direction before he continues, ”and your husband tonight.”


Baekhyun snorts. “No, thanks, why don’t you just do something with your stupid eyebro—oof!


“We’d be delighted to!” You answer cheerfully and Kris frowns a little as he examines Baekhyun’s condition after receiving yet another blow from your elbow.


“Great,” Kris says, smiling with his mouth open wide now. “Shall we go then?”


You nod and let him take the lead first. One of the staffs gently ushers the three of you to the table they’ve reserved under the name Kris Wu.


While Kris is busy talking to the restaurant’s manager, probably giving one or two advices to the man (because the worker seems busy taking notes and nodding his head in compliance), you walk side-by-side with your husband, exchanging glares with him.


“What the hell are you doing?” Baekhyun says, hissing at you in a whisper. “Why are we sitting with that jackass?”


“Because if we don’t, we’re going to have to wait in line again and I’m not sure I’m up for that,” you respond in the same tone. “And shut up, he’s not a jackass.”


“He’s a jackass.”


You’re a jackass.”


“How am I a jackass? I am perfectly adorable, Sweetheart.”


“For a Satan that belongs to hell, yes,” you retort, finally rolling your eyes.


Baekhyun dramatically gasps. “Oh, how rude! My pure, little heart is breaking—”


“Baek, you’re being a jackass since the first second we met him!”


“No, I’m not~ I’m just being myself~” Baekhyun pouts and blinks his eyes cutely. “Are you saying that Baekhyunnie can’t even be himself in front of people? Are you saying that Baekhyunnie is embarrassing and not cute anymore? Are you saying that Baekhyunnie can’t—”


“I am going to kill you as soon as we get home.” You certainly don’t forget to emphasize the word with a scowl and gritted teeth.


“Oh, that’s cute,” he leers, “Well you know what I’m going to do to you when we get home? I’m going to peel that dress off you, kissing every inch of your exposed skin until I have my marks all over your body, and I’ll do it so, so slowly so that the only thing you can do is beg desperately for me to just fuc—” His line ends in a not-too-manly shriek when you pinch the back of his neck. “Yah! That hurts like a !” he hisses angrily.


“You can’t just say awful things about Kris, Baek!” You retort, throwing ice daggers at him with your eyes. “You just met him now. Plus, he wants to buy us dinner. I think it’s impolite if we refuse his offer.”


“You want to talk about being impolite?” Baekhyun snaps back. “Did you not see how he was looking at me? Did you not hear how he introduced himself?” he sets his voice in a lower tone, definitely mocking Kris with his next words. “Wu. Kris Wu. Who does he think he is—


“A jackass?” you offer, giving him a face.


“I was going to say James Bond,” Baekhyun replies, grinning childishly. “But I’m glad we’re thinking in the same way. You’re right, we are so meant to be. Now give your sugardaddy a kiss, baby~”


“Can you please just shut up and stop being so gross!” you retort, almost elbowing him on the side of his stomach again but Baekhyun is faster this time.


“Whoops!” he says, dodging skillfully. “Ha! You can’t hurt me anymore, Sweetheart! The student has become the master—aaw!” He whines, rubbing the lower side of his leg after you kicked him on the shin. “Damn it!”


Kris turns around over the fuss. “Is everything all right?” he asks, knitting his eyebrows together when he sees Baekhyun limping as he walks. Kris suddenly looks amused and genuinely happy when he notices how much Baekhyun is in pain right now.


“Yes, everything’s fine,” you say and you can feel Baekhyun’s glare at the back of your head. “So, where’s our table?”


“It’s right over here, Ma’am,” the restaurant’s employee says with a polite smile before she opens another door and leads the three of you into a room with more extravagant décor and immensely breathtaking view of Seoul. The windows, which are possibly made from the most luxurious crystal glass that can be found on earth, are replacing every wall of the room, making it possible to see everything from the traffic lights of the city, to the brightest stars on the clear night sky. There in the middle of the room, stands a round, highly crafted wooden table fully designed with a neat, white tablecloth on top of it.


Kris steps forward, following the footsteps of the waitress and only stops when she pulls his chair back and bows down until he sits on it. You, on the other hand, is frozen on the spot, still too busy admiring the most exquisite dining room you’ve ever laid your eyes on.


You know you’re gaping, but you just can’t seem to close your mouth because well, this room is on another level of awesomeness. And the part of the restaurant you visited before was already so freaking awesome.


You’re certain that Baekhyun is just putting the same expression as you are on his face, but he seems to be woken up sooner than you from his own trance. “Well, this is…” he trails, trying to put up a proper word. “…different.”


Different?!” you hiss, narrowing your eyes at him. “Are you crazy?! He has his own freaking table in a this big- private room surrounded by glass! I think the word you’re looking for is ‘AWEZING’!”


Baekhyun angles his head to the side in such great speed; you’re amazed that he hasn’t broken his neck yet. “Awezing?” he asks, though he doesn’t sound too interested in knowing.


“Yeah,” you reply casually, “’Awezing’ as in ‘awesome and amazing’.”


Baekhyun huffs and rolls his eyes impatiently. “Can you at least minimize your fangirling level when you’re with your husband who is, by the way, the cutest and also the hottest guy ever existed on earth?”


You’re about to snicker and playfully nudge him with your elbow—and probably tell him that it’s cute when he’s being jealous—but the deep timbre of Kris’ voice resonates through the room.


“I would really appreciate,” he says, smiling gently—although it seems to be a little, if not a lot, forced. He stands beside his chair, waiting for your arrival. “If you spend most of your time sitting with me here and less time being flirty with each other over there—if that’s not too much to ask.”


Baekhyun grumbles under his breath, “How about if you just shut up and leave my wife alone—oof!”


“Coming~” you say, flashing a friendly smile as you drag Baekhyun—who is now clutching the side of his abs in pain—to the dining table. You take a seat beside Kris—Baekhyun insisted that you sit so, so far away from your ex-boyfriend as possible but you thought it wouldn’t be polite so you shushed him and pinched the back of his hand so he would stop complaining. Your husband sits on your other side, secretly stealing angry glances at the way your hand is lying too close beside Kris’ on the table.


As they settle down with an opening glass of champagne, the maître d’ stops by and shows you some lovely black truffles, waving his hand to spread the dark forest scent. You feel your mouth starts to water so you gulp before your drool begins to drip down your chin. Baekhyun glares at the innocent sweets, not showing any interest on his expression but you know how he actually really wants to take a taste.


Kris smiles and offers you to go ahead and have your first treat. “I know how you used to like chocolate truffles so much,” he says, staring at you with his chin lying idly on top of his neatly laced fingers. “I hope it still hasn’t changed.” It’s adorable how Kris still remembers those small little things and when you blush because of it, it’s completely beyond your control.


You sheepishly mirror his smile. “It hasn’t changed.”


Baekhyun’s nose flares but you try to ignore it.


One waitress politely hands you the menu book before she offers the two men beside you the same thing. You’re still smiling when your eyes are locked on the front cover which is beautified with golden frames, but when you open the first page, you’re about to faint because the words all are written in French language.


You steal a glance to your husband and notices how his nose is scrunched up while his eyes are scrutinizing the foreign letters. He tries to keep his posture calm, but you can tell how he’s panicking inside because he doesn’t know about the menu either.


“Could you bring us some wine?” Kris asks, leaning his head back a little to another different waitress.


She nods and carefully asks, “Which one, Sir?”


“The usual.”


Damn, you rich .” You can hear Baekhyun curses under his breath and you try to suppress your smile. You slip your hand under the table and lightly squeeze Baekhyun’s thigh, sending him a meaningful glance that says you don’t know what’s written on the menu book just as much as he does so he’ll calm down a little. He smiles back, a really simple one, but the most genuine of all smiles he’s thrown all night.


Kris sees how you two exchange glances with each other, and though his lips are still pressed tight as usual, his eyes show momentary sadness. It falters away the moment you gaze back at him.


“You look beautiful tonight,” Kris comments and it’s really just natural for you to blush after hearing those words.


“You look beautiful too, Mr. Wu,” Baekhyun loudly says, replacing the red shade on your cheeks with slight rage instead of shyness. Your husband still doesn’t stop even when you send him a threatening look. “And I know I look beautiful too. So can we please drop it? This topic is making me uncomfortable.”


You’re thankful that Kris doesn’t look too annoyed from Baekhyun’s sharp remark. To be honest, Kris actually looks kind of entertained. “You’re a very unique person, Mr. Byun,” he says, “It’s refreshing to see someone so upfront like you. Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who talks back to me the way you do these days.”


You sigh, palming the side of your face. “I’m sorry. He’s not usually this rude, I promise.”


Baekhyun glances back at him, trying to look intimidating despite his short heights and smaller body proportion. “I am pleased to hear you praising me like that, Mr. Wu. Perhaps you’d like to know how great I am at making jokes about my wife’s ex-boyfriends? Especially about the ones who can’t stop staring at my wife’s cleavages while they’re having a dinner together with her husband?”


Your menu book almost flies out from your hands. “Baekhyun!”


“What?” Baekhyun asks nonchalantly, shrugging a little. “I was just telling the truth.”


Kris sits still on his seat, jaw clenching and teeth gritting behind his tight lips. “I was certainly not staring.”


Baekhyun stares at him with a winning, cocky smirk on his lips. “I didn’t specifically state your name, but well okay, if you say so.”


Kris’ left eye twitches in irritation.


“Of course you weren’t, Kris,” you state hopelessly, mentally wanting to crush Baekhyun into a tiny ball. “Excuse him, really. Baekhyun is just…” you sneak a peek at your husband and he smiles innocently in return. You sigh, suddenly wanting to bury yourself in a hole of shame. “He’s just being a pain in the just like he always is.”


Baekhyun chuckles a little. “That’s not what you said to me last night when—”


So Kris,” you start making a casual conversation before Baekhyun starts blurting disconcerting nonsense. “How long have you been in here? In Seoul, I mean.”


“About a year,” he replies and you hear Baekhyun quietly mimics him in a high-pitch mocking voice. The idle hand you place on his thigh becomes a claw that successfully makes Baekhyun yelp—almost in a girly way—out of surprise.


“Why didn’t you call me?” You honestly don’t think that a simple question can turn into something entirely different. You just realize it now the moment Kris tightens his lips and he looks a little bit sterner than usual.


“I just…” he trails, avoiding your eyes. “I guess I just thought that it wasn’t appropriate for me to call you… after that happened.”


Your heart drops a little at that. “O-oh…” , I should’ve thought of that first before I asked around. “W-well, I wasn’t referring to—I didn’t mean to bring that out. I was just thinking that it would’ve gotten better if we had met sooner, you know? I mean it’s been years since we last got together.”


Kris looks like he almost flinches at the word ‘together’ and you want to slap yourself on the face. “Not ‘together’ as in—” you try to correct yourself but your words are jumbled and you’re having a hard time to try and stir the conversation clear.


“Well, this is fun,” Baekhyun says, looking at both of you with so much irritation in his eyes. “Look at you two being all lovely with each other and acting like there’s nobody else in here.”


Kris blinks. His eyebrows are raised in astonishment because, again, this is probably the first time somebody ever dares to affront him so directly. “I’m sorry if I offended you, Mr. Byun,” he says, trying to be the mature one even though you can tell how he despises Baekhyun’s attitude toward him. “I really wasn’t trying to make you feel left out.”


“Left-out?” Baekhyun scoffs, almost sneering. “I don’t feel left out, Mr. Wu. I just feel like you’re looking at my wife with so much fiery passion in your eyes that I’m starting to wonder why she isn’t magically burnt by now.”


While Kris grows speechless, you avert your eyes to your husband and threaten him with cold eyes. “Baekhyun.”


Sweetheart,” he responds back childishly.


Kris clears his throat and stares at your husband with more focused, if not angry, eyes. “I suppose I need to clarify something.”


“Oh?” Baekhyun asks, smiling innocently. “Sure, please. Go ahead, the floor is yours. It’s so great that we can finally converse with each other. I’m so excited! Can you tell?”


Kris looks irked by that little sarcastic smile Baekhyun displays on his lips, but he doesn’t comment on it. His eyebrows almost twitch again in anger but Kris keeps his posture calm. “I apologize if I was being rude by not including you in our conversation—”


Baekhyun nods nonchalantly. “Still not feeling left out, but whatever.”


Oh my God, you groan inwardly and mentally slap your forehead with a baseball stick.


Kris tries to be professional by not acting out on Baekhyun’s childish respond. “I wasn’t looking at your wife in any way close to that, Mr. Byun.”


“Oh no, it’s completely fine, really!” Baekhyun chirps, throwing an understanding smile. “She’s a great speaker and very attractive as well. I’m not surprised if you end up staring at her like she’s the most amazing girl in the world. I do too, of course. Only it’s a bit more appropriate when I do it, because well, you know, she’s my wife and you’re just her…” he hums with a finger tapping his chin, pretending to find the right word to suit you. “Acquaintance.”


Kris’ jaw clenches and he keeps his eyes dead on Baekhyun’s.


Baekhyun, enough,” you hiss again. Baekhyun’s words are starting to get on your nerves, but he only smirks down on you and pecks you on the cheek.


“Believe me, Mr. Byun,” Kris says, and you’re amazed with his capability in controlling himself from not snapping back. “I really was not looking at her like that. You’re deluding yourself with your own assumptions.”


“Oh, so you have that look in your eyes because you’re just like what, constipated?” Baekhyun retorts and you hiss his name more to stop him but he just carries away with his words. “Because you certainly look like that. You can go if you want to. The bathroom is over there.” And before Kris can say anything about it, Baekhyun adds even more, “Or are you trying to say that this is your usual facial expression? Because in that case, I am terribly sorry.” He emphasizes his word by clutching a hand to his heart. “I didn’t mean to offend you with my words, Mr. Wu.”


Baekhyun!” You whisper even harsher, tugging his sleeve and sink your fingertips to his upper arms. “Be quiet.”


“You don’t offend me, Mr. Byun,” Kris calmly says, though you notice how his scowl never leaves his face. “You just surprised me with how… youthful you behave.”


You let out a slightly relieved breath. At least Kris finds the more proper word to use than ‘immature brat’ for him. Baekhyun doesn’t look any less insulted by it though so you can’t relax for too long.


Youthful?” Baekhyun repeats, his eyes are fierce and arrogant. “Are you saying that I’m behaving like a child?”


“No, of course not,” the other man replies, but the way his lips curve up indicates nothing but a lie.


“Baekhyun, please,” you softly beg even though you just really want to scream at his face for being so immature about all of this. “Just let it go.” Baekhyun finally notices the embarrassed look you have on your face so he finally huffs and stops himself from pestering Kris with another insulting words.


The three of you suddenly stop talking at the same time and the atmosphere feels so thick, it actually makes it a little bit hard to breathe somehow.


Kris seems to notice how uncomfortable you are so he tries to fix what’s wrong with the situation by bringing another topic to the table.


“Have you guys made your choice?” Kris asks, waiting patiently as he laces his fingers together on the table. It seems like he has chosen what he wants to have for dinner, and you groan inwardly because you should’ve just listened to his words and just ordered the same thing.


“U-umm…” You reply, trying to appear calm and high class, but you end up twitching on your seat. “I’m still trying to figure out what I want.” And Kris looks at you with an almost mischievous smile, as if he can see through your lies but he only nods his head considerately.


“Well,” Kris says, voice soft and gentle. “For starters, maybe you want to try the Sautéed Shrimp? And perhaps Vadouvan?”


What Kris just said sounds like a jumble of random words to your ears but you just nod your head and try to look as intelligent as possible. Of course he knows what you’re hiding, because Kris suddenly leans in close and whispers in your ear, “The first one is basically just shrimp and some kind of peas. You’ll like it.”


You give out an awkward laugh and he smiles understandingly in return.


“And you, Mr. Byun?” Kris asks, sounding light and airy but his smile still appear to be a bit too mockingly for Baekhyun’s preference.


The younger and, ehem, slightly shorter man responds with a small grunt before he smugly flips a few pages. You don’t think Baekhyun knows the first thing about French cuisine and when his eyes go over to the price list, he swallows deeply and probably thanking God that Kris is paying for their dinner.


“Umm…” Baekhyun doesn’t look calm at all, but at least he still has the dignity to keep his chin up in front of Kris.


“You seem to be troubled,” Kris offers, and he really does sound like he wants to help. “I’d like to recommend something that will probably suit your taste. How about mousseline de Pompadour?”


Baekhyun’s first respond is a frown and his Adam’s apple moves up and down nervously. “Y-yeah, sure. That’s my favorite anyway. I just forgot what it was called.”


You make a face, perfectly knowing that your husband is just bluffing. You want him to call it quit, of course, but he really looks cute with his cheeks reddening in insecurities. You always think that seeing Baekhyun being a little jealous is always interesting to watch.


“Great,” Kris says, lips opening into a wide, perfect grin. He leans back to his seat and passes his order to the nearest waiter. She nods and leaves immediately.


“Your wine, Sir,” a man, dressed up neatly in his bartender clothes, appears while holding a big, high-class bottle of wine. Kris nods and the man fills his wine glass with the clear, almost like crystal liquid. He does the same to fill yours and Baekhyun’s glass.


Kris casually lifts the glass of the table and presses his lips to the edge of it, taking a sip and looking perfectly graceful while he’s at it. You look to the side and notice how Baekhyun is trying so hard to imitate his moves and instead of just taking a sip, he takes a big gulp of wine—perhaps because he’s trying to look manlier—and he ends up almost coughing before his face goes all red.


There’s a simple, almost faint smile appearing on Kris’ lips. A winning one.


“This place is really nice,” you comment, still looking a bit awed when you glance to your surroundings. “I’m honestly surprised that you could get us a table in such private room. Baekhyun and I had been waiting for like an hour outside just to get a small table for two.”


Kris simply smiles. “Well it’s really easy to do that when you’re the owner of the place.”


Somewhere beside you, Baekhyun is chocking on his wine for an entirely different reason.


“You own this place?!” you ask, almost shouting in disbelief. Kris nods, looking amused, especially when Baekhyun starts to slap one hand against his chest to stop himself from coughing.


“Well, just the restaurant,” the Chinese man adds. “I don’t actually own the building.” Then he thinks for a little bit. “Well, at least not yet anyway.”


Baekhyun’s about to cry. God is so not fair to people like him.


After a few minutes talking about how high-class and expensive Kris’ restaurant is, three waiters come out to bring the amuses to the table. It starts with a rectangular beet tuile laced with anchovy paste, as well as a roasted peanut cornet filled with peanut cream and roasted peanuts. Before you can even take it into your mind, another waiter comes to place something that Kris likes to call as ‘The Highlight of the Amuses”, which is basically a small piece of soy-glazed eel served with tiny gingerbread cookies. Kris commented that it was beautiful, because the gentle spice of the gingerbread complemented the salty soy really well, and the pasty yet crispy-skinned eel brought everything together.  Baekhyun turned pale when he listened to Kris’ sudden food introduction; he thought that what laid under the cookies was just some kind of jjangmyun or something—which was a ridiculous thought, since they were in a French restaurant.


“So what,” Baekhyun whispers in your ear. “Is he like, the head chef or something?”


“He’s the owner of the restaurant,” you respond matter-of-factly. “Try to actually use your ears and listen.”


Baekhyun doesn’t appreciate the tone of your voice. “Geez, fine. Sorry for ruining your fangirling moment over your freaking fabulous ex-boyfriend. Do continue, it’s not like your husband is here anyway.”


You can only palm the side of your face and sigh.


A moment later, your Sautéed Shrimp arrives, and Kris is right—but of course, he’s always right. It’s really delicious and you almost moan in delight when the delicate cracker garnish touches the tip of your tongue. Kris smiles fondly when he sees the content expression on your face. His eyes seem to say something more than ‘I miss seeing you smile like this’, but you try not to dwell into it too much.


Baekhyun’s mousseline de Pompadour has arrived as well. He’s still looking somewhat pale because there are so many different kinds of spoons, forks and knives to use, but he decides to just get the hell away with it and pick a random fork. When he cuts a small part of the food and plops it inside his mouth, his face turns blue.


“Is everything all right?” Kris asks, sounding genuinely thoughtful although you slightly doubt it.


Baekhyun’s mouth stays still, too afraid to chew the food. “What’s in this food?” he asks, eyes looking a bit terrified as he waits for the answer.


“Why of course,” Kris responds with a slight amusement, “It’s a frothy parsley-flavored mousse heightened with a pinch of garlic covering a bed of juicy grilled snails.”


Baekhyun drops the fork and it clatters for a few seconds on the plate before it continues its journey down to the marbled floor. “Snails?”


Kris nods, furrowing his eyebrows in concern. “Yes, didn’t you know? I thought you said this was your favorite.”


You sigh and momentarily rub your temple when Baekhyun tries so hard not to vomit right on the spot. “Baek, are you oka—” you just begin to ask, but seeing your husband suddenly jump from his seat with a hand over his mouth, you seem to have gotten your answer.


“I’m sorry,” Kris says, leaning closer with his hands on the table. Your eyes still silently chase Baekhyun’s figure as he hurriedly goes to the nearest bathroom. One of the waiters escorts him with a secret roll of her eyes. She probably already guessed that Baekhyun was going to vomit over his own choice of food.


“Huh?” you ask, bringing your eyes back to Kris’ dark ones. “What did you say?”


“I said I’m sorry,” he says, looking concerned. “I thought he would be okay. I mean, he did say that mousseline de Pompadour was his favorite.”


And you give him a look, scolding but still a little bit playful. “Sure. And you also knew that he was just lying to appear more superior than you.”


“Superior?” Kris asks, acting surprised although his eyes betray you and you narrow your own to send him a signal that you can see through his lies. Kris chuckles and waves you off. “Well, believe me. I’m not trying to look more superior to anyone, really.”


“Oh yeah?” you ask, leaning back to your seat and fold your arms on top of your chest. “So this just happens so naturally. Just like the old days. Captain Wu, impressing every student in school with his good looks, brilliant brain, and maximum ability at sports.”


He actually laughs, though not much, but it sounds more genuine than any smile he’s done since these past few moments. “You know I only wanted to impress you,” he says, almost like it’s a-slip-of-the-tongue kind of moment—which maybe it is, because when you stare at him a bit too uneasily for a few seconds, he immediately clears his throat and apologizes. “I’m sorry. That was out of line. You have a husband, I shouldn’t have—”


“It’s fine,” you say, not wanting things to be awkward. “It doesn’t matter anyway. I’ve moved on from… You know, whatever it was between us.”


Kris somehow looks startled, blinking his eyes twice before he can find back his ability to speak. “Oh…” It comes out like a regret and you don’t know why he sounds like that. “Well, that’s great to hear, I guess.” He ends it with a smile, though his eyes speak in a different way.


“You…” You carefully start, leaning closer to him just in case he can’t be brave enough to speak his words out loud, but in a whisper. Just like how he used to. “You’ve moved on too, haven’t you, Kris?”


Kris quickly gazes away from your eyes, croaking out a small, “Of course,” that doesn’t convince you at all.


The situation becomes too awkward and you’re still feeling a bit guilty over your husband’s behavior toward the man. You know that you should just let the matter go, but you don’t. “I’m sorry for always making things awkward between us somehow. And I’m sorry about Baekhyun too. He’s just… He’s always been kind of overprotective of me.”


That last line makes Kris brave enough to look back into your eyes. He simply smiles and shrugs. “It’s fine,” he says, “He’s like that one worker of mine who always complains about not getting any raise when all he does is lying around on the office.”


You chuckle lightly. “Why do you keep hiring him, though?”


“He makes a great cup of coffee,” he replies and after another shared glance, the two of you laugh. Even though it’s soft and perhaps still a bit awkward, it sounds sincere.


Kris’ deep laughter stops flowing from his lips when a waitress comes by and tells him something you can’t perceive. Kris nods and replies with a wave of his hand. “Send him in.” The waiter bows submissively and walks toward the door with hasty steps.


You raise a questioning eyebrow. You’re just about to ask what’s going on when the door opens, showing the former waitress with a man walking just a few steps away behind her.


For the second time that night, your heart nearly stops behind your ribcages.






Yeah so okay, I feel really bad for not updating this story for so long so I decided to post this. And yes, people! Kris Wu is in the house YOW! And Yixing is here too kekeke~ I'm planning to post the second part over the holiday (MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ALL!!! <333) or maybe I'll post it tomorrow hahaha maybe. I hope you guys had fun reading this one! :D

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